“I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.” (Isaiah 41:18, NIV)

The move of the Holy Spirit is likened to rivers breaking out in dry, barren places.
As rain on parched ground. (Is 44:3)
Or, as an incoming tide.

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab 2:14)

If this resonates with you, take heart, for the Holy Spirit is moving! 

God is healing dryness.
He is interrupting cycles of weariness!
And He is removing hindrances that have led to frustration.

A Wave Broke Out of the Frame

There is a book by C.S. Lewis in the Narnia series, called “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.

As the story opens, Edmund and Lucy are discussing a framed picture on the wall. It is a Narnian ship on the seas.

  • As they observe the picture, they suddenly realize the boat and the sea in the picture are moving

A wind blows out from the picture, and an exercise book in the room flaps and is tossed against the wall.
They can smell the sea.

A salt wave breaks out of the picture, and with a cold wet splash, it breaks over the children—including Eustace, a skeptical onlooker.

In a moment, all three are pulled into the frame, into a new reality. And they find themselves caught up into another Kingdom, in the service of the King.

It Started With a Car Crash

Like the picture on the wall, many of us, over the years, have put God in a frame of our own understanding.

But He’s breaking out of the frame.

This has been happening for my husband Malcolm and me.
Signs of our own “new era” with God started breaking out in January 2016.

I was driving my car, turning right onto a main road. And just ahead of me, in a lane to my right, was a lady in a black SUV car—a baby strapped in a car seat behind her.

We had the green light.

Suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I noticed a maroon car driving at high speed towards us from the right.
I realized he was not going to stop.

He hurtled towards us, narrowly missing the lady with the baby.
The car was about to collide with my driver’s door. In that split second, I slammed on my brakes.

Miraculously, I escaped injury by milliseconds, but my car was spun around, while the driver who crashed into me accelerated and disappeared, leaving only the smoke from his tyres behind him.

I glanced up in time to see that there was no rear license plate on his car to identify him.

I Remembered a Dream

Twenty minutes later, I was standing in front of my car, trembling in shock, and shedding tears over the loss of my car.
The Ford Falcon wasn’t new, but I’d loved it.
And whilst I had only a slight bump on my head, the front end of my car was wrecked.

In that moment, I remembered something that happened the week before.

I’d awoken sharply from a dream in the middle of the night.

In the dream, I was speaking in an excited manner—to an unseen audience—about how grateful we were that the insurance company had written off our car, because now we could receive the upgrade we had prayed for.

My first response, before I went back to sleep, was to dismiss the dream.

  • After all, in 30 years of driving, I’d never had an accident!
  • And we certainly hadn’t been praying for an upgrade for the car

I later realized the dream was symbolic, and shared about it that day with others on our team.

But we never imagined for one moment, the dream would literally come to pass.

When God Orders an Upgrade

Nine days later, I was standing in front of my crashed car.
And as I remembered the dream, shock gave way to gratitude and amazement.

“My Father already knew about this—and must have sent an angel to protect me!”

Our insurer wrote off my car, and released the funds for us to purchase another one. As my husband Malcolm and I searched amongst second-hand cars—and we were looking at a variety of them—incredibly, our search narrowed down to one.

  • It was a Ford Falcon—the same car I loved, but one year younger
  • It had less mileage on the odometer, and it was my preferred color
  • Not only that, but it was exactly the next model up from the one I’d lost

It was a small, very precise, upgrade.
But more than that, the event was a sign.

And that dream has been fulfilled many times over, as I’ve quoted the words I heard myself declaring in that dream to others.

Kingdom Encounters

Since that time, God has been speaking to us more frequently, through supernatural signs and unusual “coincidences”.

These can only be explained by Divine orchestration.

Often, objects or events in the physical realm, such as the car (and the shoehorn I wrote about recently) are involved.
And my husband and I are having these encounters together. [1]

God has been doing something in our lives that we had no prior frame of reference for.

A “King Tide” of the Spirit

A “king tide” is an especially high spring tide [2].
When there is a king tide, places that don’t normally get wet become drenched.

  • At these times, the ocean may stretch to reach ground it has never reached before

And right now, we are living in a time where the Kingdom of God is advancing.

The water level of the Holy Spirit is rising, and many of us are about to be caught up in the “new normal” of what God is doing.

The Splash Zone

After decades of journeying with God, and learning about the prophetic gift, my husband Malcolm and I are living permanently astounded.

The move of the Holy Spirit breaks over us; pulling, inviting us into the adventure our Father has called us to.

Then, there is the “splash zone”.

In C.S. Lewis’ story, the selfish and unbelieving Eustace found himself caught into another kingdom, encountering a redeemer.

