Prophetic Word: Wounds from Envy are Being HealedI believe the Lord is revealing his mercy towards us right now, in the area of envy and jealousy. [1]

He is healing dents and bruises, that have been caused by wounds of envy.

A dent is where a past injury or loss has left an imprint:

  • That damage may be barely perceptible to others
  • But deep within, a hollow needs to be filled

If you can relate to this today, receive freedom and healing, in Jesus’ Name

A word of healing is going out.

Envy in the family, in church life, and in many other areas, is being dispelled as the Holy Spirit brings it to our attention.

  • Some are being healed from wounds caused by others who have spoken and acted out of envy or jealousy towards them
  • Many who have felt a lingering envy towards others, and not known how to deal with it, are being healed and set free

Envy as a Sign

Envy can be a sign of what God in His mercy is redeeming.

Sometimes, it comes from a natural desire we have, for what already belongs to us—for example, favor, giftedness, anointing, a positive self-image, and so on.

  • But that desire has become distorted
  • Due to an “orphan mindset”, we fail to perceive it as ours in Christ

Instead, it becomes a soul-craving for what another person has.

Now, the Holy Spirit is inviting us to see ourselves as our Father sees us.

Security in God’s Fatherhood

When we have security in the Fatherhood of God, we can fully receive what He has given to us.

And we can freely celebrate the gifts and favor we see upon others.

Today, the Father’s invitation is going out. Be free from envy that has been in your heart!

As you step into His grace, be loosed from condemnation and shame.

Run to Jesus, for He is the cure.
In Him is healing from the orphan heart. [2]

“Now we’re no longer living like slaves under the law, but we enjoy being God’s very own sons and daughters! And because we’re his, we can access everything our Father has—for we are heirs of God through Jesus, the Messiah!” (Gal 4:7, TPT)

5 Hidden Symptoms of Envy and Jealousy

Some signs of hidden envy include:

  1. Being reluctant, or unable to sincerely celebrate someone’s success
  2. Feeling empty, inferior or unjustly done by, when someone else achieves or receives a dream you want
  3. Resenting someone’s success or ___ ( fill in the gap)
  4. Enjoying (secretly and sometimes you feel bad about it) when someone who had what you want, has had it damaged or removed
  5. See another person’s growth in anointing or success as a threat to, or as competition to, your own (this is jealousy)

If something is coming to mind right now, pray about it. Turn it around! And let the Holy Spirit help you identify your own inheritance from your Father.

You are Being Enlarged

The truth is, when you celebrate another person’s enlargement, you are also being enlarged.

  • You are making room for your own inheritance, through your generous attitude
  • You are operating as a son and daughter of your Father

You have plenty. You delight in your own inheritance.

We are not on the outside of our Father’s house, looking in at others!

We are not orphans (John 14:18).
We are sons and daughters on the inside of Father’s house, receiving of His plenty, celebrating His grace together! (Luke 15:25-27)

Envy as a Sin to be Set Free From

The Lord is bringing repentance and tenderness of heart to us. His purifying fire is visiting us, as we realize that envy and jealousy are not compatible with the Holy Spirit.
And our passion will be for Him above all else.

His desire is to have our whole hearts’ worship, and that our hearts not be turned towards another idol.

For our God’s Name is Jealous (Ex 34:14).

The last of the 10 commandments was, “You shall not covet…” (Ex 20:17). Coveting and envy is a sin both towards others and God.

But we are to be holy—joyful vessels of the Holy Spirit. Delighting in His Presence.

Envy can Become a Stronghold

The call of the Holy Spirit to pay attention to the wounds of jealousy is both an invitation and a warning.

James writes:
“But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.” (James 3:14-15 NIV)

One of the dangers of not bringing envy to the Lord for healing, is that we can unwittingly move into the progression James describes: “earthly, unspiritual, demonic”.

And the danger of harboring envy, is that we will be tempted to act on it.

Two Directions of Envy

Envy has two main directions. Outwards—in which case we are feeling it towards others. Or, it may have been directed at us from other people.

