“I am feeding you fresh bread—and from that food will come forth your new sound”.

Prophetic Word, Fresh Bread, New SoundA few days ago, I had an impression of a brand-new guitar string being tuned. In that instant I knew it was the Holy Spirit breaking into my thoughts.

I saw the tuning peg turning, bringing that string into tension and alignment. It was becoming ready to play a new sound!

Then suddenly, I remembered a long-forgotten incident.

“There’s Wire in the Bread!”

It happened in the 1990’s.

One day, I picked up a bread loaf, and was removing a slice to feed our children, when I noticed something odd.
A wire was threaded through some of the pieces of bread.
How hazardous!

So, I reported it to the bread manufacturer, who quickly took away the remaining loaf and wire, to test it.
They later reported that the wire was a guitar string. The company was mystified as to how that wire could have gotten into the bread.

I remember that around that time, my husband Malcolm had replaced his own guitar strings. And I wondered if a piece of his string had inexplicably become threaded through our loaf of bread.
Yet, the wire in the loaf was as though it had been baked in there.

Now 20 years later, the Holy Spirit was bringing this forgotten memory back to mind.

Suddenly, I heard the Father say, “I am feeding you fresh bread and from that food will come forth your new sound”

“You are About to Receive a Supernatural Supply”

This is a word that is going to resonate with many today! I believe it is on the Father’s heart right now, to bring strength and comfort, especially to those who are weary.

He says, “I have fresh bread for you!” You can anticipate receiving:

  • Fresh insights from Scripture that will not only be food to your soul—they will be a supply from which you will feed many others
  • Life-giving, personal encounters with God with a renewed sense of commissioning.

He says, “I have a new sound for you!”

When a guitar’s strings need replacing, they sound dull and flat. But with new strings, the sound is bright, clear and renewed.

Your new sound is about to break forth!

3 Bible Stories in Which a New Sound was Released with Fresh Bread!

1. Fresh Bread in the Place of Hardship and Loss

The name Bethlehem means “house of bread”. Yet in the book of Ruth, we learn of a time in which the township experienced famine.

When God visited them with harvest, there was fresh bread in the “house of bread” again! As a result, a sound went out. That testimony of God’s goodness reached the ears of a grieving widow called Naomi.

“Then she arose with her daughters-in-law that she might return from the country of Moab, for she had heard in the country of Moab that the LORD had visited His people by giving them bread.
(Ruth 1:6 NKJV)

When that sound reached Naomi, she set out on a journey with her daughter-in-law Ruth. It was time for their destiny to unfold.

2. Fresh Bread in the Place of Exhaustion and Spiritual Warfare

Elijah was on the run from wicked Jezebel and her threats. It was a low time in Elijah’s life, and he was completely exhausted.
But a miracle was about to happen.

God sent an angel to give him freshly baked hot bread and drink.

‘All at once an angel touched him and said, “Get up and eat.” He looked around, and there by his head was some bread baked over hot coals, and a jar of water. He ate and drank and then lay down again.’ (1 Kings 19:5-6, NIV)

At one of his lowest points, God gave the prophet Elijah supernatural strength and replenishment.

From there, Elijah ran 40 days and nights to a place of appointment with God.
There at Mount Horeb, sheltered in a cave, Elijah heard the sound of God—whispering his new commission.

3. Fresh Bread in the Place of Failure

It was after the resurrection and the disciples had already encountered their risen Lord! Yet there was still something lacking for Peter.
Some unfinished business.

Peter may have been still uncertain as to his future direction, after his denial of Jesus at the crucifixion.

And in a moment—perhaps of restlessness—Peter called on some other disciples to go fishing with him. (John 21)

It was a long weary night, with no fish to be found. Until a man on the shoreline called out, “cast your net over the right side of the boat and you will find some.”

Struggling with a multitude of fish now filling their net, they realized Jesus was the man.
He was waiting with bread, and had fish already cooking!

Over fresh bread and fish, Jesus restored Peter and gave him his new commissioning.

And Peter heard the words, “Feed my lambs…Tend my sheep…Feed my sheep…Follow me.”

Fresh bread. A supernatural harvest. Redemption. And a new sound.

Peter was about to rise into his apostleship.

Your Father has “Fresh Bread” for You

Some of you have been wondering if you are ‘wrong’ in some way, but your Father wants you to know, “I am with you!”

And if you can relate to any of the above scenarios today, be encouraged: your Heavenly Father has fresh bread for you.

He also has a new sound.

