There is life-changing power in learning what it means to host God’s Presence

Today I believe the Lord is speaking a word of relief and replenishment.
You may have been exerting effort—trying to hold it together, do the right thing, or to make the right choices.

The Holy Spirit is lifting pressure away.
Hear your Father say, “I have a place of rest for you to live and work from.”

“It’s time to host My Presence.”

How to Host God’s Presence

The Key to Hosting God’s Presence

In Ezekiel 47, an angel shows the Prophet Ezekiel a river.

Where the river flows, it grows.
It streams towards the desert.

Salt waters become fresh and fish become abundant.

Fruit-bearing trees spring up by the river, with leaves that have gifts of healing.

The only thing the desert does, is receive the water, and transformation results.

This is what He wants to do for you.

The “Dead Heart” of Australia

I used to think of the imagery of God releasing streams in the desert—which is a recurring theme in Scripture—as a wonderful prophetic picture (Is 41:18).
But I never imagined it happening in real life!

And then one day I learned about Lake Eyre.

It is a place that has been dubbed “The Dead Heart” of Australia—a giant, inland sea of salt.

  • At its driest, there is no sign of life, not even a fly
  • Yet there are traces in the desert—dry riverbeds leading to it.

Unseen, deep in the earth, are seeds.
Waiting for the water of life.

Once in a generation, the rivers flood, the lake fills up, and the desert blooms.

It follows a major flood event in the North of Australia. The floodwater gradually finds its way to the lowest point in the continent.

Where the river flows, fish thrive, and birds follow.
The desert turns green.
And then, as the water recedes, the wilderness blooms—an array of color.

The only thing the desert does, is receive the water and transformation results.

The “Dead Heart” becomes a source of life.

Hosting Jesus: My Room is Not Ready!”

Jesus says,“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” (Rev 3:20, NIV)

Each one of us has a personal opportunity to host the King. And yet, at Jesus’ knock, many of us hesitate.

Perhaps, in that moment, we’re paying more attention to our own comfort than the call of the King (SOS 5:2-3).

Or, we become alarmed about our surroundings.

  • My room is not ready for the King to enter!
  • I need to clean up.
  • I must work to have the best meal prepared!

But our King has not asked us to work, or to worry.
Only to open our hearts and receive Him.

Two Sisters, Two Attitudes to Hosting God’s Presence

Does this remind you—as it has me—of another story?
Mary and Martha were sisters who hosted Jesus as a guest one day.

Martha was worried about putting food on the table.
But the only table that concerned Mary, was the feast available listening at Jesus’ feet.

Jesus said to Martha, “You are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about.
Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”
(Luke 10:41b-42, NLT)

Hosting God’s Presence: the Bottom Line

Simply receive:
It’s the key to hosting God’s Presence.
It is Jesus’ invitation to you.
And it is what Obed Edom did, when King David suddenly decided to leave the Ark of God in his care (2 Sam 6).

Obed Edom didn’t have time to work or worry.
He didn’t even have a choice.
Obed Edom simply received the Ark—and with it, God’s Manifest Presence—onto his property.

Stories of what was happening at Obed Edom’s house as a result of hosting God’s presence, went far and wide.

Let Jesus In Today

Simply receive.
It’s a work of grace.

Hosting God’s Presence is not about following prescribed rules, or doing the right things, but about having Jesus at the centre of our lives.

The only thing Jesus asks us to do, is open the door and receive Him in.

  • The only thing Obed Edom did, was open the gates and receive the Ark on his property. When he did, not only his household, but the whole nation was changed.
  • And the only thing the desert does, is receive the water, and transformation results.

Hosting God’s Presence is not a problem that you have to solve. It is an inheritance that you can simply receive.

Yet this is also a weighty decision, because Jesus is not coming to visit as a guest. His intention is to enter our lives as King.

Often we think, we’re too sinful, unworthy, fearful—and the list goes on.
We think, we can’t have His Presence until we get everything right and in order. We get it around the wrong way around!

This is the grace of God.
This is the heart of the Father:
“The blood of My Son Jesus is enough!

