Starting Prophetic MinistryYou are emerging in prophetic ministry. You are excited and passionate about your message and the call of God. Intimacy with God is your number 1 priority.

Yet things are not always easy when starting out. You may be asking,

  • Why is my ministry not progressing quickly?
  • How do I get more opportunities to share my prophetic insights?
  • What do I do about the call of God?

If you can relate to this, I want to encourage you today with 6 simple things that will make a big difference.

1. Be Relaxed about God’s Call

‘The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.’ (Ps 138:8, NKJV)

The call of God—especially His call to ministry—is powerful and life changing. Some of us get intense about it. We think it should happen all at once and then get stressed when the doors of opportunity don’t open.

Almost invariably, our sense of timing and God’s are different!

I remember when I was 16 I believed that the call God had placed on my life needed to be fulfilled ‘now!’ But it wasn’t the right time. Thankfully someone reminded me that Jesus lived with the call of God and wasn’t released into public ministry until He was 30. [1]

We need to trust God’s timing and relax in the call, focusing on faithfulness in stewarding our gifts, as well as serving and honouring leadership. Our role is to position—His role is to promote. He is faithful and will open the doors in His time.

2. Be Relevant in Your Expression

And the common people heard Him gladly.’ (Mark 12:37b, NKJV)

Jesus spoke in the language and expression of the day, and shared stories and pictures that people could relate to in their every day life. So when God gives you a prophetic insight, share it in a straightforward way that people understand.

A mistake some who are beginning in prophecy make is to think that prophecy is like a ‘dictation from Heaven’ and that you can’t change the slightest detail from the way you initially received it. No—prophecy is about receiving a revelation from the Father’s heart and then conveying it in such a way that people understand and receive it in the way He intends.

3. Be Yourself

It can be easy when we admire someone else’s ministry to emulate them. But people pick up when we are copying someone else or trying to be something that we are not.

Our prophetic ministry is not about spiritual formulas, using certain words, style of speech or actions. It is about us personally having a relationship with God and from that naturally sharing with others.

It’s vital when we are developing in prophetic ministry that we are authentic and genuine. This comes from being secure in our place of being the Father’s son or daughter. Our confidence comes from knowing who we are and Whose we are.

4. Love God’s Word

‘I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding.’ (Ps  119:32)

Those of us who are called to prophetic ministry have a responsibility to know and love God’s Word. From the very start, we should be developing a strong foundation in our understanding of the Scripture.

This means studying the Bible for ourselves, not just reading books by prophetic ministries.

Study the Scripture in such a way that you know what God is saying in the original context, as well as what it means for us today. Once you have that foundation firmly in place, you can learn about prophetic symbolism in the Bible.

So, love God’s Word passionately. And you will discover that it is a powerful storehouse the Holy Spirit uses, to convey the heart and intention of God to others.

The stronger you are in your Scriptural knowledge, the more accurate and trustworthy your prophetic insights will be.

5. Honour Leaders

‘Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.’ (Heb 13:17)

Don’t be so focused on finding a ‘prophetic’ mentor that you miss the most important aspect of accountability—and that is, honouring and listening to leadership in your local church.

The best leaders—the ones God uses to grow us in our character and gift—do not necessarily have prophetic gifts. They are governmental leaders in our church or ministry life.

Having the right attitude towards prophetic accountability and implementing it into your ministry, will break through any limitation on your gift and ministry. [4]

6. Be Encouraging

‘But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.’ (! Cor 14:3)

In the NT the role of prophetic ministry is primarily one of encouragement, comfort and exhortation (1 Cor 14:3, Acts 15:32). This is especially true when we are starting out. Our ministry should be reflecting the heart of the Father as Jesus expressed Him.

Our goal is not to be an Elijah or Isaiah, but to be like Jesus. Sure, there are many lessons we can learn from the OT prophets, but it is vital that we understand the key differences between Old and New Testament prophetic ministry, so that we can understand what is relevant to prophetic ministry today. [2]

As you grow in your prophetic ministry, God may give you opportunity to share words that address spiritual warfare or sin.
When you’re starting out, is the time to prove that you are trustworthy—that you can nurture such words in prayer, and submit them privately to oversight (whether they are personal or regarding the church) in an attitude of love and humility. [3]


[1] For those interested, I was called by God to preach in my early teens, began to preach in my early 30’s, and released into my current ministry as itinerant prophetic minister in my late 40’s.  Woven into these times have been opportunities to serve God in music, prayer and administration, serve alongside my husband in his ministry, work in the marketplace, and be a full-time Mum to our two children. The call to ministry is not about an ‘event’ but is a journey that unfolds over time. It is all joy. ‘And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.’ (Col 3:17)

[2] See ‘Differences Between Old and New Testament Ministry’

[3] To weigh up the ministry or words of local or global prophetic ministries who call for repentance or expose sin, see How to Weigh Up What The Prophets Are Saying Pt 1 and How to Weigh Up What the Prophets are Saying Pt 2

[4] See ‘The Power of Prophetic Accountability’

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29 thoughts on “6 Tips For Those Starting In Prophetic Ministry”

