The spiritual gift of discernment is the Holy Spirit-given ability to perceive whether an atmosphere, word, or action is sourced in God, a person, or something demonic. (1 Cor 12:10)

Discernment Holy SpiritIn church life, the gift of discernment of spirits is primarily associated with intercession, spiritual warfare, and the ministry of deliverance.

It is true that discernment is vitally needed in these ministry areas. However, it is a mistake to believe that the gift of discernment is all about seeing what is happening in the demonic realm—or seeing what the enemy is doing.

The highest use of our gift of discernment is perceive the Holy Spirit and His anointing, and gain insight into what God is doing.

This is true all of the time, and especially in the ministry areas I have mentioned above.

Why We Should use Discernment to Focus on the Holy Spirit


1. It Positions us to Fulfil God’s Purposes

Focusing on what the Holy Spirit is doing puts our eyes on the Father’s intended outcome for a situation. (John 16:12-16)

We perceive where the Spirit’s anointing is, and what God is doing so that we can follow Him. Even when an external situation is at its worst, we can step back into our spirits and sense what the Holy Spirit desires at that moment.

2. It Protects us From Error and Deception

When we focus our attention on what the enemy is doing, our perspective tends to become distorted. Focusing only on the negative magnifies the problem and can also lead to deception.

God called Ezekiel to be a watchman (Ezek 3:17) and the term “watchman ministry” is often used in the church today to refer to someone who is gifted in both discernment and intercession.[1]

It is true that God may call someone gifted in discernment to bring a warning, as well as to intercede when a spiritual attack or deception is taking place. [2]

We can take a lesson of balance from Ezekiel—who is also known as the ‘Prophet of the Holy Spirit.’ Giving warning was an important aspect of Ezekiel’s ministry—however much of his contribution to Scripture consisted of the revelation of God’s intentions and future plans. Two well-known passages from Ezekiel are the valley of dry bones and the river of life—focusing on the life-giving ministry of the Holy Spirit. (Ezek 37, 47)

The fruit of any true ministry of the Holy Spirit is life-giving.

‘Since you are eager for gifts of the Spirit, try to excel in those that build up the church.’ (1 Cor 14:12)

The gifts of the Spirit are for building the church. (see also Eph 4:12-13) If a spiritual ability is being used to tear down the church, or to criticise and accuse leaders, something is wrong. [3]

3. It Facilitates Miracles

‘Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.’ (John 5:19)

Focusing on what the Spirit is doing positions us for miracles as we see what the Father is doing and follow the Spirit’s leading.

4. It Keeps us in the Right Perspective

Our desire should always be to honor and magnify Jesus.

The right perspective is that God is in control, that Jesus is victorious, and that the Holy Spirit is present in power.

With regard to balance, the Holy Spirit’s ministry is completed in the community. (1 Cor 12) God designed for the gift of discernment to operate in the context of the church community, with gifts such as leadership, prophecy, and wisdom alongside it. Operating in a community, with accountability, brings our gifts into Godly order.

5. It Facilitates our Ministry

‘…The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.’ (1 Cor 2:10)

When in intercession and prayer, having insight into what the enemy is doing is only a small part of the equation. Our greatest advantage is in discerning what the Holy Spirit is doing, as well as seeking the Father’s prophetic intention and declaring that.

When deliverance is needed in prayer ministry, seeing and participating in what the Holy Spirit is doing is an important key to freedom.

The greatest blessing we can be to our church, as well as to individuals that we are ministering to, is to point them to where the Spirit is moving and to engage with Him.

6. It Encourages Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

God calls us to an intimate relationship with Him. And when we focus on the Holy Spirit, His anointing, where He is moving, and what He is doing, this fosters our intimate relationship with Him.

7. It Frees us From Fear

‘For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.’ (2 Tim 1:7)

Fear is based on deception.

The truth is, that no matter what is taking place, the Holy Spirit is more powerful than any demonic entity, and we have authority in Jesus’ Name. (Luke 10:19)

Using our discernment ability to perceive the Holy Spirit stops intimidation and fear. Instead, we experience God’s power, His intention, His faithfulness, His love, and His greatness.


