What Are Some Signs That You Have A Prophetic Gift?

Signs you have a prophetic giftA prophecy is a message from God, brought through a Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17-18) The spiritual gift of prophecy is a special ability given to some Spirit-filled Christians to receive and share a message from God that will bring people closer to Jesus and help move them towards His future purpose for them. Prophecy is one of the gifts God uses to help build and grow the church (1 Cor 14:4).

Signs You May Have A Gift Of Prophecy

So—if you believe that you may have a prophetic gift, but are not sure, what are some signs that will help you identify it and move forward? You may not identify with all of the following points, but if you do have a prophetic gift, you will recognise many of them in your life:

1. Desire to Help People Through Prophecy (1 Cor 14:3)

  • You have a desire for God to use you to bring a message from Him that will encourage your leaders or church
  • If a person is in trouble, needs guidance, or to connect with God, you find yourself wanting to pass on an encouraging message from God

2. You Pray in a Prophetic Way

  • After praying for people, they comment that you ‘prayed the right thing,’ or they ask, ‘How did you know that?’
  • When praying for a person, group, geographical area, or for your church, you sense that the Holy Spirit is directing your prayers about God’s purpose for the situation.
  • You seem to know what Bible verses apply to a situation that you are praying for; symbolic pictures or words may come to mind when you pray.

3. Attraction To Prophetic Ministry (1 Cor 14:1)

  • You have a keen interest in prophetic ministry
  • You are attracted to prayer meetings or any meetings where prophetic gifts are being used and find yourself drawn to prophetic people.
  • You may feel that you have a call from God to prophetic ministry but sometimes experience doubts.

4. Motivation to Learn How to Prophesy (2 Tim 1:6)

  • You are motivated to learn about how to use the prophetic gift or further your understanding of personal prophecy.
  • You may already be actively seeking out teaching or training through reading books, attending training sessions or learning from people who are experienced in prophecy
  • You are reading this blog!

5. Other Signs… That may Indicate you Have a Prophetic Gift

  • You may get discouraged when things you believe God has promised don’t come to pass as quickly as you would like
  • You may have an affinity with symbolic pictures, stories or actions
  • You may have had unusual or supernatural experiences that point you to having a prophetic gift—however note this is not a prerequisite
  • You may have a keen sense of justice—however, remember that human personality is not an indicator of whether a person has a prophetic gift from the Holy Spirit.

If you do recognise any of the above signs and would like to grow in your prophetic gift, here are some ideas to help you:

  • Find a healthy Christian church where prophetic ministry is encouraged, and where you can grow in your gifts
  • Focus on developing your general Bible knowledge; resist the temptation to take verses or Bible stories out of context
  • Learn the principles of hearing God’s voice and how to filter out what is not of God
  • Practice hearing messages from God to yourself and others in your own times of prayer. Use a journal to keep track of and check what you believe God is saying to you.
  • Ask for feedback when you bring a prophetic message and be open to both encouragement and correction
  • Choose your mentors carefully. Looks for people who are enthusiastic and supportive members of a church where they are accountable to church leadership
  • Find good sources of training and teaching to help you grow in understanding and using the gift of prophecy

Would you like to develop your prophetic gift?
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71 thoughts on “What Are Some Signs That You Have A Prophetic Gift?

  1. Sandi Bonavita

    Helen, what a great article, especially for the person seeking answers about the prophetic gifts. You have a beautiful teaching gift, thank you for using it to bless the body.

  2. Kerrie Richards

    Thank you, Helen, for a great refresher and reminder of the purpose of a prophetic gifting.

  3. Ray Keefe

    Another feature rich article Helen. Well done. I especially appreciated the advice about learning to filter what is God from what is not and the need to have a good general Biblical knowledge so you aren’t easily led astray by.
    Keep on writing about Prophetic People and and Prophetic Ministry. You are contributing tremendous value on this topic.