  1. Im 21s ,six months ago God called me to be intercession prayer , I duno why I join this ministry cz I have joined kid ministry, but In my heart it said “join this ministry”
    Actually I know that I have to focus in my ministry
    And 4 months ago ,I seem like crazy coz in my minds I heard that God said like this “follow me” somethimes I shout In the name of Jesus but is said again with a scriptures and said ” you have called” and I got many scriptures the last one isaiah 49.
    I have thought that I must join fulltime in my chruch or join theological or to be evangelist
    I got a dream and sometimes its look like real, and sometimes I got what sunday service have been preached.
    When I was prayed in tongues suddenly cannot speak and holly spirit said likee this” spoke My words” and I must said Yes to open my mouth
    I dunno what happen ,the last accident is when I want to reject that sound in my minds ,suddenly I cannot speak and holly spirit said tommorow in this time you will speak again and its happen
    Sometime God direct me to said about someone about good thing or bad thing and its make me so confuse
    Im so stress all the thing seem like broken my college, my family, my ministry, my future jobs
    Im afraid to imagine anything and I feel that If I dont learn bible and scriptures ill dead
    I have fear of God and Im afraid that ill be false
    Sometimes when I tell my leaders in my division they look dont care and reject me
    I never get prophetic word from my prophetic pastor and seriouly sometimes in my minds I have see some vision and it happen suddenly ,offten happen after sound in my heart said
    I have teached that dont easly to says “God said to”.

    1. Hello jay, thank you for leaving the note here – the main thing that comes to mind for you is to say ‘yes’ to the call of God, but also to realise that it will take time to unfold. You don’t need to rush or jump into it. Relax. Build the foundations first. Be faithful to serve, honour your leaders and let them speak into your life.
      Don’t allow fear or shame to make you feel bad, that’s not God’s way, that’s not the Holy Spirit. He will convict and encourage you.

  2. I am thrilled and blessed by this your teaching.I believe I have been called into prophetic ministry and this quite a number of God’s Prophets have confirmed.This teaching has enlightened me,encouraged and propelled me into giving myself a few more minutes into the study of the living WORD OF GOD.I thank God for Your life.

  3. Prince O.A Danquah

    I did not know that I was having the gift of the prophet, till one day my spiritual father asked Me if I know my calling in the ministry. I told him, pastor, later I said Evangelist, he laughed at me and said none of the above but you are called to be a prophet. So there I asked him me? So I remembered something that happened sometime ago when I was leading a prayer… Said so many things about the people and it was true. But am still working towards it. Learning and asking for God’s directions. PRINCE O.A. DANQUAH

  4. I believe that I have been called into the prophetic ministry. I remember my mom used to say that no matter what I do, I am still going to be a prophet. I have had dreams of me ministering. I have released prophetic words after a time of prayer and fasting in my local church and they came to pass. My entire family know I have a gift which has not been tapped. When I was about 7years old, we had an electricity failure for about 3days, and while we all gathered and were wishing they could just fix our power supply, I told my sisters that I can pray to God right now and the power will be restored and they said that’s not possible. Immediately I said in the name of Jesus, i want the electricity to be restored right now and the power just came. All my family members were speechless. they said it was a coincidence but I knew it was the power of God in my life. I have been told by a lot of Prophets that am going to have a powerful ministry. And right now I am trying to pursue it. Though I am in my early 30s, I know it seem am still young but God keeps telling me that its time. With no money or job, I am confused on how to begin. That’s why am reading a lot of articles really.

  5. I’ve never met anyone else with this spiritual gift. I was blown away the night that He revealed Himself in an LED light fixture, first as a cross, then the outline of the fish, then it was apparent how close in shape those were to the axial skeleton of a man.
    And He told me that He lives. Then He talked with me, for a long time. I kneeled and worshipped him, for a long time. I’ve never felt so loved, so secure, and so humbled. Yet exalted on some ways. Just to know that He sees all the good in us despite everything, and that He sees that with a clarity of intent that shines so bright it bleaches out the stains.
    I feel that words of songs, titles of songs, bands I have liked, and they don’t have to be Christians themselves or have the intent of Christian songs. He knew and knows what any given prompt will end up stimulating in our minds. So no matter what the artist’s vision or inspiration or intent, God knew where and when He wanted to use that work of art, song, or written piece, or sermon, or movie, or play, or TV show, or You Tube video, or Ted talk, and He knew each and every person who would be listening, and how their unique perspective would cause them to notice different aspects of the same piece. Or to notice different things about the same lyric or brush strokes. The coolest was realizing that that even works for times when we (think) we misunderstood a lyric, or saw a bird when it’s actually a number seven on its side. SCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THIS GUY: the over used example of a famous Jimi Hendrix lyric, I wouldn’t just jump straight to interpreting that as an admonishment of homosexuality. Rather, “greet each brother with a holy kiss” is stated at the end of first Thessalonians. My friend thought that Bob Dylan was saying, she’s soft and delicate (or something like that) like Veneir (I don’t know how to spell the artist’s name that apparently my friend thought he was referencing, but he said he thought it worked well as a lyric because the artist’s work could be described as delicate and detailed. ). Well my friend later found out that he just said, like the mirror. Which didn’t as much sense to him. I thought of veneer, like the stuff that’s like a finish our a glaze on what, furniture or pottery or something? Because I really don’t know my artist’s or art history very well.

  6. Prophet C nyamupinga

    Thank you for your support in Word and wisdom sharing with the world it has also helped me to understand that as a man of God how can i grow to overcome limitations and progress in the word of God
    Prophet chamunorwa Nyamupinga
    All families international church ministries in Zimbabwe

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