Intimacy with GodAs prophetic people, the greatest passion of our lives should be intimacy with God.

Everything else flows out from that.

One of the ways in which we can discover how to have an intimate relationship with God, is to learn from those in the Bible who walked closely with Him.

4 Lessons from Moses’ Intimate Relationship with God

Moses experienced an intimacy with God that many of us aspire to today. Exodus 33 provides us with an open window through which we can view Moses’ friendship with God, and learn from it:

1. Be a Friend to God, as well as a Friend of God

‘The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.’ (Ex 33:11)

In a true friendship, intimacy goes both ways. We may know that God is our friend, but are we being a friend to Him?

Friendship involves:

  • Sharing Heart to Heart
    Friendship means listening, not just to the words, but also to the desires and emotions behind those words.
    As a friend of God, we will not just be sharing what is on our mind and heart; we will be listening to what is on His heart.
  • Not Holding Back
    Moses was honest and shared his feelings, even his negative ones. Likewise, by laying our souls bare before God, we allow Him to address what is in our hearts and minds, and to bring adjustment when necessary. Moses also had the privilege of hearing God’s purposes first handand seeing His glory.
  • Perseverance
    Friends are there in hard times and good times. Likewise, it takes perseverance to maintain an intimate relationship with God. That means, not giving up or backing off when times get tough. Times of trial are the fires through which our intimate relationship with God is forged.

2. Take Time to Meet with God

‘Now Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.”’ (Ex 33:7)

God was always with Moses, as He was with all Israel at that time, in the cloud and fire. For Moses, however, knowing God was present was not enough. The intimate relationship he enjoyed was to be found in personal encounters with God.

Moses had a meeting place with God, and he kept that appointment as a priority.

Intimacy is intentional. We can live in the same house with someone, but that doesn’t mean we have a close relationship. Knowing that God is always with us does not constitute an intimate relationship—spending regular, personal, one-on-one time with Him does.

3. Value God’s Presence more than His Power

‘Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.’ (Ex 33:15a)

Following Israel’s sin of idolatry, God offered to send an angel ahead of them in His place, to enable them to enter the Promised Land. Effectively, He was saying, ‘You can still have my power, and I will fulfil my promises—but you can do it without My Presence.’

All of Israel failed to appreciate the priceless treasure God was offering them—Himself. But Moses knew what was at stake. He had just received God’s instructions for the Tabernacle.

“Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.” (Ex 25:8)

But having God’s power, even having all of God’s promises fulfilled, would not satisfy Moses if God Himself did not go with them. So Moses took a stand, contending for God’s Presence.

Even today, it is possible to have the power of God, and lead others and ourselves into the fulfilment of God’s promises—in a measure, at least—without God’s manifest Presence. And, without experiencing the fullness of relationship with God that is available to us.

But to have an intimate relationship with God means not putting up with second best.

4. Run to, not away from, God’s Holiness

In Exodus 33, we see a stark contrast. On one hand, Israel’s sin of idolatry—they have just worshipped a golden calf—is standing in the way between the nation and God’s Presence. On the other hand, we see Moses’ humble transparency before God in his intimate relationship with Him.

Today, because of what Jesus has done, we can experience the transparency and intimacy in our relationship with God that Moses did. Jesus has made the way open once and for all. We have access into God’s intimate Presence—not by our own righteousness or worthiness, but by Jesus’ blood. (Heb 10:19-22)

Unconfessed, undealt-with sin will put a barrier between God and us. It will prevent us experiencing an intimate relationship with God.

But to know God intimately, is to know His grace.

To embrace God’s Presence is to say,

“Father there are issues of hurt, or of fear, or of sin that I am still struggling with. Here they are. You and I can work on these together.”

To truly have a close relationship with God is to know that the safest place for us to bring our problems and struggles is our intimate friendship with God. It is safe for us, but dangerous to sin and the work of the enemy in our lives.

