Go Again: He is God of the ‘Second Time Around’

God of the Second Time AroundToday’s word of prophetic encouragement is for those of you who feel you have missed an opportunity.

  • You may be in transition and wondering why a particular promise from God, or your destiny, has not been fulfilled in this past season
  • Perhaps you (or others) have made a mistake and you feel as though you have missed out on God’s best

Your Father wants you to know that He has not forgotten you—and that another opportunity lies ahead.

Esther Overcame the Enemy

Recently God spoke to me from the book of Esther.

Queen Esther finds out of a plot to slaughter her people, the Jews. So she invites her husband, the King of Persia, and the enemy of her people, Haman– who is the king’s official—to a banquet.

At the climax of the story, there is a powerful moment, when Esther reveals the plot, along with the wickedness of Haman, to the king at a private banquet. As a result, Haman and his plans are overthrown.

  • Did you know that the banquet where Esther overcame the enemy, was not the first banquet she held? It was a second banquet.

One banquet, one day, one opportunity came and went, without the critical matter of lives at stake being addressed. (Esther 5)

Between the Banquets

I wonder, what was Esther thinking on the night after that first banquet, that night in-between? There is nothing in Scripture to suggest that there is anything other than the poise and wisdom and courage that Esther showed.

However, I know what would be happening if it was me. There is often a battle in our minds, on our journey towards faith:

  • What were you thinking?
  • The King says, ‘ask me anything’, and you say nothing? Just invite him back to another banquet?
  • You had the opportunity, and you blew it!

And after all the should have’s, come the what if’s:

  • What if something happens, and the King, or Haman, can’t make it tomorrow. Where will you be then?
  • What’s your backup plan?

We do not know the details of what Esther went through. But we do know that when Esther got up the next morning, it was her time to go again.

During that second banquet, the moment that Esther did not take up the day before came up again. And Esther seized that moment for the enemy’s downfall and the salvation of her people.

The timing was perfect.

For Such as Time as This

The powerful catch phrase of the book of Esther is this: ‘Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?’ (Esther 4:14b)

‘For such a time as this.’ It is the Bible version of our saying ‘carpe diem’; a Latin phrase meaning, ‘seize the day’.

God wants you to know that today is the day to begin again.

His mercies are new every morning

Right now you may be ‘between the banquets’. Your time of transition is a time to refocus, to receive the gift of fresh passion, enthusiasm, your second wind from God.

It is time to press in to the vision God has given to you again.

God of the Second Chance

He is not only ‘God of the second time around’. He is the God of the second chance, when you have missed it or failed.

Ask Jonah. God called him to preach a message, and he set off as fast as he could go in the opposite direction. He was thrown out of a boat in a storm and swallowed by a fish.

Like Jonah, you may feel as though you have been chewed up, spat out, and washed up. You may not even feel as though you deserve a second chance. But He is a God of grace. And He is coming through for you.

We read about Jonah, ‘The word of the Lord came a second time.’ (Jonah 3:1)

God gave him a second chance.

Today, you can receive your own word to ‘go again.’

  • It’s not about your performance, or your history. It’s about His character, His faithfulness
  • It’s not about what you have done. It’s about what Jesus has done

Your God is the God of the second time around.

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8 thoughts on “Go Again: He is God of the ‘Second Time Around’”

  1. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for this article it came just in the right minute.
    I am very unhappy because I feel I had so many open opportunities while a was still married, I just did not see them and did not dare to do anything that would have made my ex husband angry. Whenever I tried he destroyed everything and talked me out of my good ideas or he started arguments about other things and always scapegoated me and made me feel so lonely an desperate that I did not have the strengths to do what I could have done to get onto my own feet and become independant.
    Now I am still unhappy I got out of all this but I do not know how to get into a new life a good life, like God promised me. There are some contacts but I never really dare asking if I could work there because I am so afraid after so many rejections. I still teach one English course at university, but this semester I am even unlucky with this. My coordinator gave me a group with students who do not speak at all but the course aim is making fluent presentations. When I talked to her I felt as if she was trying to emotionally blackmail me to lie about students results knowing I need this course. After I had talked to her I got a terrible stiching ache in my ear, now I have come down with a serious inflammation in my right ear. I have to take strong medication an last week as well as this week I cannot teach. I am afraid and I lack sense in all this and my life. There are no other Christians around me no one I can really talk to or have confidence in. I just hope to get well again and that God shows me where my second entry into a normal self-financed and happy life is.
    I know you have a busy schedule, but if possible please pray for me.
    Blessings Conny

    1. Hi Conny,
      Sorry to hear about the ongoing challenges you are having. Because of your background, and the struggles with fear and rejection by others, I believe it would be very beneficial for you to feed on faith-building messages, teaching and scriptures. I encourage you to seek some out.
      I am praying for you right now, for your healing, for your faith to be built up, also for favour and openings in the area of work. God bless you

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