Hear Him say, “Let Me come in, and My Presence will work a transformation in you.”

So, today, if you feel stressed, or weary.
Or just the thought of a move from God brings a longing to your heart.
He invites you to host His Presence.
Simply receive.

[1] “Arabah”—meaning desert (Strongs H6160, Ezek 47:8)
[2] See Wikipedia:_
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39 thoughts on “How to Host God’s Presence”

  1. I been reading the message you sent to me and I believe that what’s God is telling me I thank God for you I believe the holy ghost put this connection together but I’m trying to see the prices of your teaching I do better talking on the phone pray for me wanting to be able to hear God voice and understand

  2. Good Evening Helen,
    Hallelujah! Thank you for that replenishing message. As I praise the lord for your words of encouragement to me. Hallelujah!

  3. Sharon Marie Alston


    I want to thank you for Enliven Ministries and the School of Intimacy and Prayer. I have so longed for a greater deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and the Prophetic. This is what I have been praying for and to be properly trained for a long time. For me it has been a long journey and I am so looking forward to all you have to offer.
    Enliven has refreshed my spirit at such a tumultuous time in my life since abruptly retiring. I will finish reading the last six pages of the School of Intimacy and Prayer tonight and look forward to the next course.
    I feel like I have known you in my heart and spirit for a very long time. A little of my background I’d like to share: Raised Catholic as young girl to teens and taught Catechism. Went to Junior college then California State for starters, got married, had a son and then divorced. Later moved from California to Washington State, Studied Metaphysics and got all the certificates and levels of study…still feeling like something was missing. Started attending a Christian Church and served on the prayer team. Joined the Army Reserves, and my MOS was Chapel Activity Specialist. Life changed again and best friend past away. Years gone by, I went to Liberty University and finished with a Bachelor in Ministry and Religion. Needless to say at this point, I have an extensive library and still seek to know more and long to reach out to others and lead them to Christ through the Prophetic gifting. This is where you and God come in to play. I long for your teaching. You are a gift to me and many others.
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Sharon, you have had an extraordinary journey with so many facets and all of it valuable <3
      It's amazing how the Lord orders our steps and connects us at times like this.
      I pray the wisdom you are seeking about how to minister to others prophetically will overflow

  4. Oh my! I thank God for using you. This is a true word for me. I receive a message from some one on Facebook in Africa and he said somethings to me and I said Thank you Jesus. I told him I was in a dry place. He said he would pray for me ad God leads him. Then I talked with a friend and I told her too and she said even in a dry place it’s never dry. Now this message. God is truly all knowing and all powerful and a very present help in a time of dryness. I will host his presence and be saturated with his awsome wonders. Thank you for being a servant of God.

    1. Hi Fay, I’ve loved delving into that insight that ‘all the desert does is receive the water’ this week. God is releasing His Spirit to fill us and I pray you have that fresh encounter with him today.
      Greetings from Australia 🙂

  5. As I read your message on lake Ayre I felt compelled to write to you ,firstly to thank you for that word and why it resonated so much to me.The following are some of the scriptures God revealed to me .1 Kings 41-42.The sound of an abundance of rain.Isaiah43-18to 21.And all of Isaiah 35.And most importantly 1 Chronicles 12-32 understanding the times and what Israel should do.I was then led to a news article on lake Ayre in the middle of Australia where all the rivers that feed lake Ayre ,the Georgina,The Diamantina and Coopers creek are fully flowing for the first time in 45 years from the rain in Northern Queensland 1000 kilometres away .As I read the news report and the scriptures that the lord had revealed to me ,that the Lord is about to let that abundance of rain to fall in the great South Land of the Holy Spirit ,to bring new life to His People to make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert to give drink to my people to my Chosen.So sorry that this email is so long but my heart just overflowed like the rivers.Thank you again for you word to me but mostly to the body of Christ.Yours in Christ .Robert Brown

    1. I love all that insight thank you Robert and I say amen and amen, it is the sign in the heart of our nation, the deluge Himself is here

  6. I was just praying to GOD about hosting his presence this morning. So I know this is from GOD. On time message. Glory Hallelujah!

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