Signs you have a prophetic giftA prophecy is a message from God, brought through a Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17-18) The spiritual gift of prophecy is a special ability given to some Spirit-filled Christians to receive and share a message from God that will bring people closer to Jesus and help move them towards His future purpose for them. Prophecy is one of the gifts God uses to help build and grow the church (1 Cor 14:4).

Signs You May Have A Gift Of Prophecy

So—if you believe that you may have a prophetic gift, but are not sure, what are some signs that will help you identify it and move forward? You may not identify with all of the following points, but if you do have a prophetic gift, you will recognise many of them in your life:

1. Desire to Help People Through Prophecy (1 Cor 14:3)

  • You have a desire for God to use you to bring a message from Him that will encourage your leaders or church
  • If a person is in trouble, needs guidance, or to connect with God, you find yourself wanting to pass on an encouraging message from God

2. You Pray in a Prophetic Way

  • After praying for people, they comment that you ‘prayed the right thing,’ or they ask, ‘How did you know that?’
  • When praying for a person, group, geographical area, or for your church, you sense that the Holy Spirit is directing your prayers about God’s purpose for the situation.
  • You seem to know what Bible verses apply to a situation that you are praying for; symbolic pictures or words may come to mind when you pray.

3. Attraction To Prophetic Ministry (1 Cor 14:1)

  • You have a keen interest in prophetic ministry
  • You are attracted to prayer meetings or any meetings where prophetic gifts are being used and find yourself drawn to prophetic people.
  • You may feel that you have a call from God to prophetic ministry but sometimes experience doubts.

4. Motivation to Learn How to Prophesy (2 Tim 1:6)

  • You are motivated to learn about how to use the prophetic gift or further your understanding of personal prophecy.
  • You may already be actively seeking out teaching or training through reading books, attending training sessions or learning from people who are experienced in prophecy
  • You are reading this blog!

5. Other Signs… That may Indicate you Have a Prophetic Gift

  • You may get discouraged when things you believe God has promised don’t come to pass as quickly as you would like
  • You may have an affinity with symbolic pictures, stories or actions
  • You may have had unusual or supernatural experiences that point you to having a prophetic gift—however note this is not a prerequisite
  • You may have a keen sense of justice—however, remember that human personality is not an indicator of whether a person has a prophetic gift from the Holy Spirit.

If you do recognise any of the above signs and would like to grow in your prophetic gift, here are some ideas to help you:

  • Find a healthy Christian church where prophetic ministry is encouraged, and where you can grow in your gifts
  • Focus on developing your general Bible knowledge; resist the temptation to take verses or Bible stories out of context
  • Learn the principles of hearing God’s voice and how to filter out what is not of God
  • Practice hearing messages from God to yourself and others in your own times of prayer. Use a journal to keep track of and check what you believe God is saying to you.
  • Ask for feedback when you bring a prophetic message and be open to both encouragement and correction
  • Choose your mentors carefully. Looks for people who are enthusiastic and supportive members of a church where they are accountable to church leadership
  • Find good sources of training and teaching to help you grow in understanding and using the gift of prophecy

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71 thoughts on “What Are Some Signs That You Have A Prophetic Gift?”

  1. Hi Helen, I thank God for your life, for using you mightily in this end time. I want to glorify the name of the Lord for strengthening you to obey and be faithful in your calling. Most especially given you the grace to endure ministarial sufferings for his glory. You have just helped me to discovered more and confirmed my prophetic gifting, through your post comment facilities. I would like to often receive your articles on prophetic gifting and related subjects. Thank you and stay blessed in his glory.

  2. Hi Helen,
    I am south african lady with a special kind gift of dreams.every dream I have concerning anyone close to me come to pass.even my kids I happen to know in advance what is gonna happen in their lives wether @ school,circle of friends,sports activities,etc.sometimes is scary n become overwhelmed especially because my mom doesn’t understand it.I sometimes warn people against bad things I know will befall them from dreams.
    Do I have prophetic gift.

    1. Hi Mooke, it certainly sounds as though you have the beginnings of a gift that can help many people.
      The sign of a prophetic gift from the Holy Spirit is in its good fruit (outcomes) that it helps people, draws them to Jesus and builds the church. This article has a few points about the difference between and spiritual ability and a gift from the Spirit that you may find helpful (paragraph on ‘hallmarks of a spiritual gift’):
      May you be richly blessed… thank you for leaving a comment 🙂

      1. Hi Helen,

        Thank you for your response concerning my journey into prophetic gifting.
        I have been praying constantly to God to reveal His purpose about my gifting if any.
        I started to feel this clear warm like sensations throughout my body and they remain there is like third day now still have them.
        I feel very warm now during the night as if an electric blanked is wrapped on my body while I used to have very cold feeling on my upper back during the night especially when I get into bed I used to take a long time to fall into sleep because of the icy feeling on my back.
        Does this confirm the presence of the Spirit of God in my life?

        1. Hi Mooke, the best way to check the presence of the Holy Spirit is to have that confirmed by church leaders who know you well. The Presence of the Holy Spirit is displayed through His fruit being evident (Gal 5:22-23). Physical feelings and manifestations are lovely, but it is what is happening as a result, and in the rest of your life that is evidence of the Holy Spirit at work. However, if you are sleeping better and experiencing peace, that is certainly a sign of Him at work 🙂

  3. Hi Helen,

    I was told that I have the gift of prophecy and was also told by another pastor I was called into the prophetic office. I have been having a very hard in terms of believing that God has indeed called me into this ministry. I have encountered a few prophetic experiences here and there but am still uncertain if God really called me into this. Is there anyway I can know for sure without any doubt in my mind that God has called me into the prophetic, please help as this has been bothering me for quiet some time.

  4. This was very helpful to me. I guess I’m just blown away that churches, including the one I’m in, have very little teaching or anything to help develop this gift when it’s so helpful to the church body. I feel like I have to keep the spirit on a leash as to not make anyone uncomfortable or elevate myself in any way, but this blog made me realize that this isn’t a gift everyone chases after or has an interest in. I can let myself get upset that Christians aren’t growing in the Holy Spirit giftings, but maybe because it’s a longing of my own heart.

  5. Hi Helen. I have a question I’m hoping you could answer for me regarding spiritual gifts. I have noticed over the years that I will just have an “inner knowing” when something is about to happen. It almost feels like a sudden heaviness that comes over my spirit and gets stronger and stronger to the point that I have to pray and also ask God to show me what it is…. and he always does. I am always 100% correct when this happens. Sometimes, I know what the situation is and sometimes I do not. I have never really understood what kind of gift this is, or if it is even a gift. I assume its the Holy Spirit warning me or maybe giving me a prayer burden? Maybe discernment? or Prophecy? It has been happening to me more frequently lately and I’m not sure if this is a spiritual gift. I would appreciate any advice.

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