150809 Sylvester & TweetyWe have a canary called Tweety Bird. The name of our neighbour’s cat is a mystery, but she is black and white and we have dubbed her…wait for it…‘Sylvester.’ Here is a classic shot of Tweety Bird enjoying the sunny outdoors. Check out his onlooker!

So far, Sylvester has had no success in her quest to catch and eat Tweety Bird, and as Tweety Bird’s protectors, the Hunk and I have no intention in allowing her to succeed in carrying out those evil schemes.

The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8-9,

‘Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.’

Unlike Tweety Bird, however, we enjoy freedom and have the upper hand. We know the outcome before the battle starts. We also know, because the Bible tells us, that we have access to the victory Jesus has won for us on the cross (Col 2:15).

Last week I posted a blog exploring the distinction between spiritual warfare and God testing us (both can be taking place at the same time). I looked briefly at how spiritual warfare can benefit us by strengthening our faith, as well as heightening our experience and understanding of our spiritual authority.

How Prophetic People can help in times of Spiritual Warfare in Church Life

In the church, the gifts and abilities of prophetic people particularly shine during times of battle and opposition. Here are three reasons why:

1. Prophetic people are most likely to pray (Eph 6:18)

There’s nothing like pressure or opposition to remind us that we are dependent on God, and prayer is the ultimate expression of that reliance. People with intercessory and prophetic gifts are the ones who will quickly turn to prayer and encourage others to do so. In times of spiritual battle in the church, this gift comes to the fore.

2. Prophetic people are more likely to discern the source of the warfare (2 Cor 2:11)

Prophetic people tend to be very aware of what is taking place in the spiritual atmosphere. We may be the first to sense what is going on. Frequently our prophetic gift is teamed up with a gift of discernment (1 Cor 12:10). Like the surgeon choosing the right instrument for a specific job, this discernment can help us pray with precision in times of warfare. Leaders in the church greatly appreciate this gift when it is used effectively and wisely

3. Prophetic people can see beyond the battle to the brighter future (Rom 16:20)

The prophetic gift helps us see beyond our current experience, and the trials in our church, to the future good that God has planned for us. When doing prophetic training, I encourage our intercessors to balance their discernment of the enemy’s presence and strategy, with prophetic insight regarding the positive outcome that God has planned for us as a church. By seeing clearly not only the present difficulties, but also God’s future redemptive plan, we can pray more powerfully.

Prophetic people, along with their spiritual gifts, are God’s front line protection when it comes to spiritual warfare in the church. We must remember that we don’t always get our discernment 100% correct (1 Cor 13:9) and to submit our insights with humility (1 Cor 14:29). When we do, God can use us for breakthrough in our families and churches in seasons of spiritual warfare.

My challenge to you today is, to think of some difficult situation that you are currently facing in your life, family or church. Using the above three points, ask the question, “How can I respond to bring positive change?” Leave a comment on this post for discussion and so that your ideas can help others on the same journey.


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5 thoughts on “Prophetic People & Spiritual Warfare in the Church”

  1. Helen,
    Hello, I have stumbled onto your blog by looking for evidence that what my pastor preaches is true and I am moved to tears as go. I don’t gave much confidence in my pastor anymore and feel it might be time to go but I have not gotten any indication from the Lord as yet. I am excited about your blog because I have for so long been hoping to hear and learn more about what this thing is that I have. I receive words or ideas or thoughts that are so beautiful and amazing I have often wondered what is all this for?
    I have had to try to learn what is from God and what is from me by my own excitement and U admit I have gone to far in my own excitement. This is still a learning process and one I don’t think my church embraces with me and I feel alone but not so much lonely. U wish I had people or a person who understands this, understands me. I am excited to sign up and to learn more about the Holy Spirit, the gifts and myself. Thank you and thank the Lord above for His provision.

  2. Hi Helen and also Danelle, I have been led to several churches and felt conviction here or there about certain things.. no 2 situations are the same, but I will tell you, when I feel God is leading me to finally speak up, in love and truth, it has not been received well at all but with unbelief and distain. Then within days afterwards I feel Gods manifest presence so strong as if Heaven is open and His grace is washing me.. then followed by a time of intense warfare, And I fight to question who I am or what I’ve done.. I am going through this now and was led to your webpage. I have a habit I feel God wants me to stop to move me forward, purifying me as in the refiners fire, but at the same time the enemy is waging war against me.. I have been reminded of Elijah after he defeated the false prophets of Baal, after his huge victory he then retreated to a cave in depression and suicidal thoughts.. I struggle as I don’t want to cause division, I don’t want to disappoint our Heavenly Father, I pray to be who He called me to be but I don’t quite understand it all yet. I have a family and pray to be in a church where the gifts God has given me (us) can be used to build up the body of christ and grow, but it seems we have just moved from one church to another. This has to be part of his plan though. Unless I am messing everything up.. regardless, He will use it for His Glory and my good.. any advice, correction and encouragement is always appreciated

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