Prayer MinistryI would not be where I am today in my life, relationships and ministry without the help and freedom I have received through Prayer Ministry.

Occasionally, I recommend Prayer Ministry to readers who are struggling. Today I share some thoughts that may assist if you are considering receiving prayer, or setting up Prayer Ministry in your church.

What is Prayer Ministry and when is it Beneficial?

Ministering to someone through prayer can take place in any arena of church life—including evangelism.

However, ‘Prayer Ministry’ is where a deeper level of prayer for individuals is provided in a safe, supervised setting.

The main focus of this kind of Prayer Ministry is to listen to what God is saying about an individual’s situation, as well as to apply Biblical principles to help him or her gain personal freedom (known as deliverance).

This may be helpful:

  • When a person’s need requires a longer time to pray than is possible in a church service
  • As a supplement to counselling or pastoral care, especially for those who are ‘stuck’ in an area of their life
  • If there is an addictive or demonic issue at work
  • If the issue requiring prayer is confidential

4 Criteria for Safe and Effective Prayer Ministry

Over the years, I have had positive experiences of Prayer Ministry that resulted in help and breakthrough.
However, I also had some negative—even harmful, experiences whilst receiving prayer for deliverance. I now realise these could have been avoided if some simple guidelines had been in place.

Recently, as a prayer department leader, I was involved in establishing Prayer Ministry in our church. Following are some criteria that team members and I decided were important as we launched our own Prayer Ministry department [1]:

1. Accountability

Accountability may include:

  • Prayer Ministry team members are appointed and under oversight. If the Prayer Ministry is not local church-based, the team members are there with the knowledge and recommendation of leadership in their own church.
  • The Prayer Ministry itself has oversight in the form of church leadership or a God-honouring Board.

Why this is important:
It provides a safe environment for the prayer team as well as those being prayed for. Accountability and leadership is a Biblical concept—and spiritual authority is released through being under authority (Matt 8:5-13)

2. Application Process

An application process provides a means in which the person receiving prayer must disclose any:

  • Relevant medical history
  • Medications being taken
  • Counselling or ministry currently being undertaken, and
  • The name of the faith community (church) he or she is attending.

Why this is important:
This is necessary when the Prayer Ministry is caring for new people whose background is unknown. It highlights any potential difficulties or reasons why prayer ministry should not be undertaken. It helps provide the best level of care for both givers and receivers of prayer.

3. A Referral System

This referral may be incoming or outgoing, and can also be formal or informal.

Referral can take place to or from:

  • Pastoral care in the church
  • Christian counselling
  • Medical assistance.

Why this is important:
Prayer ministry is effective, but it is important to remember that it is just one tool to help bring us freedom in Christ.

Two dangers that a healthy referral process helps avoid are:

  • The Prayer Ministry becoming an isolated ministry
  • An unhealthy dependence on prayer ministry by individuals

4. Prayer Team Members are Appointed and Trained

Prayer ministers are screened, trained and appointed, ensuring that they have not only the appropriate spiritual gifts, but also the knowledge, experience and Biblical tools to minister freedom to people.

Why this is important:
Prayer Ministry can be like open-heart surgery—someone comes in with a need, makes confession and opens their heart to receive ministry from the Holy Spirit. That is a very vulnerable position—and it is vital that prayer team members have the gifts, skills and character to minister well. This may include specialist training.

Remember, Jesus selected His disciples; He then mentored them and showed them how He ministered before sending them out. They then reported back to Him.

Ideas for the Process of Prayer Ministry

Following are some things that can take place in a Prayer Ministry session:

  • The prayer team (consisting of two trained prayer ministers) listens to the client express the need, and prays for him or her.
  • The prayer team may operate in gifts of the Holy Spirit such as discernment, or word of knowledge as they listen to what God is saying about the person’s need.
  • They may lead the person through a Biblical response to God such as forgiveness, repentance or a prayer of commitment.
  • On occasion, freedom prayer (such as deliverance ministry) may be used.
  • The prayer team always checks that the person is agreeable—i.e. obtain the consent of the person who is receiving ministry—before proceeding with any of the above.
  • Optional: some Prayer Ministry includes the ministry of intercessors praying in a separate room or location (with the client remaining anonymous). They may provide feedback on what God has spoken to them.


