I pray the Holy Spirit ministers this truth to your heart today:

Where you are right now, there is Heavenly activity taking place around you.

God is present and moving on your behalf.

Even if you are experiencing frustration, or pressure.

  • In spite of delays, threats, or uncertainties

Or canceled plans.

The Day My Flight was Canceled

Four weeks ago today, while visiting family in New Zealand, I learned the Australian border was about to close.

Thankfully, my flight was due to land back in Melbourne before the closure that night! This meant I could avoid any potential difficulties of entering Australia on my New Zealand passport.

That afternoon, I walked into Auckland International Airport to an alarming scene.

  • Vast areas of the airport were empty, except for two long queues of people
  • Others were milling about looking confused
  • Every 15 minutes, loud warnings about COVID-19 were being broadcast over the loudspeakers

I cast my eyes up at the scheduled departures board, looking for my flight.
That’s when I saw the word:

I felt a wave of shock.
There was no explanation; I’d received no notifications.
This was my replacement flight—my first one had already been canceled.

Eventually, I learned that our plane had been grounded at the last minute, due to technical difficulties.

My rebooked flights for the following day, were about to present even more challenges.

Plans Have Changed

It’s what life has been like for many of us recently.

We had a plan, we had a destination. We were going somewhere.
But then, the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

Now, life as we knew it—and the direction many of us thought we were going to take—has been suspended.

For some of us, the means to get where we were going has changed.
Or, like my return flights from New Zealand, the degree of difficulty in getting there is greater.

But God.

He is the master of changed plans.
God takes delays and detours, and transforms them into Divine appointments.

The Heavenly Hotspot!

It’s a reality that Jacob discovered, on a day he later referred to as “the day of my distress” (Gen 35:3).

That day, any plans Jacob held for his life were interrupted.

Having learned that his brother Esau wanted to kill him, he was on the run.

But God was with him.

That very night, sleeping on hard, stony ground, Jacob dreamed of a staircase, reaching between earth and heaven.
Angels were ascending and descending upon it.

And God stood at the head of that stairway, speaking of Jacob’s life and destiny (see Gen 28).

Jacob discovered he had inadvertently—and yet by Divine appointment—found himself in a place of encounter.
It was a Heavenly hotspot!

  • A hotspot is a place that is a center of activity [1]
  • One of the contexts often used today is that of a Wi-Fi hotspot

Today, you may find yourself, as Jacob did, in an uncertain position, a hard place, one you haven’t chosen.
But God is with you.

And the place you are located right now is Heaven’s hotspot.

Where you are—where you live, walk and work, the Holy Spirit is moving.
Angels are at work.

There is connectivity! [2]

Angelic Traffic

One of the ways that change due to the pandemic is evident here in Australia, is in the reduced traffic.

Highways and city streets have fewer cars.
Car parks are empty.
Planes are grounded; the air traffic is sparse.

But—the angelic traffic between Heaven and earth has not changed!

You may not be aware of it, but you are a focus of angelic activity.
Angels are coming and going.
God is moving.
Your prayers are being attended to.

As a child of God, like Jacob did at Bethel, you stand under an open Heaven.

  • An “open Heaven” simply means that there is nothing standing between you, and your Father, and all the resources of Heaven

You are in a Place of Divine Appointment

Today, it may seem as though your plans have stalled, but God’s plans remain secure.

Your Father has not forgotten you.

Your home and lodging place is at the centre of your Father’s attention, because you are the focus of His attention.
And where you are right now, is a Heavenly hotspot.


[1] A hotspot is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access, typically using Wi-Fi technology:__https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotspot_(Wi-Fi)

[2] The word connectivity is used of the ability of a computer, program, device, or system to connect with one or more others:__https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/connectivity

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76 thoughts on “God is Turning Delays Into Divine Appointments (“Hotspot”)”

