Photo of green leaves with water droplets, and text saying, "A prophetic exercise for a new season"Have you noticed that there is an inbuilt curiosity and yearning in the heart of a prophetic person to reach out to God for the revelation of His plans and purposes?

This is especially true when we enter a new season, such as a new year. We want to see what the Father is seeing and hear what He is speaking.

If you would like to develop your prophetic gift, and especially if you would like to develop your gift of prophetic visionhere is a prophetic activation exercise to start the year off with.

Use these questions to wait on the Lord for a powerful prophetic picture and word for yourself, or for another person you are praying for.

1. What (new) name is the Father calling me by, in reference to this coming season?

‘You will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow.’ (Is 62:2b)
(Read Isaiah 62:2-4)

The Lord often calls forth His plans and purposes in us with a descriptive name. He named Abram, Abraham, ‘Father of many nations’ (Gen 17:5) while he was still childless. The angel of the Lord addressed Gideon as ‘Mighty warrior,’ though he was in hiding from the enemy (Judges 6:12)

We do not need to let the past define us, not even our recent history.

Ask the Lord for a name or description that is in keeping with your spiritual identity and calling for this year and beyond. As you agree with Jesus about who you are and what you are capable of, His word will bring transformation to your life and things of the past will begin to drop off you.

The second question is related to this:

2. What is the picture of me—in Jesus—that God is giving me, that will help prepare me to reach my highest potential in the coming year?

For Abraham, that was a vision of his descendants. For Gideon, the name the Lord gave him was evocative of leading others into battle and winning in warfare.

If you have a ‘seer’ prophetic gift and have the ability to perceive pictures, visions, and dreams, this exercise will be easier for you. If not, or you are uncertain, you might find it simpler to ask the Lord for a Biblical character that you can identify with.

Here are some more questions that may help you:

3. What Garment has God Given to Me?

Here are some Biblical examples of symbolic clothing:

  • Joseph’s coat of many colors (Gen 37:3)
  • Robe of righteousness (Is 61:10)
  • Signet ring of authority (Esther 8:2)
  • New mantle (Gen 41:42)
  • Holding a sword (Eph 6:17)

There could also be a non-Biblical symbol or garment that has a specific meaning to you.

4. What am I doing?

Some examples are:

  • Witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8)
  • Stomping on the enemy (Luke 10:19)
  • Dancing (Ps 30:11)
  • Caring for hurting people (Luke 10:34)
  • Resting (Ps 23:2)

(Hint: use a word ending in ‘ing’! Some other examples are preaching, leading, enlisting, moving, and so on)

5. Some more questions you can ask as you seek God’s picture for your new season are:

  • What am I saying? (to people)
  • What am I praying? (to God)
  • Where am I standing?
  • Who is with me?

And finally,

  • What is in my hand that God can use? (Exodus 4:2)

God has given us an imagination. As prophetic people let’s surrender it to Him and allow Him to anoint it for His use.

Once you have a picture from the Lord, use it to build your faith. Journal about it. Refer to it often and commit it to memory.

When you have the assurance of how God sees you, it can help dispel old identities and negative thinking. Belief will rise up in your heart and you will begin to walk in that God-given vision. For some of you, that may mean walking boldly, with Divine confidence. For others, it may mean simply relaxing into His plans and purposes for your life and experiencing peace, no matter what circumstances you are currently facing.

Would you like to develop your prophetic gift?

E-books to Help you Develop Your Gifts:

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Or for comprehensive prophetic training, see the Enliven Prophetic School, an online, self-paced video course.

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    “I like this very much and have sent it to a few friends. Focus is an important tool we are going to have to sharpen if we want to be part of the answers in 2010”

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