    Ray Keefe

  4. Prince Searancke

    Hi Helen
    i just read your blog the signs of having the prophetic gift im new to all of this since july i attended a meeting in Preston prophetic healing ministries and i recieved a word of prophecy. Helen to be absolutly honest
    with you i fell in love with this type of ministry i have been born again for 29 years and never saw any exposure of these gifts well i guess i did once in Melbourne city someone giving a word of knowledge and someone else interpreting like i said im new to this experience my desire is to learn this gift and impart it to someone else or use it to help someone thankyou so much
    your Brother in Christ Prince Searancke

  5. Helen Calder Post author

    Dear Prince Searancke,
    Thank you for sharing with us! Having a hunger for prophetic ministry (as I mention above) is one of the early signs that you have a gift in this area.
    The gift of prophecy has amazing potential to minister to people and lead them closer to Jesus as they realise that God knows them intimately and has an awesome and personal plan for their lives.
    Keep close to Jesus, relate to Christian leadership and study the Bible–these are great foundations for prophetic ministry.
    Thanks also for the email about the training, I am currently overseas, but will send the training page links to you when I return to Australia.

  6. Shane Bekker

    Dear Helen,
    I am very encouraged and excited about your blog and teaching on the prophetic and how to activate, relate and share revelation to see revival in the hearts of the children of God on a daily basis. I have had this desire for a long time in me and have realised through reading your notes on begginging to develop the gift, that I ned to find a mentor to train me so that I can grow in maturity in this gift. I know it’s not a sport or a see if I can be noticed competition, but a healing ministry in effect for the Body of Christ. I have valued more than just speaking the prophetic words is hearing God speak and letting God show me things and letting God bring them to pass, so as to learn to develop patience in prophesying. When I have the right to be heard is in God’s time. Aquiring a mentor is my necessity. Thankyou for encouraging me and I will continue to learn from you and David and Steve McCracken and others to build Gods church to walk in Righteousness.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Shane, it’s great to hear from you and learn of your hunger for God and desire to grow in prophetic ministry.
      Mentoring is a great way to grow in your gift, but it’s not always easy to find a prophetic mentor. My thoughts on this are:
      – be flexible as to your thoughts on what mentoring looks like–i.e. don’t have preconceived ideas, because mentoring comes in many ways (such as engaging in a blog like this)
      – pray about it. A mentor, like many others things in our lives, is a provision from God
      – be aware that there are seasons in prophetic mentoring and that Father brings people in and out of our lives for different times and reasons
      – more important than mentoring is to be vitally established in your church…

      Love your heart, Shane and look forward to hearing more from you 🙂


    i’m really really convinced now tha i have a prophetic ministry. thanks for ths great article, and god bless

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi there David, that’s great! The best thing about your decision is that it gives you the opportunity to be very intentional about growing, developing and exercising your gift. Here are a couple of places to start to give you ideas:

      Keep in touch, I’m sure you will find many of the articles on this blog helpful too. 🙂

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thanks Nhlanhla, may you be richly blessed as you journey in your pursuit of intimacy with God and growth in your prophetic gift!

  8. Suzanne

    For some time I’ve been fasting and praying about whether I’m call to the prophetic, I have submitted it to my oversight, and they believe that I am in the early stages of this gift. Sometimes I still question it, but having just read your blog I identified with quite a few things so it has given me confidence to believe in and proceed & search out through the holy spirit what God is leading me into. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Suzanne,
      that sounds great – how awesome that you have submitted it to your oversight and they are supportive and have confirmed your gift. You can move forward confidently to explore prophecy further at your own pace. At the early stages it’s best to keep it simple anyway, at the level of hearing from God and simple encouraging words and scriptures. you can grow from there. Enjoy your journey forward 🙂

