Is Your Spiritual Tank Empty Or Being Filled?

Have you ever been on a long car journey, when you realise that the fuel gauge is running low and you don’t know where the next Service (Gas) Station is?

This happened to my husband Malcolm (aka ‘The Hunk’) and I many years ago, during a long trip between Christchurch and Nelson in New Zealand.

A situation like that can do one of two things. It can cause your marriage relationship to suddenly deteriorate – or it can cause your prayer life to suddenly improve. The first option is especially tempting when you realise that if ‘someone’ had paid attention and filled up before you began the trip, you would not be in this predicament!

What a relief it was, when we finally pulled up to a Service Station a little way out of Blenheim.

It’s Time to Check the Tank

The New Year is an opportunity to do a personal resource check and to ask:

  • Do I have enough of the right fuel in my tanks—physically, emotionally and spiritually—to go the distance for all God has for me in the coming year?
  • If I am depleted in any area, what will it take for me to be replenished?
  • What is the first step?

The first and most important check we need to do is, ‘Am I vitally connected to God?’

God wants to be the very Source of our life.

At a crucial time in Jerusalem’s history, God spoke to His people through the Prophet Jeremiah, saying:

“My people have committed two sins: they have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” (Jer 2:13)

To put it simply, God was saying, “My people have made the wrong resource choice.”

The Gihon Spring was the only permanent source of water to the city of Jerusalem—the people’s very means of life. So the picture of turning away from the living spring and looking for other sources of water was a relevant one to them.

When God gets Shifted Off-Centre

Reading in Jeremiah and elsewhere, you discover what God meant by Judah’s ‘broken cisterns.’

He was referring to two main things –

  • Judah still had God’s temple, and they still made a show of worshipping Him, but they worshipped idols as well.
  • Instead of looking to God when they needed deliverance, they looked to other nations for help – nations that worshipped other ‘gods’ and gave glory to those ‘gods.’

What had happened? The people of Jerusalem still had God in their lives, but God was no longer their chief source. He was kind of like an add-on.

Sometimes we can be like that, even without realising it. We still have God in our lives, we may even be serving Him, but we have shifted Him off-centre. And when God is not at the centre, we are spiritually dry, empty and don’t work properly.

And yet, our Father is so full of grace and mercy. Today, if you feel spiritually dry, and if you recognise that somehow you have shifted God away from the centre of your attention and your life, He comes to you saying,

“I am the source of life – and if you make me the Source of your life, I will be as a spring of living water to you.”

All The Resources of Heaven

The concept of God being like a spring of living water to us is a powerful one.

Here is an amazing fact: At any one time, most of the world’s fresh water is not on the surface of the ground, in places we can see like rivers and lakes.

Instead, most of our fresh water lies deep underneath the ground. We call this hidden water, ‘groundwater.’ And groundwater travels beneath the earth through special gravels and soils. When one of these ‘aquifiers’ meets the surface, a spring bubbles up.

So when God says, “I am the spring of living water,” He is using a powerful illustration to say, “In Me all the unseen resources of heaven are there to back you up.”

As you enter this New Year, God offers all of Himself to you, to be your Source, your Provider.

He offers you all of His fullness, all of His grace.

He gives you access as His son and daughter into His very Presence.

He makes available to you through prayer, all of the resources of heaven

His Holy Spirit resides within you, an immeasurable, Heavenly source of life, waiting to be tapped into and released.

Today is an opportunity to refocus your life. To turn away from every distraction, every dependency that is not of God.

And put Jesus at the very centre of your life once again.

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