prophetic word for 2010Are you interested in having an encouraging prophetic word for this year?

You can have your own prophecy to remind you of God’s faithfulness throughout the year.

Years ago, friends of ours shared with us how they usually prayed and asked the Lord for His word for the coming year.  For example, if the Lord told them it was going to be a year of fruitfulness, they then named the year, ‘Year of Fruitfulness.’

‘You should do that too,’ they told us. Receiving the word of the Lord for the coming year became an annual quest and has produced a great deal of encouragement over the years.

One year, I sensed the Holy Spirit nudge me with the word, ‘transformation.’ We were on a New Year’s break at a friend’s house and I was musing over what the word ‘transformation’ might mean for us personally. I looked it up in a dictionary, which produced a list of descriptions. One leapt out of the page and struck me hard. It was, ‘A sudden change of scene on stage.’

The Hunk agreed this word was from the Lord, and we felt both excitement and trepidation as to what it might mean. That year, key staff members unexpectedly exited from our ministry. A number of other changes occurred that created difficulties for us.

Even though ‘The Year Of Transformation’ was a tough period, we knew that God was orchestrating what was happening in our lives and ministry, arranging the next scene of His plan for us. The Lord had prepared us with His word.

One word from God can hold tremendous power.

A prophetic word from God for your year can:

  • Bring encouragement throughout the year
  • Help you stay focused on His plan or promise
  • Provide motivation to stay on track
  • Give you the strength to persevere through tough times
  • Help you see God’s bigger picture—His redemptive purpose in what is taking place

As the angel said to Mary, ‘For no word from God shall be void of power’ (Luke 1:37, ASV). God’s word brings power with it, to fulfil God’s purposes for our lives.

Here are some ways you can receive a prophetic word:

1. Pray and ask the Lord to give a word concerning His promise and plans for the coming year.

There are many ways in which you might receive a revelation. The Holy Spirit might speak through a through, scripture, a picture, an idea or some other way.

One year, I was opening up a program on our computer when the word ‘Discover’ came up on the screen, and that one word impacted me so much I knew the Holy Spirit was bringing it to my attention. We were about to enter ‘The Year of Discovery.’

2. Pray and ask the Lord for any further insights about the word.

I like to look the word up in a dictionary or thesaurus to clarify the meaning, as well as pray and seek out scriptures that reinforce what God is saying.

3. If the word goes beyond simple encouragement and compels you towards action or change, remember that the principles of interpretation and accountability apply to the word.

What you can do with your prophetic word:

1. Write down or journal about how you received the word and what it means to you.

2. Share it with those around your life who can rejoice with you when it is fulfilled and encourage you on when times get tough

3. Keep it in front of you throughout the year. Some ideas for doing this are:

  • Use it as a password for programs or websites you commonly use (not if you’ve shared the word widely, of course!)
  • Link the word to an accompanying scripture, and put both on a poster where you can see it daily
  • Write it on card and use it as a bookmark in your Bible or other book
  • Have it as a greeting on your mobile phone

4. Review the word and its outcome at the year’s end. Reflect upon what God has done throughout the year and how the prophetic word has been fulfilled.

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15 thoughts on “Prophetic Word For The Year: How You Can Receive Your Own Prophecy”

  1. Helen. Once again a word of wisdom in time and season.. Love the way Father uses your yielded heart to encourage His people.

  2. Thanks so much, Rina
    May you receive your own ‘word in season’ for the coming year. I believe 2010 is going to be a powerful one!

  3. Helen, love this blog, can honestly say, I have never done this, but will begin this year 2010. We have a gracious God and I believe this blog is full of wisdom as usual, thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Helen, this is great! So often we wait for a ‘prophetic word’ to come via someone else – yet what better way than to seek it directly from God himself. Can hardly wait to find out what He wants to say to me for 2010!
    I hope lots of people read this blog and ‘take hold of it’ for themselves. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  5. Hi Helen, well I prayed yesterday and asked God for a word for 2010. Amazingly, I woke this morning with the word Tenacious on my mind. Of course I grabbed it as “my word” for 2010. I will post it where I can see it daily and pray into it, it’s synonyms are strength and courage and it means to hang on relentlessly…..

  6. Wow, it sounds like 2010 is going to be an amazing ride for you, Sandi!
    And I will be holding on alongside you. Together we are going to see the breaking out of Jesus’ healing, renewing and saving power in our church and beyond!

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