  9. Debra Mullins

    Hi Helen
    I strongly identify with everything you wrote in this blog. I also am a worship leader and find I will frequently say something during the worship service that the preacher will be speaking on. I am finding it very difficult though because no-one seems to even want to acknowledge that I move in this way and I find the gifting a source of great sorrow and frustration because of this (this has been a 20 year journey, not a short term problem). I also seem to move a lot in the word of knowledge, but more often than not, it will be a feeling (I will feel someone’s sickness/emotional pain) rather than a simple word. I realised this was what was happening after several severe “gall bladder attacks” (I have a perfectly healthy gall bladder), heart problems (again, fine there) and so on and then meeting a person having that exact same problem. In church, I struggle very much with this as I do not know who the person is more often than not and I do not have the authority nor am acknowledged by leadership in this area to even stand up and ask if someone has the problem. This whole area saddens me and I have wanted to dismiss it and not move that way. I know you don’t look to man, but honestly, if your leaders won’t acknowledge/recognise the gifting on your life, there’s not much you can do other than keep the gifting at a simple level of encouraging people you meet each day and hearing from God for yourself and family. But I want to do so much more!!!

  10. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi Debra,
    I do understand the frustrations, but I also believe that God has a way of grace through them all – and that if you are in the church of His planting, that includes both the release of your gift as well as honouring and serving your leaders.
    Here are a few resources that may help:


    Also you may find my book, Prophetic People In A Changing Church helpful – I share about frustrations and discouragement relating to your gift in church life. http://enlivenpublishing.com/blog/e-books/

  11. tola

    hi helen. i stumbled upon your blog by googling “spiritual attacks physical symptoms.” i’ve always been interested in the area of prophetic gifts simply because that was how the Lord made Himself known to me. ever since i was a child i had this feeling that one day i would come to know the Creator. one day an angel appeared to me in a dream telling me that God loved me and that one day i would find Him. to make a long story short, i came to know the Lord at the age of 14, many years after that dream. i’m naturally a very shy/fearful person but God changed all of that when i became a christian. i started to boldly share my faith with friends and family and had no fear. those were the good old days! i would say that God uses dreams to speak to me – these don’t happen often but when they do, i would wake up feeling that the Lord was trying to say something to me. one time God told me in a dream that i had to fast for a week and then share the gospel with my grandmother and that He would give me that words to speak. i obeyed and did that and God gave me the opportunity to share the gospel with my grandmother and He gave me the words to speak although there was a language barrier. i also have a sensitivity to the spiritual realm. i would often get “attacks” in my sleep especially at times when the Lord is at work in my life. all of these experiences with dreams and spiritual attacks is how i discovered your blog. earlier this year i had a dream where i was talking to a friend who was struggling with depression. in the dream i said to him that he needed to discern what was real physical/emotional illness from what can be a real spiritual attack. after that i heard that roaring evil sound and then i woke up. in my awake state i felt like something, a voice, was telling me that this year was going to be the hardest year of my life. i immediately assumed that the voice was from God because in the past, all of my dreams or voices that i heard were from God. immediately i was gripped by fear. i had this dark shadow over me and i fell into a state of hopelessness, despair, and heaviness that i couldn’t get out of. i had never experienced that kind of “darkness” before. i was in this state for 3 days and it wasn’t until i talked with a close friend about what was happening that i realized that i could be under an attack. when i realized i was being attacked, i snapped out of it and felt better. so from early this year until now, i’ve been experiencing some physical symptoms like chest pain, stomach pain, arm pain, neck pain. and more recently i’ve been having a hard time breathing. i’ve gone to see the doctor early in january to get tests done but everything came out normal. about 2 months ago my shortness of breath became more apparent and about 4 weeks ago i feel something in my throat that’s been there constantly. i also experience nausea now. all of these physcial symptoms have been stressing me out and i seem to expect the worst to happen to me because of that dream i had in january saying that this year would be the hardest year of my life. then i hear this other voice that says, a spirit of fear is not of God. so although i know that and believe and trust in Jesus, i can’t seem to completely come out of the “fear” that is deep in my soul. when i am in the presence of God i have no fear but i go in and out of fear constantly. i go from something is wrong with me healthwise to i am being attacked spiritually. i go back and forth and i feel so confused. yesterday i started to pray against the demonic forces. i started to use the authority the Lord gave me to command them to leave me alone. i started to pray for God to heal me and to take away the symptoms if they are not “real.” then i felt the urge to research more on spiritual attacks and this is how i found your blog. i bought your book on growing your prophetic and prayer gifts because these are the things that were of interest to me. i read the whole book last night and went to bed with my mind full of the things of God. i wanted to reach out to you because i had never met someone with prophetic gifts before and am so excited to find your blog. maybe God is doing something great in my life right now which is why all of these things are happening to me. thank you so much for listening. God bless your ministry. i want to be used so much and pray that i would be a vessel used by Him. 🙂

