5 Ways to Activate Your Prophetic Gift During the Holiday Season

Helen_Malcolm_Calder_ChristmasHere in Australia we are in our summer season and many people go on vacation from Christmas well into January. In other parts of the world, many of you are celebrating Christmas in winter. (We salute you from our BBQ!)

5 Ways to Keep Your Prophetic Gift Activated

Whether you are taking a short break to celebrate and reflect, or a longer summer vacation, I want to encourage you today to stay fresh in your walk with God and keep your prophetic gift active.

1. Stay Intimate with God.

Australians have a slang word for just about everything. We have a word that we use for people during the holiday season. We say, they have ‘gone troppo.’  What we mean is, they have checked out of ordinary life and are solely focused on leisure. It is well known that trying to get an Aussie focused on work, study, ministry or business when they have ‘gone troppo’ is impossible!

Time dedicated to leisure and rest is a very good thing. However, we are doing ourselves a great disservice when we neglect our relationship with God and the gift of the Holy Spirit that He has placed within us.

In fact, holiday seasons and vacations, short or long, provide a great opportunity to connect with our Heavenly Father during a time when we are not focused on other things.

Now is the time to walk with Him, to talk with Him, to stop and worship, to listen to His voice.

Be expectant.

Get ready to receive fresh insight and hear a personal word from your Father that will change your life.

2. Take time to Record your Insights

Significant occasions on the Christian calendar, such as Christmas and Easter, provide us with a source of Bible stories for meditation, prophetic reflection and prayer. [1] As you receive fresh insights from God, through being with Him and enjoying time in His Word, be intentional about holding on to them. 

We need to record things God speaks to us personally through some form of prophetic journaling, so that we do not forget them.  This does not need to be time-consuming and can take the form of brief note taking on a portable device, a journal or even an audio recording.

When you do, your heart and mind is free to receive even more!

3. Pray for Others Around you and Sense What God is Saying

Are you spending time with close friends or family members? Sometimes we think that prophecy is solely for people we minister to, or for evangelism. We can forget that Father has those close to us on His heart too.

Maybe He wants to use you to speak a word in season, and bring Heaven’s intention into someone’s life. You don’t need to preface it by saying it is a ‘word from God’, just be natural, speak words of encouragement and life and see what He does. [2]

The Holy Spirit may reveal something to you that He is doing a loved one’s life for you to agree with God about. In this case, it is not a prophetic word, but a strategic prophetic prayer that will prepare the way for breakthrough.

4. Take Time to Pray concerning God’s purposes for the upcoming year

Take time out to pray and hear from Father about your coming year.

5. Take the Opportunity to Locate and Feed on Resources.

Holiday or vacation times can be a great opportunity to reflect and read. Of course, the latter can also include audio books and listening to the Bible. Take time to meditate on Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh hunger for God’s Word. He may give you a passage, a book or a story to receive from.

Many resources are available to encourage you in your gifts and walk with God. I have already downloaded a book on my iPad on the topic of worship.

In closing, I share greetings from the  David McCracken Ministries team. Thank you for sharing the journey with us during 2013!

David McCracken Ministries Team 2013


[1] Here are some Christmas meditations from Enliven Blog:

[2] See Take the Pressure off When You are Growing in Prophecy

[3] See How You Can Receive Your Own Prophetic Word for the New Year

© Helen Calder Enliven Blog – Prophetic Teaching

31 thoughts on “5 Ways to Activate Your Prophetic Gift During the Holiday Season”

  1. Great article and reminder to spend more time in the Word. Can’t wait to see what the new year holds and to learn more of His purpose for my life!

    I think “How to be a Supernatural Christian in your Everyday World” would be a great ebook to have! I believe God wants us to do mighty things to bring people to Him and I’ve always had the question, “If He says we ought, why don’t we?!”

  2. Hi Helen,
    God is teaching me about favour right now, so I’m actively seeking His blessing in all kinds of ways. Maybe an e-book will be today’s encouragement! Either supernatural Christian or the one on discernment? Can’t decide! I already go out on the streets doing healing prayer and giving people prophetic words, so I love all that. And the discernment one could be useful, as I want to encourage others in the Church to grow in their giftings, etc.

  3. I saw your link posted on Facebook. This is the first time I have seen your blog. I really enjoyed this post and I am already on holiday and trying to spend more time hearing from God!
    If I have made the cut off I would love the book Pray for the lost. We are praying for our son who is very lost at the moment.

    1. Hi Rosalind, lovely to meet you! I am delighted to be able to send you the eBook on praying for the lost, your situation is just what the book has been written for. And right now I join my prayers in agreement with you for a shift in the life of your son towards The Father and family restoration where needed, in Jesus’ Name. Will be sending the eBooks tomorrow.

  4. I have recently found your blog and am enjoying the articles. I am learning what it is to be a son and joint heir with Jesus and my desire is to be supernaturally natural with those people that I come into contact with. I so desire to move in the area of power evangelism. Anything that would help in that area would be great!!

  5. Helen,

    As I proceed to go deeper in my relationship with God, the book will allow me to tap into “uncharted areas” so I can serve others as Christ image is becoming my image daily. I would have to say, “Grace” has helped me understand God loves me and I am no longer bound to the guilt of my past! I am free and forgiven. “Hearing God’s Voice” speaks volumes as well because His voice overpowers the negative thoughts that robbed me but now God’s Grace is restoring the years the locusts have eaten. God has shown me, “It’s My Harvest Time!” I’m ready for new beginning as I walk in God’s purpose for my life…thank you in advance!

    1. Wow Michelle, make sure you read the next blog post (New Years Eve/Day) because your word is about to be confirmed! You haven’t requested a specific eBook, but I will send you ‘Supernatural Christian, which I’m sure will bless you.

  6. Hi Helen

    I was lucky enough to receive an e book from you last time(!) And found it so helpful. I’d love to receive your book on discernment, i would like to understand more about this gifting, and use the insights and words i know God gives me with more confidence and for His glory. Your writings are great encouragement and i pray for more confidence to step out and follow your lead… in a smaller way!

    Blessings and grace to you Helen x

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