And there, in His Presence, His goodness and kindness leads us to repentance and freedom. (Rom 2:4)

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15 thoughts on “How To Have An Intimate Friendship with God”

  1. (Name supplied)

    please does having an intimate friendship with God has anything to do with our Mode of dressing? For an example, wearing of Earings and make- up on our faces. Please enlighten me on this issues because as a new convert, i was told that such people cannot make heaven at last. Please reply to my e-mail (email supplied). Thanks

  2. Thank you for your comment – I have sent you an email, but have also including this here in case it goes astray, and for the benefit of others who may also have experienced this.

    God invites us into an intimate relationship with Him, because of what Jesus has done, not because of anything we have done or can do.
    The idea that we have to prepare, or dress, or come a certain way, or keep a set of rules, is an Old Testament view of God.

    In the New Testament, through Jesus’ sacrifice, God invites us to come to Him just as we are. And then, if change does need to happen in our lives, no matter what that is, He will show us. He has our hearts first, and then our behaviour follows.

    I am sorry to hear that you were hurt as a new believer by something that is not true. Our entry to heaven and to intimate relationship with God has nothing to do with the way we look or dress or act, but because Jesus has made the way and He clothes us, spiritually speaking, in ‘white garments of righteousness.’

    I hope this helps, and that you can be set free to love and be with your loving God.

  3. irene Kyriacou

    Thank you so much Helen, for this very Beautiful and Life Transforming Teaching. I love that JESUS made the Way Open for us, to enter in through the Veil, so now we can have a “Face to Face Encounter, with the Beautiful Sweet Holy Presence of GOD”, just like Moses did. Yes, “JESUS made the Way for Me” is a poem I wrote as I was reflecting on this Teaching, and on 1Peter 1:3.

    Going beyond the Veil, through the Holy of Holies, into the Most HOLY Place
    Just to Seek HIS Face
    Just to Feel the Warmth, of GOD’S Sweet Embrace
    Just to Be Near, and Just to Hear

    “Come to ME, My Precious Child, and I will give You Rest”

    Yes, JESUS is my Resting Place, HIS Presence is my Dwelling Place
    Encountering HIS Presence, like never Before
    Encountering HIS Glory, igniting my Hunger for More

    HE Opens Up my Eyes to See
    HIS Amazing LOVE for Me

    “It is FINISHED”, was HIS Cry
    As The Veil was Torn, from Heavens Sky

    “It is FINISHED”, HE Declared
    As HE bore my sin, on the Cross HE Bled

    JESUS made the Way for me, as HE took my sin to Calvary
    As The Veil was Torn, from Heavens Sky
    “It is FINISHED”, was HIS Cry

    The Veil of my Heart was Torn Away
    The Day I asked JESUS, into my Heart to Stay
    Only HE, can take the Old, and make it NEW
    Only HE, can change a Heart, and change a View
    Only HE, can Save my Soul, and make me Whole

    Yes, “JESUS made the Way for Me”
    Through HIS Precious BLOOD at Calvary
    Precious, Spotless, Sinless LAMB of GOD, HE Sacrificed HIS Life for Me
    Through HIS Precious BLOOD at Calvary
    How can I Ever Comprehend, HIS Perfect LOVE, that has NO End
    How can I Ever Conceive, HIS Infinite Wisdom, HIS Power
    HIS Glory, HIS Splendour, and HIS Majesty

    This One thing I know, HE is the Living HOPE, inside my Heart
    HE is “The RESURRECTION and the LIFE”, in Me
    HE Holds my Heart, HE has the Key
    Into Heavens Door for Eternity

    For ALL the World to SEE

    In Heaven and earth, for ALL ETERNITY

    Poem by Irene Kyriacou

  4. Irene, thank you!
    Your poem is awesome, such a heartfelt cry of joy for what Jesus has done. Glory to Him!

  5. Haha, glad you like it, Steve! ‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people (and team members) live together in unity!’

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