Your life is, and will be, a testimony of His redeeming power. Lift up your eyes and see Jesus with fresh bread from Heaven.

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45 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: Fresh Bread and a New Sound”

  1. Hi Helen every time you send an email it’s always at the right moment just when I needed it. Here I must say I am a worship leader for my church and I play the guitar and just when am about to have some questions about my calling and gifting the Holy Spirit reassures me that all will be well just because of your email.
    You see I have recently started on my second album name Fire and my music producer and I have had number of attack against us from the time the Fire Project started and tonight all I needed was just one word during intercession service to help me understand why do I struggle in the area of finance and so a deep thought came to my mind and it was Mel I have called you to be wealthy. Be successful be prosperous. I was born to be rich to be a millionaire in His Kingdom so must not settle for less and so I had to talk to my Pastor my struggle concerning unbelief and by the time she done pray for me i was able to receive that fresh word starting from Last night that God made me to have great wealth as a woman of God in His Kingdom so when I read your email I know this word is more than for me. It’s my purpose my calling and I receive this fresh revelation over my life and my music business.
    I will leave this with you
    In my country music doesn’t make money. It doesn’t make you wealthy so nobody do it for a living but God gave me a word that this is my word from Him this early morning 1:06 am.
    And to God I give all that glory to Helen.
    Thank you so much for your email.
    I receive it by faith and will walk it out one day at a time in Jesus mighty name.
    Love you Helen and team.
    Love Mel

    1. Thanks you Helen. I sure receive your prayer over my life with gladness and will surely walk it out to completeness in Christ Jesus.
      Am humble when you speak into my life through your email.
      May God blesses your ministry abundantly.
      Looking forward to see ahead of just what s in front of me.
      Again thank you and I thank God for you.

  2. Naomi Testimony

    You’re always timely on every word you release Helen. I am your number 1 fan on email and Twitter. Sometimes I wonder, is it possible to be getting the messages once a week but I believe you do as you are led by the Holy spirit which is great.
    Mine is to pray that you have long healthy years so that you minister to several generations.
    Best wishes to you, your husband, your children and your ministry.
    Much love from Nairobi, Kenya to your home in Melbourne, Australia.

    1. Thank you so, so much Naomi (and I’ve written about Naomi’s testimony today :-))
      Yes I recognize your name from Twitter. Praying with you right now… fresh bread and new sound

      1. Naomi Testimony

        I will indeed share a testimony someday here just like Naomi of the bible.
        Thank you Helen for the prayers.

  3. This is so Timely. May God bless you Helen for this great ministry. Recently I have been having spiritual warfare. And the Lord came through for me. I know I have a gift of prophetic intercessory of which I have been afraid to step out. Until I read your e-book. It propelled me to be obedient to the Word of the God and prayer. This week the Lord has been assuring me that it is my time now to arise. I opened this and the message is definitely for me.
    I am ready to receive my Supernatural Supply in Jesus Mighty Name!
    I am receiving Fresh Bread Now.
    God bless you
    TERESIA WAITHIRA from Nairobi, Kenya

    1. Yes amen to that Teresia! It’s time to arise and to shine. The ministry of prophetic intercession is one close to the heart of the Father and so are His sons and daughters who share the burdens and royal authority with Him in prayer. May you continue to be released and flow in your gift

  4. This has really ministered to me its not a coincidence i needed to here this now. May God supply all of my needs according to His riches in heaven.
    Thank you.

  5. Ntombekhaya Nyakatyha

    Amen thank you, I’ve been going through lots of challenges, thank you for words of wisdom and encouragement may God almighty increase you in all areas of your life

  6. Your message is sooo spot on and felt like it was just only for me.Glad though that it has resonated with many from all over the world including my hometown ,Nairobi!!!
    The fresh bread and fresh insights from the word hit me smack in the heart as its exactly what I’m going through,seeing some scripture as if I’m seeing them for the very first time in my entire life! Interestingly ,my guitar strings snapped months ago ,thought I could still play some songs with the few good strings left ,but to my dismay it sounds completely off and its made me soo blue(I’m an amateur guitarist by the way). I had purposed to have it fixed today ,but forgot it at home …then I see your message!!!
    Thank you for sharing this ,may Lord continue to bless you and increase you!

    1. Wow Laura, that’s so amazing! I pray Jesus continues to break open His Word to you, just as He broke bread in the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24) and their eyes were opened, may it be so for you, fresh revelation (there’s another ‘bread’ story in Scripture <3

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