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Tola,thank you for leaving the message, I’m glad you are encouraged by the blog and book.
      I’ve written a series of articles on spiritual warfare which may help you, check the spiritual warfare category here: http://enlivenpublishing.com/blog/tag/spiritual-warfare/
      In terms of your current difficulties, you mentioned the dream which you immediately received as a word from God and later realised it was an attack. The words, ‘this is going to be the hardest year of your life’, are effectively a curse (negative words that hold power when they are received). I suggest you have someone pray with you and actually renounce and break the curse of those words and pray God’s blessing and favour over your year instead.The article on different types of dreams in the link I’ve given above may be helpful, too.

  12. tola

    hi helen,
    thank you for your response. i did read most of your articles on spiritual warfare which helped me a great deal. i think for the first time this year, things are becoming more clear to me that i’m going through an attack. looking back at my dream, i think i know the meaning now what God was trying to tell me. i was confusing the voice of the Devil to be the voice of God. for the past few days, i’ve been praying the prayers of casting out demons and claiming the authority that the Lord has given me. the dream i had earlier this year was so confusing to me but now i believe God was trying to tell me that i need to have discernment whether something is either from God or from the evil one. the voice i heard in the dream was God’s voice telling me and warning me that i would go through this period of darkness and that i need to recognize what is spiritual and what is real illness. i believe that the voice saying that “this is going to be the hardest year of your life” was from the devil but at the time i took it as a prophecy from the Lord.

    are you saying that in order for me to be free from this curse i need to have someone pray with me to renounce the curse?

    some great things are happening in my heart right now. when i realized what was going on, i started to hear God’s voice again. God is giving me a heart of passion and excitement for Him again. i feel something powerful going on and sense that the Lord is doing great things. i feel such an overflow of His love and blessings and i want others to experience Him in this way. how i’ve been feeling these past few days since discovering your blog and reading your book overwhelms me. i feel like proclaiming God’s goodness and i have this boldness in me that has been absent for a long time. i want to tell the world about His goodness!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Tola,
      I’m glad to hear that you are experiencing freedom! As a child of God you do have authority to pray and break free from any curse yourself, so having someone pray in agreement is not necessary. However I do recommend it for a few reasons: 1. It can be helpful to have someone agree in prayer when we are in a stuck place or having difficulty experiencing breakthrough 2. Unity and agreement is a powerful force in prayer and spiritual warfare and 3. It provides spiritual accountability.
      May you continue to experience freedom and strength 🙂

  13. maricar


    I have the passion since before.. in my prayer time, i really ask God to let me prophecy to help the church. All glory belongs to GOD for He hears my prayer.. He gave it to me..