When God is moving, stories of what He is up to spill over, and touch those around us.

Some of these become caught up in their own move of God, and together we learn what it means to navigate this “new normal”.

It’s not comfortable, and yet, it’s glorious. For when the Kingdom of God manifests, Jesus is the only explanation for what is taking place.

Today, this is His invitation to you.

It’s time to be drenched.


If you’ve been hungry to see God move in a new way, breathe this prayer with me today:

“Jesus, I ask you to move in my life.
Give me ears to hear and eyes to see you at work.
Break open the frame of my understanding.
Let your Kingdom life spill over me, over my family, my workplace, ministry, neighborhood and region.
Drench us, Lord!
Father, may Your Kingdom come, your will be done—and may many come to know Jesus as King.
May there be a revival of Your Word and Your Spirit—and I say Lord, let it begin right here, right now.
In Jesus’ Name.


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See also, “It’s Time to Be Immersed in the Spirit” (The Irrigation Has Changed)

[2] King tide is a phrase coined in our part of the world (Australasia) for especially high spring tides. See Wikipedia __https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_tide

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56 thoughts on “From Dry to Drenched: The Unexpected Move of God”

  1. Hi Helen, please pray for me. My husband had a dream 3 weeks ago that he passed away leaving me to survive, and coincendentially the very same night a friend of ours had the same dream that my husband passed away. 2 days ago I dreamed my mother drove the van with me and our kids in it, and we served off the road over a cliff down. I could sense the car in mid air as I was bracing for impact crying the name of Jesus. I saw water rising from below the dashboard indicating our car of falling into a river or sea. Before the impact I woke up. I prayed against this and surrendered any thing that would lead us off the path back to the Lord. Helen please pray and share with me anything the Lord reveals.

    1. Hi Rachel, praying for you right now
      Dreams of loss and death are sometimes God allowing a fear to surface because He wants to heal our hearts and bring His security.
      They can also be spiritual warfare dreams – these lead to us overcoming and the plans of the enemy being overturned. Psalm 91 is a good one to pray over and wage warfare with. <3

        1. Carmen Adele Mahon

          Hi, I’ve wanted to comment many times before, but I’ve allowed myself to wait – wait because it is one thing to be blessed with the confirmation of God already given because of your messages, BUT I must say this one had to be responded too. WOW! I wanted to take it personal via email, and I really don’t like the social media; although, I know it has its benefits. So I went to respond to you in email, as well to share that is it was sent I realized that I your free ebook. And I don’t believe it was ever sent or I’ve done something to lose it , because I find any trace of it in my anything.

          BUT let me just say Mrs. Helen Calder, respectfully how this message given on “FROM DRY TO DRENCHED: THE UNEXPECTED MOVE OF GOD” had me in tears. I can’t begin to say why or how because it be to long. And Yes, I can relate. Dreams, visions, personal prophecies, encounters, assignment – – you have no idea, but thank you!

          I first read something from you on the Elijah List, but my obedience to God’s Spirit doesn’t always allow me to partake with everything. After some time I subscribed to your blog. Again, thank you!

  2. Thank you Helen for today’s prophetic word,may I ask a prayer request I’m going for the interview on the 28 November.may the glory of God cover me throughout the process.amen

  3. This was a good blog. God is so good to us. We don’t often see Him in the things that go wrong, but He’s working behind the scenes of our lives. to improve them. I was dreaming of a great highway in the sky this morning and the roads were like a rollercoaster. It seemed scary like a wild and crazy ride, but I was holding on and navigating those ups and downs. This gives me the assurance that I’m going to make it.

  4. Your encouraging words are literAlly always on time. I’m always excited to receive an email from you. God bless you. Love you

  5. Thank you for this word Prophetess Helen!
    God is surely doing something new. I am having more visions and dreams then I have ever had before. Dreams of my spiritual authority, whether its demons telling me about my authority, flying planes, receiving golden earrings, etc.

    But this is also a time where I am experiencing great loss of people in my life (relationships not physical death) and I am outgrowing my physical environment. I thank God for His grace, thank you for being so consistent with these timely words of appointment. Holy Spirit is mighty and a great lover! Let His anointing flow

    1. Hi Tanika! It’s often the case that it’s in the context of the grace of God in our weakness, that we encounter His glory, His “upgrades”, growth in authority. I can certainly relate to that this year
      I love that Paul wrote, “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. ” (2 Cor 12:9)
      And oh yes, let His anointing flow!

  6. Thank you,the word is on time I do need the drenched very much .please explain a dream I had where I was in a rainy day gray day in the drive way and there was lots of worms at my feet
    More on the left foot.also please pray that we recover a lost we where taken by a repair man of our money and has not completed the assignment .

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