Both directions of envy or jealousy cause pain and damage. And for both, there is grace, freedom and healing in Jesus Christ.

God is Healing Wounds from Acts of Envy and Jealousy

Many of us, especially those who are in prophetic leadership, have experienced knocks and hurts from the envy or jealousy of others.

The enemy uses people who have “orphan” wounds, who see the anointing and favor we have, and want it for themselves.

They may undermine what God has given us, through grumbling, or accusations—through taking offence.

It is dangerous to use “soulish” means to obtain a position (Gal 5:19-21), or “short-cuts” (1 Sam 24:6), rather than the Kingdom way of advancement, which is through honor.

If you can identify with being hurt by this, receive a touch from God today.

  • The Spirit of God is revealing dents from past injuries
  • He is ministering freedom to your innermost being

Jealousy and Control: Jezebel

What happens when envy and jealousy goes to extremes?

Jezebel is an example of this.
She used control and murder to gain what her husband King Ahab craved (coveted)—the vineyard of Naboth, that did not belong to him (1 Kings 21).

Jezebel herself wanted prophetic leadership, and stopped at nothing to gain it. In 1 Kings 18, we learn that she went about murdering the prophets of the Lord.

  • One reason for this, is that she wanted to silence their voice. True prophets of the Lord would have exposed her sin and prophesied her downfall, as Elijah did
  • Jezebel also craved that prophetic anointing for herself. She raised up her own large group of false prophets, who prophesied according to her own agenda. She provided for them, and fed them at her table. (1 Kings 18:19).

The enduring nature of this spirit (which is demonic, not related to a gender) is confirmed when Jesus warns the church concerning “Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess” (Rev 2:20).

Just as Jezebel did, the “Jezebellic spirit” seeks to shut down the true prophetic and the prophets. And raises itself up, masquerading as prophetic. [3]
Its motivator is jealousy and control.
It is a spirit of witchcraft (2 Kings 9:22, Gal 5:20).

But our God is greater! Jesus has already overcome it!

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds” (2 Cor 10:4, NIV).

The Lord is giving us courage to rise up. To refuse to “play the games” and “dance the steps” of Jezebellic control.

  • Instead, He is enabling us to move in the opposite Spirit, in His fruit and His wisdom (Gal 5:22-23, James 3:17-18)

Those powers are revealed for what they are, and broken, in Jesus’ Name.

Come to the Father!

So, if you have felt as though you have been wounded—if you realize you have been dented by envy or jealousy—receive His grace today.

Now unhindered, you can embrace your uniqueness, receive your inheritance, and celebrate the gifts and callings of others.
The past is falling away!
You are stepping out into the fullness of all God has for you, free from the stain of envy once and for all.

“…if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36, NIV)

[1] “The main difference between envy and jealousy is that envy is the emotion of coveting what someone else has, while jealousy is the emotion related to fear that something you have will be taken away by someone else.”

[2] My definition of the orphan spirit:
“The ‘orphan spirit’ refers to a spiritual condition in which some Christians profess outwardly to know God as Father, but experience an internal contradiction to that belief.”
Jack Frost writes, “…you can’t cast out an orphan heart. It is a heart that feels as if it has no home. It must be displaced, and the only way to do that is to introduce the orphan to a loving father.” Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship, Jack Frost, Destiny Image, 2006

[3] I’m touching on a large subject. For my personal testimony of being set free from a Jezebellic influence, see my early book Prophetic People in a Changing Church.
On my bookshelf: Unmasking the Jezebel spirit, by John Paul Jackson, Kingsway, 2001.

