One year ago, I was faced with a challenging opportunity. I asked one of my prayer partners, ‘Could you pray over the next few days and see if you get any prophetic insights for me personally?’

She replied with some prophetic encouragement and added a photo, saying, ‘I felt to send you this photo that I took yesterday.’

It was of Maruia Falls; a waterfall in southern New Zealand.

Having lived in and traveled throughout New Zealand, I was surprised that I had never heard of this place before—and so I Googled it. At the top of the search results was a YouTube clip of a canoeist going vertically down the 10-meter-high waterfall.

I was amazed as I watched the canoeist aimed his canoe directly at the drop. The canoe went over the waterfall and disappeared into the foam. Moments later, he popped up in the river just past the base of the waterfall—unscathed and still afloat, perfectly positioned to continue his journey downriver.

When I saw that, I cried ‘YES! Father, that is exactly how I feel right now about what I am facing and what You are doing in my life!’

One hour later, I was working at my computer, when looked up and noticed my wall calendar was still set to the previous month, January. So I took it down and turned the page to February. It was a photo of a canoeist going vertically down a waterfall.

Surprisingly, the opportunity I was praying about at that time did not eventuate. But one year to the date of that calendar picture—on the first of this month—my husband and I found ourselves in an unforeseen situation.

Both of us were cut off from secure income at the same time. Mine was due to launching a brand new ministry—and my husband’s situation was due to a work contract unexpectedly being cut short.

I remembered the canoeist and the waterfall.

What to do before your prophecy is fulfilled and prayer answered

Have you ever been in a place where following the will of God has led you past a point of no return? You cannot turn back, and you find yourself in a situation where you need a miracle.

As you lead a life of faith, you will come to ‘the drop.’ It’s the place where there is a GAP between your own resources, your own ability, and what lies ahead.

It’s a waterfall moment.

Like the canoeist, you are committed, and cannot turn back.

Think of Moses and the Israelites, pursued by the Egyptians, with the impassable Red Sea in front of them. Imagine David, standing in front of Goliath, slingshot in hand. Paul and Silas, facing imprisonment in Philippi—the very place God had called them to. [1]

As it has often been said, faith could be spelled R-I-S-K.

You will never have this opportunity again

In the midst of the trial, before the prophecy is fulfilled and your prayers for deliverance are answered—on your way down the waterfall—you have a unique opportunity.

  • You can praise God before the miracle is manifested
  • You can worship in the midst of the mystery.

And you can proclaim—my God, you are my Deliverer! You are my Healer, my Provider. You are Faithful and True!

There is another day, another side

We knew there was a brief window of time before our own miracle came into view. It was an opportunity that we could have no other time—to praise God with no answer in sight!

And now, we are just beginning to see our miracle unfold.

From our waterfall to yours…

P.S. Never think that your prophetic insight is too simple to share or hold back because you don’t fully understand what you are seeing or sensing. Offer it humbly, but willingly—it could be the very message God will use as He brings a miracle to pass.

[1] Scripture references: Exodus 14, 1 Sam 17, Acts 16

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53 thoughts on “One Thing You Can Do Before Your Prophecy is Fulfilled”

  1. Hallo Helen, im feeling so blessed reading this. When i saw that image God reminded me of a dream i had a few months ago. I saw Jesus garments. ( I did not see Him, He was to close to my eyes in my dream) And He said to me. DO NOT LEAN ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. When i woke up that morning i was amaized about my dream. I told my patrner about the dream. Ok, that Monday after the weekend that i had the dream my partner went to work. ( At that time i did not have a mail adres so he got all my mails. Then he will print it out for me and bring it home. He phoned me and said that he has something very spesial for me, and he will bring it to me after work. The hole day i felt so exited and could not wait for him to come home. When he got home he gave me a print out of one of my mails from (LOOP), send to his mail adress and it stated.

    Proverbs 3:5
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart: do not depend on your own understanding.

    With this image i can now say that i have the dream, the scripture and the image. And i want to bless you today with this scripture as well.
    Thank you so much Helen.
    Blessings for you.

    1. That’s wonderful Renette! I love that Scripture, it is one that we know so well, but the Holy Spirit brings it with fresh meaning.

  2. I don’t know how I started to receive your emails because I don’t remember ever signing up, but they almost always speak to my situation and have been such an encouragement to me. Thank you from Budapest, Hungary!

    1. Wow, Christopher, it’s great to hear all the way from Budapest! Greetings from Down Under where we’re about to retire for the night.
      Perhaps you signed up to receive my eBook, ‘Set Your Prophetic Gift Free’ at some stage? (That’s how most people receive the emails). I’m so glad to hear they are being a blessing to you!

  3. Thanks for your post — can so relate. We’ve also been going through a most difficult time where God brought us to the place where trust in Him is the only way forward. He told us not to ask anyone but Him for anything even if it looked like a total emergency. And slowly, beautifully we are being given what we need and our faith is stronger day by day. Obedience, humility, respect, trust in our amazing Father are some of the lessons of this time. God bless.

  4. Hi Helen,

    Thank you for your posts indeed they are prophetic they benefit me all the time. Im inspired and challenged by the notes under you will not have this opportunity again… the parts on praise and worship that is what i will do right now as i go down my waterfall…

  5. God bless you Woman of God:
    I can’t remember when I first happened upon your web site nevertheless it has been a blessing to me beyond measure, as I have learned to accept and understand the prophetic anointing upon my life. I have been thru so much thru out the years trying to get to the place I am today and yet still find myself in what you have described as a waterfall season.

    I lost my employment on last year, and went through a period of devastation and depression not knowing what I was going to do, I was already living from pillar to post looking for permanent housing at the moment I was blessed to get the house I lost my job…it has been a struggle keeping it yet I have chosen to trust God, and continue steadfast in faith knowing and can and will come through. Your blog has kept me going in ways that cannot be expressed. As I am falling behind in bills, barely hanging on, I come across this morning’s blog and my spirit is soaring knowing and understanding that I can choose to praise and worship God in spite of and come thru in the end unscathed, victorious. May God continue to bless you, I know he will soon bless me to be a blessing to your ministry.
    My prayers are for God to protect and keep you and yours my fellow sister and servant in Christ

    1. Hi Florence, I’m sorry to hear of your struggles, praying and believing with you right now for a shift in your situation, may your heart be lifted up and may our Father send His waymaking angels to open doors for you, may His Spirit impress upon the hearts of people to grant you favour for employment, in Jesus’ Name

  6. Hello Helen, am very happy for dis and Lifted up in the spirit. Since last year I have been hearing voices from God then I can also read people’s palm and tell them d future or their pass which is always correct but to my conviction, it’s always a voice I do hear telling me things in people’s palm. ….. now it’s has gone beyond what I can imagine, well, I pray a lot, den little of fasting but last month. When I was praying in d chapel in my school, I heard a voice, telling me I had a calling of God and anointing of God upon me in which people do say that to me. now Helen, how can I develop this gifts and how can I b strong in the spirit to start the work of God.

    1. Hi Aladesuru, God is at work in your life, but palm reading is not a Christian ministry – I encourage you firstly to find some local Christian leaders who can provide you with some guidance in this area, and anchor yourself in a good church. That’s the best way to nurture the gift and calling of God on your life.

      1. Dear Helen, this is such a gracious and kind response where one lacking in love would have used the opportunity to condemn the previous poster. A sign of a true servant of God. May God bless you and increase you as you continue in ministry.

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