    Matthew 7:7 ASK

  14. Timothy J Rao

    want to know were and how commune with others that can dicern type of prophetic gift to seems as mostly to warn when somthing future wil happen. and to translate it as in wht i experianced to make sure in testing these are always right the first time come in parts as weather on tv or radio there some sort of confimation and somone eho can handle the message with the understand if it s for me or to sent for another.as right know im lookig for a church genuine as confimed to me to pull back from becuase of mainley in media there is a mammon spirit in these large selling false miracle spirit in many and feel ther going to be or in my spirit pray to bring jusdgment as ther hearts are not of god.it upsets me that the reverance integrity od gods word be used this way against him by desceving by his word. bring out what truly lies underneath it angers me acualy at a time like this. also to know about the healing gift. i have seen the some people i will just feel in public that spirit shows will receve because of ther belief i dont have to touch them some how has to be the holy spirit will look upon one focus spiritualy i dont think but let god do kis work i dont even pray at the time i do in a way but its not conciouse i just stop like im feeling the vib or somthing of that person ans after words my mine will stay on that person for a time as i pray gods work will be healing saving or the spirit holy touch that person somway.i have people mostly woman just walk close to me and i see in there eyes thaey had the encouter or also people say things all the time like they feel overwellmed or say somthing that i know ther talking about me but in a spiritual sence.and im lookin to get with a people with god heart there to pull together the true one church tha have experianced or know christ by having him in them not denighing his power.im getting what i asked of christ as he reasoned me about the greater works and why in these last days as it is going to be needed to convince unbielivers to repentance and change to the true worship of god.we need to be the genuine way as christknowing his ways to do things and not to change the words or way taught and written but imrove them with his power greater and morethan he did with dicernment of his holy spirit as you know that is the power and force that creates the workings.thank you for you responce god bless

  15. This Chick

    How do you know forsure if you have the gift of prophecy? I have dreams sometimes and they are always like warning signs that something bad may happen or something bad has happened to someone that is close to me. And then it does happen. I sometimes will be thinking about something happening in the future that hasn’t happened yet and then it eventually happens. For example, one night out of the blue I was thinking about how I wanted to go to Germant one day, but what if the plane crashed over the ocean at nighttime and no one ever found the plane. Well, the next day I went into work and on the news it showed that an AirDeFrance (not sure if that was the exact name of the plane) plane had crashed over the ocean throughout the night and the plane parts were never found. That is just one example from a while ago. Sometimes I get a really bad feeling when I am in a situation or someone close to me is in a situation and I remove myself from the situation and then something bad does happen. For example, one time my cousin was on the phone w/ me and was driving back from somewhere and I got a bad feeling and told her that she needed to slow down and stop to take a rest break. So, she did and we continued to talk. When she got back on the road, a 10 car pile up happened and she would have been in it if she wouldn’t have stopped for a few minutes. I also will be in the middle of talking to someone and something will pop into my head and I say whatever it is, no matter how weird it sounds to me or how off topic it is, and the person that I am talking to is completely shocked by what I have said and it relieves whatever burden that they are going through. I can also read people very well and can tell when people are lying or have bad intentions. Sometimes I call them out on it and sometimes I don’t. It depends on who it is and the situation at hand. There are so many other things, but that just names a few of the things that I go through. So, is this the gift of prophecy? Any insight will help. I prayed to God the other day to show me a sign because I thought that I was crazy thinking about all of these things with certain people in my life adn asked him to give me a sign. The next day I not only got 1 sign, I got 2. The 1st one I missed, but the 2nd one was loud and clear. Me and a work associate were talking when she came to pick something up and we never really talked much, but she started talking to me about God and signs that he gives and the gifts that he gives christians and right then and there I knew that was my sign that I was looking for. Now, I need to learn how to use this gift, if it is indeed the gift of prophcey.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Pat Shaw

    I would like to hear from your blog as often as possible! In the meantime, I will start writing down when I hear the Lord speak to me.

