Prophetic Authority and the Ministry of Elisha

It’s a story that highlights the power of prophetic authority:
A group of prophets are building a larger meeting place. As one of them cuts down a tree, the iron axhead he is using falls into the water and sinks out of sight. In distress because the axhead was borrowed, he calls on Elisha to help him restore it. (2 Kings 6:1-6)

5 Keys to Spiritual AuthorityHere we have an entire company of prophets – and yet when a situation occurs that requires a miracle, only one prophet—Elisha, known as ‘the man of God’—has the authority to overcome the laws of nature and cause the iron axhead to float.

A similar thing takes place in 2 Kings 4:38-41, during a gathering of the prophets. There is a crisis in the kitchen and they are faced with a poison stew. Again, amongst the entire group of prophets, it is only Elisha who has the spiritual authority to cause a miracle to take place.

I believe that the call of God is going out at this time: ‘Will you be one of the many, or one of the few?’

Many can bring prophetic encouragement; only a few have the capacity and level of spiritual authority to walk into situations and bring life to that which is dead. Only a few can cause a miracle to take place by the word of their mouth or through a prophetic act.

In our day we will see ‘the few’ become many prophetic sons and daughters who carry spiritual authority for miracles and breakthrough.

Keys to Increasing Your Prophetic Authority

If you are called to prophetic ministry or office, the above scenario will be most applicable to you. However, I believe God is calling all of us who have a prophetic gift to grow further in the anointing He has for us.

Wherever we go in our daily lives there are people who need a breakthrough miracle, and Jesus is inviting us to partner with Him in His Kingdom authority. With that in mind, following are 5 keys from the life of Elisha on how to grow in your prophetic authority.

1. Know God Through Intimate Relationship and Know His Word

Among the prophets, Elisha was known as ‘the man of God.’ He was known for both his intimacy and his prophetic authority.

‘Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.’ (Dan 11:32b)

Develop your intimate relationship with God. This includes knowing Him through His Word, having a thorough knowledge of the Bible and standing by its authority without compromise.

2. Increase Your Prophetic Authority by Finding Someone to Serve

Elisha spent years serving as Elijah’s attendant. Some of the tasks he was required to do during this apprenticeship were menial. (2 King 3:11b) But all the while, he was observing, learning and being infused with the faith and spiritual authority that were on Elijah’s life.

Start where God has placed you. Your ‘Elijah’ does not have to be a prophet—it may be the pastor of your local church. Be faithful and let God move you forward in your gift. If you are a ministry leader or senior pastor, find a godly Apostolic leader to relate to.

As Prophet David McCracken often says, ‘the authority you are under determines the authority you carry.’ He calls it the Centurion principle. (Matt 8:5-13)

3. Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Elisha went further than other prophets of his time in his quest to follow God’s call on his life.

This is clearly seen in his pursuit of Elijah at the time God was calling his master to Heaven. A group of fifty prophets stopped short at Jericho, whilst Elisha pursued Elijah past the point of no return. The Jordan waters miraculously parted for Elijah and still Elisha followed. He knew that his destiny was up ahead. (2 Kings 2)

The increased prophetic authority that God has for you is beyond the comfort zone of your history and past experience.

4. Learn how to Release the Power of God

Elisha understood his God-given authority and was able to release the power of God into situations through a bold word or prophetic act, as the Holy Spirit led him.

Likewise, we need to understand that we have stewardship of God’s power.

Learn the dynamics between the prophetic ‘now’ word of God and releasing God’s power. Speak life-giving words and expect those anointed words to shift atmospheres and circumstances.

5. Be Willing to Empower Others on the Journey

In our opening story, Elisha was leading a company of prophets. This and other incidents were a training ground and a demonstration to them.

Elisha was not holding his knowledge to himself; he demonstrated to others what could be possible. He gave of his time and resources to bring up the next prophetic generation.

The prophetic gift, along with the wisdom and faith of its operation, is not for us to hold onto. It is not an exclusive gift or ministry.

Like Elijah and Elisha did, be willing to encourage and empower others in their gifts and ministry and your fruitfulness will be multiplied many times over.

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28 thoughts on “5 Keys to Increasing Your Prophetic Authority”

  1. pastor Timothy Tshikota

    I really want to grow in prophetic authority. It is my prayer to know more about the prophetic. I have received a lot of prophesy concerning this gift

    1. Hi Ps Timothy, it’s great to hear from you! I hope you have been able to find all the free resources here on the blog. Let me know if you have any questions
      I can help you with.

  2. The church that im rarely attending to, use to be very active on prophetic, deliverance, discernment n speaking in tongues. Now this days, they have been changing to where it started.

    I’ve notice before the sermon starts the pastor lectures the whole congregation., then jumps into the sermon. From the years I’ve attending other churches, I’ve never seen that.

    All the things you’ve said in your bl I g, I’m experiencing and went thru with other churches including this church that i rarely attend to.

    1. That is a great desire – keep pressing into God, being faithful and stewarding the gifts and calling He has for you.

  3. I am deeply blessed by the message and have learnt that I must find and Apostle to submit under, what is the process of submitting under Prophet David and is it possible for him to father me in South Africa? How can he support me in terms of meeting with him face to face and give me the relevant training?

  4. I really love your articles, very uplifting with so much presence of the Holy Spirit…You should really consider coming to Botswana.

    1. Hi Gabriel, thank you. Maybe one day I will come to Botswana, but there are no plans yet! In the meantime, I’m so glad the emails and Enliven Blog articles are reaching you

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