Never assume that because a ministry is called ‘Prayer Ministry’ or ‘Deliverance Ministry’ that it operates in the exact way that I have outlined above.

  • What takes place in an individual Prayer Ministry session will vary according to the need expressed.
  • Also, every Prayer Ministry team will also have its own particular style, methods and values.

Whether you are seeking prayer yourself, or referring another person, you have a right to ask about the philosophy, style and methods of the Prayer Ministry.


[1] Following are some other safety guidelines we incorporated into our own Prayer Ministry process:

  • Confidentiality:
    For our own ministry, we decided not to retain notes, apart from the signed intake form.
  • Pastoral Care:
    Being a church-based ministry, we advised people to notify their Pastoral Care leaders of their participation in Prayer Ministry.
  • Safety for All Parties
    We communicated that those ministering or those receiving prayer could stop the session at any time if they felt uncomfortable.
  • Supervision
    We also provided clients with the name of a Prayer Ministry supervisor or [in the case of our church] the Pastoral Care Pastor for people who had questions or concerns. 

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10 thoughts on “Prayer (Deliverance) Ministry Ideas And Guidelines”

  1. I truly do need a prayer ministry i truly do. I have been seeking so many answers into why the demons are in my life well its because of the curse i have. Or some other important information because i truly have been so sad for so long well most of my life because of the things that have happened involving me or a demon sadly. I just want to serve God and be a good person but sadly i never have or ever will be pure in God or my own eyes. I wish i could change it but i can not. Little girls are not supposed to have such things happen but i know its the work of the devil and he has caused a lot of grief in my life but i am not giving up without a fight.
    If i am able to email you for help or where i can find a prayer ministry my email is…

    1. Hi Marinda, I am not familiar with prayer ministries outside our city (Melbourne, Australia). I can only recommend that you be a part of a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving church where the leaders can help you find the ministry you need.

      1. I am sadly ot able to do that. I do not have a car so the internet is where I look for spiritual help though its hard to find truly helpful people in situations like this. Last time I had help from an experience pastor in spiritual warfare and it didn’t work well they showed themselves and I coughed them out but I did not feel different. Sadly the pastor never came back and I email people from all over the world looking for advice or help but its like I can not find anything. I just wish I knew what was going on but sadly people leave. If I was a pastor I would not leave the people and I would help them even when they are free from spirits. It makes me sad that a lot of times they want money though I do not have the money they ask for I am still a child though I am 18 years old. I just wish I could find a prophet in deliverance who could give me the answers I seek, free me using Gods ministry and power then getting healing through biblical and Christian counseling for I truly will need to heal after everything.

          1. Its just sooo upsetting that it has taken 4 years to find help for these things attacking me. Its like when ever i contact a pastor they leave or they go some how. I know they are busy and maybe my generational curse and being attacked is not that bad but its not nice to just leave without helping even knowing what i am going through and if they maybe can not help they could maybe pray or send me to someone else. I have talked to over 20 pastors and i have searched over a hundred different sites for help. I have also gone to other chat rooms for help though it was a spiritual on not a christian one. The leader of the chat room who conformed everything that was posted said take my demon story somewhere else and i told her sadly a lot of people do have problems spiritually and that i have posted similar stories before because they are things that have happen to me. Then when i was 16 i was delivered from the demon of fear though i didn’t get the others cast out. The pastor never returned or talked to me again. It just hurts it truly does if someone just helped me i would be free. I am glad you helped me God bless you truly.

  2. Thanks for posting the guidelines as they seem to be very sensible and provide a solid framework when ministering to people having different needs. Myself, I tend to focus only on the prayer model when God has provided other modes to assist those in looking for help.

  3. Hi Helen
    I find I communicate and express myself better when speaking in tongues than speaking in English or using a prayer list ( prayer request). When praying over the prayer requests I find myself going through them quickly in English and then spending much time speaking in tongues is this normal or acceptable as an intercessor

  4. Okoro Kenneth Chinedu

    do I really have a call from God? up to two persons told me am Gods instrument,but I have not heard from Him.

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