  17. jose ramos

    Este ultimo blog,creo que ha sido de mucha bendicion ,no solo por las recomendaciones de lo que debo hacer para crecer en mi don profetico,tambien por las recomendaciones de libros electronicos que coadyubaran para el desarrollo de dicho ministeriomsus consejos practicos son de mucha valia para mi.
    Tener un mentor,o asistir a charlas o conferencias acerca del tema,es muy esporadico,y hubo cursos y conferencias acerca del Oficio del Profeta…pero para mi como que algo falta.Yo creo que deberian de haber iniciado las charlas con enseñanzas,despues entrenamiento,y esto deberia ser por largo tiempo,y por ultimo la motivacion.Supe de algunos que tienen dones profeticos,y que asistieron a dichas charlas,y que al salir de dichas platicas,andaban practicando en las callles y hubo un desorden total,pues estaban practicando con personas incredulas,y con algunos cristianos.Uno de los hermanos a quienes tomaron estos nuevos profetas,me dijo:USTED CREE ,ME DIJERON COSAS QUE NO SON NADA CIERTAS RESPECTO A MI VIDA…este hermano dejo de asistir a la congregacion.Y esto me preocupa,pues en lugar de ser bendicion y edificar el Cuerpo de Cristo,lo contristamos…Yo se que vamos a equivocarnos en ocasiones,pero si hay alguien maduro en el tema,el nos ayudara y enmendar dichos errores y eso nos ayudara para depender a caminar con el E.S.,y la situacion de nuestro desarrollo sin duda sera mejor.Pero en mi pais,escasamente sucede estas charlas o conferencias profeticas que abarquen la ENSEÑANZA,ENTRENAMIENTO Y ACTIVACION…Oramos porque esta situacion cambie,y podamos tener mentores dignos siervos del Señor,honestos,afectuosos,y sobre todo pacientes con todos aquellos que apenas se inician .Muchas gracias por toda su yuda,sus recomendaciones y libros que leer…Muchas gracias.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi there Jose, I am glad you are finding the blog helpful. One of my desires through Enliven Blog is to provide teaching materials for people who do not have easy access to the courses and mentoring that we have in Australia. Which country are you from?

  18. Helen Calder Post author

    Thank you – yes, having regular prophetic dreams can certainly be one sign of having a prophetic gift (usually in combination with other signs).

  19. chinwe

    I am so deeply blessed by all your writings on the gift of prophecy. I received this gift at the age of 15 and have known it to manifest so many times in Church that I have no doubt that I have this gift. My issues have been with dormancy which came during a time of moving away form prayer and God’s presence when I had young kids. However, recently, God sent a deep hunger for Him, to pray and for the gifts to manifest again. That’s how I stumbled on this blog. You not only answer the questions in my heart in a clear, uncomplicated way, you do it with power of the Holy Spirit because as I read I receive a rustling within me that is awakening God’s workings in my Spirit. You are so practical and your advice is very applicable. I love all the topics on prophecy and have to read them over and over. God bless you real good and may your gifting continue to increase. Please pray for me. thanks

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Dear Chinwe, thank you for the comment which has also blessed me. The hunger in your heart and response to God will cause the River of His Spirit and gifts to be released and flow freely again. May you continue to be stirred, I pray that you capture a fresh vision for your life, family and ministry and that Enliven Blog will continue to be a great resource for you.

  20. Beth

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for your ministry. I have searched the website in the prophecy and discernment articles, and I can’t seem to find clarity for this: How does a person “weigh up” prophecy? I seem to sometimes know if a person is being dishonest or has devious intentions and there have been a few times I have known when something would happen before it did. But these feelings I get come as an “inner knowing” more than as signs, so I sometimes dismiss them as me being judgmental or paranoid.

    I know God must speak to me in this way, as I’ve sometimes known things would happen before they did, I’ve had feelings/senses about people confirmed, and I even knew that a family member of mine was going to pass away before she died (in a car accident). I don’t really know what to do when I have a “feeling” like this; I sometimes start to think that maybe I simply imagined it. And I have been searching for prophetic training in my area and I cannot find any. So how do I “weigh up” a prophecy? Especially when doubt starts to come?

    Thank you for any input you have,

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Beth, this article may help:

      This one is written for leaders but the points are worth going through: https://www.enlivenpublishing.com/blog/2014/08/12/5-questions-to-help-leaders-weigh-up-prophecy/
      And even though this is written about prophetic warnings in church life, it does relate to the kind of warnings you mention. https://www.enlivenpublishing.com/blog/2013/07/10/tips-for-sharing-prophetic-warnings-in-church-life/

      Hope this helps! Discernment and prophecy are wonderful gifts from God and worth investing in, may you be richly blessed in your ongoing journey with Jesus.