  1. This is for me I’m literally crying. December I relocated to Gauteng looking for green pastures. Im 30 year old Single Mother of a soon to be 9 year old Boy. We moved in with a family member who stays with his boyfriend and his kids in the mean time im trying to better my life. and I went and registered for my Adult Matric. I dropped out of school in 2008 Grade 11 because of Circumstances back then. So here in South Africa its very difficult to get a job without Matric or Diploma. I was Lucky in 2011 I got a job but 2018 I was retrenched. So since 2018 up until now I havent found a job and to top it up I don’t have Matric besides 7 years work experience and that doesn’t count. Then this Covid-19 has delayed everything. Im not even sure we will write our Exam’s in May and get our Certificate. And my Situation even here at home is not Good I’m not happy I’m always in my room reading Bible if not my Academic books. People are Moody and all that my Cousin boyfriend doesn’t like me. I feel Frastruated and stuck. Was crying to God Yersteday while taking a bath asking him to have Mercy on me. I’ve been waiting with Prayer and fasting taking one step further in trying to do things with faith little as a mustard seed but every time Delays and Setbacks are always following me. Please pray with me.

    1. Hi Thandeka, I’m praying for you now! Father, let your love and presence be known in this household. We pray for our move of your Holy Spirit. Let there be hope and breakthrough!

      1. Prophet Hellen, Your post have bless me a lot, it always came at the ripe
        & right time, ur ministry have been a load of blessing to me & my family & ministry, I just started a ministry & want to enrolled in ur prophetic school but could not afford the cost now, pls what shall I do, thanks and I pray for more wisdom for the ministry in Jesus Name, wealth peter

    2. Beloved of the Lord Thandeka
      I reach out to let you know that God Almighty who is our heavenly Father is right there with you, What you need in every situation is God’s favour. Certificates cannot save you, people cannot save you and even money cannot rescue. But God Almighty, the one who watched over you since the beginning is faithful enough to pull you out of the pity, I testify to you that the greatest success I have come across is entirely from God. Just to reassure you I have done a lot of education (7 degrees including a second doctorate) but that too could not save me. Only God Almighty came to my rescue. The Word of God is Sword you need on your side and will never fail you. Make it alive in your life not by crying (You are not a victim but more than victorious) and seed on His promises (even the smallest coins you have, even give to the poor within your reach}. God rewards obedience. Then stay firmly on it, God said in Isaiah 43: 18-19, First, FORGET all the former things and do not remember them and secondly, take a look, I am making a way even in the desert and wilderness. This message from God is for you Thandeka, speak to God as our Heavenly Father that you are now ready for a way out of every wilderness because noone can save you except God. Take away worry, fear or tears: when there is no food fast and connect with the Lord: He will send you food and helpers. Believe this beloved, God’s help is on the way! Surely God shall never abandon His elect, and will do the same for you. Keep your faith unshakeable because God has seen it. Always remember to thank God when He blesses you. I seal these prophetic proclamations for you Thandeka by His shed blood in Jesus’ name.

  2. Amen. What a timely Word. It is very true that God is the master of cancelled plans and divine interruptions. I recall many times when I had plans set out on God’s work but were completely overhauled. Since then I have learnt to proclaim His presence and breakthrough in every situation. Thank you Helen. Bless the Lord

    1. Yes amen! That is a great faith response in the face of the unknown and incomplete. Because he is trustworthy

  3. Amen! Everytime God’s word is released especially during times like these , when delays and plans have been halted then God is in the business of doing that which only Him can do and deserves the glory. Thanks Helen for such a timely word cause I know God will bring to Divine manifestation that which concerns me.

  4. Naomi Testimony

    I love this more: “God takes delays and detours, and transforms them into Divine appointments.” I hang on this with all I am and choose to be optimistic.
    The Lord watch over everyone of us worldwide. In Him we live, move and have our being.
    Peace be still.
    Thank you so much Helen Calder.

    1. Yes, “in Him we live and move and have our being” – love that. He is our all and sustains us. I pray you know His delight over you, Naomi!

  5. Wow. This speaks to me. Thank you. I had made plans that I was excited about but now everything seems up in the air and I don’t know what’s going to happen or when. I am so encouraged now.

    1. Hi Mel, yes I know that’s tough! I’m praying for you now – that you begin to be stirred about the new plans and opportunities that are up ahead for you

  6. Elizabeth Merritt

    Dear Helen we are separated for 3 years now my husband is going thru radiation. It breaks my heart I am not with him he is in a Retirement Home. What satan meant for our harm Lord is working for our good. Our communication has been restored praying that he will come by my place as he needs care. Please pray for my precious husband. I love him Lord has opened his heart.
    God bless dear Sis

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