When I look back at the journey of my prophetic calling, there is one thing that stands out:

The times I have grown the most—the life-defining moments that have taken me to greater levels—have been mistakes and failures!

And interestingly, the failures that were the most painful, the ones I learned the most through, weren’t acts of wilful disobedience. They were decisions and actions that I made with good intentions, but because I lacked wisdom, had a character weakness, or had a gap in my understanding, I failed.

There are some graduations that our Father has for us, that can only be achieved through mistakes and failure.

And He will actually allow us to make mistakes—even engineer circumstances that may lead to our failure—because He has the bigger picture in mind. This is especially true of those who have a prophetic calling.

God can Turn Your Failure into an Upgrade

Peter is an example of someone who meant well, who loved Jesus, but he had a character weakness. His intentions were good, but he was prideful and trusted in his own strength. And Jesus allowed circumstances to expose his weakness. Remember He said to Peter:

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:31-32, NIV)

Jesus knew there was a demonic assignment against Peter; He knew failure was up ahead! And yet He allowed it to run its course.

Peter’s failure—and the restoration that came afterwards—marked a significant graduation in Peter’s life and ministry. Not only was he humbled and empowered, but God used him to help birth the church and transform nations.

It is our Father’s grace and kindness towards us, leading us towards repentance.

Our Father is seeing something that we don’t; a glorious vision of who He has called and created us to be.

God is molding and shaping us until we are formed into His likeness. As Isaiah wrote: ‘O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.’ (Is 64:8)

Some of the reasons God allows us to fail and make mistakes is because:

  • We may have a blind spot or a character weakness—and God’s purpose in exposing it is to turn it to our greatest strength
  • We lack wisdom—and failure is the fast-track to gaining that wisdom
  • We are depending on our own strength or on something or someone other than God. Our Father is allowing circumstances to reveal the weakness of what we are leaning on in order that our life, work and ministry can be founded upon Jesus

7 Keys to Turning Your Failures into Favor

Today perhaps you can relate to this as you have regret about a mistake or a failure. But there is good news. You can cooperate with God to turn your failure into favor and a future that brings Him glory.

1. Own your mistakes—don’t give in to the temptation to shift the blame onto other people or circumstances outside of your control
2. Take time for restoration, and make whatever restitution is needed
3. Accept God’s forgiveness (and forgive yourself)
4. Learn and gain wisdom from the failure
5. Step into the upgrade your Father has for you
6. Release regret. Refuse to allow it!
7. From now on, see that failure as a marker of God’s graduation in your life

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48 thoughts on “From Failure to Graduation: The Prophetic Calling”

  1. Hi Helen,
    This is very true because recently I was affected by my relationship severely. But I had asked God to make me understand the bigger picture which I couldn’t see back then. And I have been understanding alot of things which were going wrong due to my mistakes, lack of wisdom and not depending on God fully. However, I completely understand that if I didn’t have that failure in my life then I wouldn’t have humbled myself infront of Jesus. Now, Jesus is the first priority in my life and I have realised that I have been called to share how Yahweh gave me hope. So, I can glorify the Lord even through my broken situation. I am still patiently waiting for recovery in my relationship and for God to amend what was broken into a blessing. It’s definitely hard but I have now 100% faith, trust and hope in the Lord to make a way and fulful his promises. Prayer is my only form of happiness and peace now. He has an amazing purpose for his people. Thank You for sharing this. And God bless you

    1. Hi Angel, such a beautiful, trusting response. I pray you experience God’s empowerment and breakthrough in your situation

  2. Hi Helen;

    I am often encouraged by your emails. Right now am going through a phase of failure. This is in regard to my petition to God to have a family. I have made some mistakes and many times failed in my walk with my God. The desire to pray and seek of the Lord had diminished after seeing no visible signs to God’s answers yet knowing what the scriptures say. I made a mess of things, in my quest for marriage, thinking it was God leading me, only to realise that it was not him at all. Today after reading your email , i choose to let go of regret and appreciate once again the leading of the Lord. You mention a book you wrote in your email concerning your failure and restoration in prophetic ministry. Wondering if i can get more details about it. Thank you and God bless

  3. I’m very thankful for this post, my entire past two weeks are resolved within every line of this post. I’ve come to accept and learn from the failures that have sneaked up on and pulled the rug from beneath my feet – God has a plan and a purpose for my personal growth. Thank you so much, Helen. God bless you!

  4. James Chihombori

    Thanks Helen for such a powerful word. It is quite helpful to me since I am finding myself operating in the prophetic these days. Let me also point that your blog has been of great help to me and to most of us in Ministry.

    1. Hi James, thanks, I’m very happy to hear the blog has been helpful. I pray you are blessed and continually enlarged in the Spirit

  5. Las cosas como que no han marchado bien en mi ministerio…fracaso en lo fisico,economico,y ademas problemas con aquellos a quienes apasiento.En ocasiones pienso que Dios ha obstaculizado con algun proposito todo esto.Pero no lo entiendo.Gracias,espero ayudarle economicamente en el ministerio.Saludos,oren por Mexico,lo nesecita,oramos por ustedes.

    1. Estimado Hermano Ramos,
      Esperamos que esta cartita le encuentra quedar con salud excelente, lleno por SU ESPRITU SANTO. Hermano, lo mas que decirte: Quedese fuerte para con su fe en JESUCRISTO; DIOS no es limitado por nuestros fracasos en ninguna forma. Cuando nosotros no le expectamos, se abre una puerta, sin duda ninguna que EL lo hizo por SU Gloria. Quedese fiel, Hermano. Sin duda, le mantenemos en las oraciones al SENOR. Su hermano en CRISTO JESUS, con todo amor

    2. Hello Jose, I’m sorry to hear of your continued trials – today I am praying you will know God’s Presence, strength and joy and for faith to see what your Father is doing. I stand with you in prayer for your family and circumstances and your breakthrough.
      Greetings from Australia

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