  21. Jennifer Cornwall-Towers

    I would like to grow my prophetic gifts could I please have a phone no to speak to someone please 0401 862 098 Thankyou Jennifer

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Jennifer, if you want to find out about our courses our ministry contact page is here: http://www.davidmccracken.org/contact-us/
      As I’m frequently away from the office and we have a large number of readers, phone conversations are not the best means of contact. However I can answer questions related to prophecy online, on the comments section of the blog or our Facebook page – look forward to hearing from you there!

  22. Dorie

    Wow this article was soooo helpful… I have sturggled with whether I have the gift or not and now I am certain I have it….. but still need to draw closer to the Lord and develop it… I need good training, but I want to start with your book. Can I get a regular book or do I have to get an e book???

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Dorie, I’m glad you’ve found this helpful! Unfortunately we can only offer the eBook but you are welcome to print it or sections as needed.


    Dear Leader,

    I just browsed through the Internet and I am so excited to hear from you. Could you mentor me how to stir up my Prophetic Gift that God has given me. I read through all and I received previous Prophesies that God has chosen me as a Prophet into His Kindgdom

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Ruth, I’m glad you are finding the blog helpful! Keep on looking through the articles here in the prophetic training category and I’m sure you will find a lot to help you in your journey. You can ask me questions in the comments section, too.

  24. Zakhele Masilela


  25. chrisantus

    am really humbled for God choosing me but I rather feel am a sinner… why did God chose me?

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Something that applies to us all, Chrisantus… it is His love for you and grace towards you. A rich gift indeed.

  26. joy

    I had signs of vision that I took for granted. I also Identify with some of the points listed above and became more activated when I was told by a Christian who already operates in the gifts. I want to find my way up. Please help me.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Joy! I hope you have been able to subscribe to the blog because that is the main way that we can help you in your journey. You can also keep in touch via our social media on Facebook and Twitter for more tips, encouragement and to ask questions.

  27. Xolani

    Being a child of God I have learn that prophecy is the most power spiritual gifts and I want to learn more,I have the prophetic gift and I want to learn how to use it in a good way

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Xolani, prophecy is a very special gift from God. I hope you’ve had an opportunity to have a good look around Enliven Blog as there are many articles to help you on your journey. Bless you 🙂

  28. Jake

    There’s a lot I would like to say about my experience, but I’ll try to give the readers digest version, lol. I don’t call myself a prophet per se, but because of what’s happening in my life the last couple of years, others have called me prophet or say that I reside in the office of the prophet. I have spiritual discernment, I prophesy, I’ve been told I have a break through or breakers annointing, but the one thing that really leaves me speechless is being able to bring, change or usher in a heavenly presence. I’ve had numerous people witness this and I find it hard to believe if I wasn’t standing there myself. Prophets have said that when I walk into an environment it changes. When it first started it was amazingly powerful, nothing I’ve ever seen or witnessed before. I could actually feel and see the atmosphere change and prophecy and a word of knowledge would come, but The Lord would only do this for certain people at a prayer meeting. Some times the tangible present would have my heart flipping and flopping all over the place and I shake. I guess now I’m going through a desert type season now, where I don’t see it quite as often. The Holy Ghost gives me dreams and visions of a deliverance ministry. Quite frankly I don’t know what’s happening. This is still relatively new to me. I hope and pray that you can help me gain some knowledge on what’s happening to me and if I do have a gift from the Holy Ghost and if this is normal to go through a dry season. I don’t know what He is preparing me for, but I’m both scared and excited and I can’t wait to see what my destiny in The Lord is. I know this is a mouth full, forgive me for being long winded, but this is as short as I could get it, lol. I look for your reply whenever you get a chance. Be blessed.

  29. Dorah Tshabalala

    I reside in South Africa. I would like to develop my Prophetic Gift & get Prophetic Training. What is the first thing to do. I lack confidence and I become discouraged easily. At the moment I am experiencing spiritual dryness but thank God for the information I just got on your website I believe it will be of help to me.
    God bless you.