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29 thoughts on “Wounds of Envy Are Being Healed (Prophetic Insight)”

  1. Itumeleng Mokoena

    Yes people can be devious because of envy and Helous we just need to be positive and know that God is with us

    1. Amen yes to that! And let it wash off us, we can walk confidently in His favor with a generous heart towards others.

  2. Kathy Bruxvoort

    Hi Helen, I really gain from your teaching! I’m very quiet about my gifting and anointing as I have been shunned and not embraced by my local church. I’ve sought out community only to find false teaching happening. Your posts help SO much, thank you.
    I struggle with envy and jealously both personally and towards me. I often hear from others ‘I wish I heard from God the way you do.’ I don’t have a good response other than keep seeking Jesus.
    It truly is all about personal relationship. The Holy Spirit has become my best friend.
    Thank you for your ministry and posts. They’re often timely.

    1. Lovely, Kathy, intimacy with the Holy Spirit is such a wonderful thing. I’m glad you’re finding the posts helpful

  3. I had a dream 8/23/19
    I was at home which I lived in an apartment but I dreamed I was in a house.
    I was alone at first then there appeared this woman sitting on my couch she was a famous musician, she sat there on the couch and didn’t move for a minute and all I kept thinking was what could I offer her maybe something to eat, as I was approaching her suddenly the room was swarming with people. one was a dear friend of mines, whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. She was so happy and she was eating food where she got it from I don’t know. My friend started talking to me in an attempt to get my attention, I believe some of her family members were there too.

    I was very concern about the lady getting something to eat. which she never asked for anything I just felt obligated to get her something to eat than I heard the word queen. The lady goy up from the couch and started walking around as if she was a queen or something I just watch her. It was almost as if she was better than everyone, she finally responded that she would have some fruit, which I didn’t have but felt obligated to get her some due to she was the only person not eating including myself. The more I attempted to get something for her I wasn’t able this bothers me especially since she was a guest in my home. I made my way to the door to go and get her some fruit than I woke up. I laid back down hoping to re-enter the dream but to know travail.

    Immediately I started to pray regarding the dream hoping the Lord would reveal what it meant while praying I replayed the seen in the administration office, where I currently live. I had gone there the day after I got home from a trip. The lady in the office was staring me in my face but I never exchanged the stare I continue to brag about how God had done amazing things without ever disclosing great details be sided to mention my brother was paralyzed…this is what I was seeing while I was praying. It was like the woman herself was imposing as the queen in the dream (strange) I begin to cast down vain imagination taken every thought captive. I also came against fear, worry, doubt, everything I felt the enemy that was trying to seduce me into wrong thinking. Please tell me more about your Dream book which I would like to study regarding understanding dreams. What I found odd is I didn’t have one dream while I was always.

    Thank you for taking the time out to read my share, please share your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it and it would be a great help to me with a little clarity.

  4. Dear Helen,
    When I discovered thisvery insightful post on envy (thank you Helen), jealousy and the like, it left me overwhealmed, because it is hard to express what kind of lifelong canyon of wounds I have because of people who destroyed things in my life due to their envy, very often I was so desperate because I had never expected it and they had been sly and then struck when they were close. My ex-husband was one of them. When I had reached a point in my life when I was really happy with myself and what I had achieved with Jesus every thing was stolen then I started to become jealous. I have praid for forgiveness and I know that it is stupid to be jealous because one would not be happy with anything that belongs to someone else because God loves us individually we must go and ask him for what he has for us individually. The only problem I still have is that I do not know what to do to get all that was stolen back . I pray for healing and I wish everyone here that Jesus will restore what envious people have destroyed. Lots of Love and a big blessing Conny

    1. Hi Conny, Im praying for you right now, for wisdom and faith as you seek God for the restoration that is yours <3

  5. After I read the article last week, I prayed that God would heal me from bitterness and envy. It happened I found and watch a sermon about bitterness and I followed the pray to forgive people who caused the hurt and bitterness. And I can say that the bitterness, the hurt, the envy are all gone. What you wrote was and is fulfilled in my life. Now I can remember each person who hurt me without anger and hatred but love. It feels like a dream how God is able to heal me like this…Thank you..

    1. That’s such a wonderful testimony, Ranu. In Jesus there is freedom! May you know a fresh anointing is touching your life and others through you

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