New Beginnings: You Can Trust God With Them

Today I believe God is speaking to those of you who are in a season where He is bringing new things to birth in your life.
Maybe you have:

  • Recently received prophetic confirmation of something new emerging in your life and ministry
  • A new ministry initiative underway
  • Stepped out in a new role or responsibility and are still finding your way
  • Had something drop into your care that is unexpected but you know it is of God
  • A sense that something new is stirring in your life, but you are not even sure what it will look like when it emerges

This Christmas, entrust that new thing into His care.

In the Father’s Care

When Jesus came to earth, He came in the form of a baby boy—physically vulnerable and reliant on the care of a family.

He did not have an armed guard.
He did not have a fortress or palace to protect Him.
He did not even have a clean environment!
He was born in a stable, where strangers came and went.

And yet no place on earth could have been better protected. Nowhere could have been as much under the Father’s care.

Step Into the Freedom Zone

The Father’s plan concerning the life and journey of His Son Jesus was as strong as Heaven itself—unshakeable. Nothing, no power on earth could break His plan or hinder His intentions.

Today, God is speaking peace into that place of your life that concerns His new beginnings, bringing freedom from pressure and release from anxious care.

Step into that zone where you are released from every responsibility except to cooperate with His Spirit.

The Place of Rest

Your role is not to make it happen. Your role is to partner with Him in an attitude of worship and to be diligent in obedience. In all things, keeping the balance of faith and wisdom.

Recognize that there is a limit to—not only what you can do, but what God requires of you. Find that place and rest there.

You can trust Him to take care of that new thing.

‘The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.’ (Ps 121:7-8)

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9 thoughts on “New Beginnings: You Can Trust God With Them”

  1. Dear Helen, I needed this message for myself .”Today, God is speaking peace into that place of your life that concerns His new beginnings, bringing freedom from pressure and release from anxious care.” I am facing some challenging 13 year olds in our Home. I need God’s grace while dealing with them. Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Amen, Shobha, I believe with you that He is giving you wings to soar over the difficulties in your heart and spirit, and keys to manage and bring the needed adjustment in these young lives.
    May you and your family and Home be richly blessed this Christmas with the Presence of the King.

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