[3] In this article, my focus is on the ‘watchman ministry’ as it relates to intercession in church life. For my thoughts on a Biblical ‘Prophet-Watchman’ ministry, see my post ‘How to Weigh up What the Prophets are Saying? Pt 1’

[2] See my articles on prophetic warnings here:

[3] Sometimes this error is the fruit of hurt or offense that has not been dealt with and healed. This article may help: Break Free of Hurts that are Blocking Your Prophetic Gift

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  1. saludos,profeta Helen…durante mas de un mes estuvimos enfrascados en la promocion de un evento profetico en la ciudad de Mexico,el dia de ayer tubo una asistencia de unos tres mil pastores y lideres.hubo sanidades,milagros,y poderososas liberaciones,ante unos setenta mil hermanos,las sanidades fueron espectaculares,milagros se hicieron presente,liberaciones mas aun,pero note que habia mas mujeres liberadas que varones,fenomeno que no deja de llamarme la atencion…su servidor buscaba sanidad,pues mi vision se ha ido desvaneciendose,como la sanidad de hipertension…pero sucedio algo raro,dejeme contarle brevemente todo esto.hubo mucha alabanza en el evento,mensaje y despues la ministracion del profeta…habia un lugar espesifico para los enfermos,me pusieron en ese lugar,pero el dia de la ministracion del profeta, que deberia de iniciar en ese lugar,ministro en la parte de enfrente,a personas que no estaban enfermas…muchos se decepcionaron,al otro dia pense si ahora ministro en la parte de enfrente,vere la forma de estar en ese lugar,la proxima vez…que cree,ahora el profeta se paso a la parte en donde yo ya habia estado…me dije a mi mismo,tal parece que estoy jugando al gato y el raton,con el profeta,la ultima sesion de otro dia,fue un breve mensaje del profeta a todos los pastores,unos 2500,mas o menos ,despues de mucha alabanza y oracion,de repente el profeta dice ahora quiero que los pastores sean tocados por el E.S.Y EMPEZO A MINISTRAR UNA VEZ MAS SANIDAD,EN ESTA OCASION ME ENCONTRABA EN LA PARTE CENTRO DEL AUDITORIO,Y SE FUE DE NUEVO A LA PARTE TRASERA DEL AUDITORIO,EN ESE LUGAR MINISTRO SANIDADES,LIBERACIONES,Y DE REPENTE EMPIEZA A TOCAR A LOS PASTORES,Y AL FIN ME TOCA A MI EL TURNO DE SER MINISTRADO..pero queria que el profeta hiciera lo que hizo en la parte trasera,al ministrar a los pastores mientras lo hacia,algunos le decian cuales eran sus nesecidades fisicas…lo cual no hizo despues al ministrarme…cree que esto es falta del Don de discernimieno,en mi!saludos,y oraciones para usted y su ministerio!.

    1. Hi there Jose,
      My google translate was having difficulty with this message 🙂
      So I am not sure – are you saying that you wanted prayer for physical healing but kept being in the wrong place for the prayer?

      Anyway, praying for full physical restoration for you today, release of healing in Jesus’ Name, full sight, full health, remarkable improvement.

      And also replenishment and encouragement spiritually. God’s goodness and favour at work and overflowing in your life.

  2. Follower of Christ

    Hello Helen,
    Would it be possible to send you a private email?

    1. Hi Christine, I prefer to answer questions via comments or social media as it helps many people who have the same questions. But if you would like to send me an email, you can hit ‘reply’ to the blog post emails, or use the contact form on the David McCracken Ministries website.

  3. Hey I greet you in the Mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Hey my question is how can i grow my gift of healing since it has been appointed to me and I Have been using it but I want to grow in it and concerning the gift of discernment Im still not sure if I have it or not. although I am firmiliar with a few of the signs of knowing if I have it, because there are times when i talk to someone and the presence of the Holy Spirit is upon and regarding past experiences with demonic attacks growin up i have had those nd also there are times when i feel uncomfortable also in times when i praise or pray.. could it mean I have the gift of discernment?

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