    My name is Liberator and its my great pleasure to come across your teachings. am growing a growing prophet , i have seen visions and i always feel the presence of God, what am interested in is training my body to hear God’s voice as part of prophetic ministry. thank you

  31. Walter Ezekiel

    Hi Helen, I thank God for your life, for using you mightily in this end time. I want to glorify the name of the Lord for strengthening you to obey and be faithful in your calling. Most especially given you the grace to endure ministarial sufferings for his glory. You have just helped me to discovered more and confirmed my prophetic gifting, through your post comment facilities. I would like to often receive your articles on prophetic gifting and related subjects. Thank you and stay blessed in his glory.

  32. mooke

    Hi Helen,
    I am south african lady with a special kind gift of dreams.every dream I have concerning anyone close to me come to pass.even my kids I happen to know in advance what is gonna happen in their lives wether @ school,circle of friends,sports activities,etc.sometimes is scary n become overwhelmed especially because my mom doesn’t understand it.I sometimes warn people against bad things I know will befall them from dreams.
    Do I have prophetic gift.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Mooke, it certainly sounds as though you have the beginnings of a gift that can help many people.
      The sign of a prophetic gift from the Holy Spirit is in its good fruit (outcomes) that it helps people, draws them to Jesus and builds the church. This article has a few points about the difference between and spiritual ability and a gift from the Spirit that you may find helpful (paragraph on ‘hallmarks of a spiritual gift’): https://www.enlivenpublishing.com/blog/2013/08/20/discernment-of-spirits-ability-or-spiritual-gift/
      May you be richly blessed… thank you for leaving a comment 🙂

      1. mooke

        Hi Helen,

        Thank you for your response concerning my journey into prophetic gifting.
        I have been praying constantly to God to reveal His purpose about my gifting if any.
        I started to feel this clear warm like sensations throughout my body and they remain there is like third day now still have them.
        I feel very warm now during the night as if an electric blanked is wrapped on my body while I used to have very cold feeling on my upper back during the night especially when I get into bed I used to take a long time to fall into sleep because of the icy feeling on my back.
        Does this confirm the presence of the Spirit of God in my life?

        1. Helen Calder Post author

          Hi Mooke, the best way to check the presence of the Holy Spirit is to have that confirmed by church leaders who know you well. The Presence of the Holy Spirit is displayed through His fruit being evident (Gal 5:22-23). Physical feelings and manifestations are lovely, but it is what is happening as a result, and in the rest of your life that is evidence of the Holy Spirit at work. However, if you are sleeping better and experiencing peace, that is certainly a sign of Him at work 🙂

  33. Shoki

    Hi Helen,

    I was told that I have the gift of prophecy and was also told by another pastor I was called into the prophetic office. I have been having a very hard in terms of believing that God has indeed called me into this ministry. I have encountered a few prophetic experiences here and there but am still uncertain if God really called me into this. Is there anyway I can know for sure without any doubt in my mind that God has called me into the prophetic, please help as this has been bothering me for quiet some time.

  34. Tiff

    This was very helpful to me. I guess I’m just blown away that churches, including the one I’m in, have very little teaching or anything to help develop this gift when it’s so helpful to the church body. I feel like I have to keep the spirit on a leash as to not make anyone uncomfortable or elevate myself in any way, but this blog made me realize that this isn’t a gift everyone chases after or has an interest in. I can let myself get upset that Christians aren’t growing in the Holy Spirit giftings, but maybe because it’s a longing of my own heart.

  35. Kat

    Hi Helen. I have a question I’m hoping you could answer for me regarding spiritual gifts. I have noticed over the years that I will just have an “inner knowing” when something is about to happen. It almost feels like a sudden heaviness that comes over my spirit and gets stronger and stronger to the point that I have to pray and also ask God to show me what it is…. and he always does. I am always 100% correct when this happens. Sometimes, I know what the situation is and sometimes I do not. I have never really understood what kind of gift this is, or if it is even a gift. I assume its the Holy Spirit warning me or maybe giving me a prayer burden? Maybe discernment? or Prophecy? It has been happening to me more frequently lately and I’m not sure if this is a spiritual gift. I would appreciate any advice.

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