Many years ago we had a regular prayer meeting in our home. One time, we were praying for my husband Malcolm’s grandfather, who was lying seriously ill in his home in the South Island of New Zealand. Uncertain as to where Grandad stood in his relationship with God, we prayed for both his healing and his salvation.

As we prayed, my sister-in-law said she had a picture of angels ‘outside his bedroom window.’

Soon afterwards, we heard that Grandad was miraculously well again. He later shared with us that he had a vision of angels that came into his bedroom and surrounded his bed. Strength flowed back into his body.

After this experience, Grandad’s faith in Jesus became vibrant and unshakeable. He could not be dissuaded from the reality of his angelic encounter.

When we pieced the story together, we realised that the heavenly visitation had taken place at the time we had prayed.

The Power of Prayer for Loved Ones who Don’t Know Jesus

As Christian believers, we have the privilege of taking the names of those we care about before the very throne of God, the highest authority in heaven and earth. There, we can petition our Father to release heavenly resources on behalf of those we love.

Like presenting a cheque to our bank that has been made out to us, prayer draws on the resources that are available to you and me through the bank of heaven.

We have access to all that has been purchased by Jesus’ shed blood on our behalf, in Jesus’ Name.

God wants to draw people to Himself. He desires to release heavenly resources to do so. He wants to convict people by his Spirit. He is waiting for us to pray. He is waiting for us to simply ask, in Jesus’ Name.

What are some of these heavenly resources that are ours for the asking?

1. Prayer Releases the Spirit of God

In the book of Acts, the church was in prayer, and in response to that prayer there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And in response to the outpouring of the Spirit, thousands of people came to know Jesus and were born again.

There are things that only the Spirit can do. Jesus said in John 16:8 that it is the Spirit of God who brings conviction to people, who reveals the truth. We can have all the right words, we have truth on our side, we can talk to people until we are blue in the face, but only the Holy Spirit can show them truth and cut through their consciences.

The great evangelist Billy Graham understood this principle. He writes,
I am always deeply conscious that I am absolutely helpless and that only the Holy Spirit can penetrate the minds and hearts of those that are without Christ. All I am doing is sowing seed. It is God—and only God—who can make the seed bear fruit… We stress that prayer is an indispensable element in preparation for a crusade, and we seek to organise in advance as many prayer meetings as possible. It is the mightiest force in the world.’[1]

2. Prayer Releases God’s Miraculous Power

In Acts 4:30 the church asked in prayer,
‘Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.’

God responded to their prayer and in the following chapter we read, ‘The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people’ (Acts 5:12).

The Hunk and I see God do miraculous things in the lives of unbelievers that we have been praying for. The power of God is available to us through prayer. This was a prayer that the early Church prayed, and so can we.

3. Prayer Releases People into Ministry

In Luke 10:2 Jesus said to His disciples:
‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’

Through prayer, God will position people around your loved one at significant times who will be witnesses of Jesus to him or her. But know that the very act of asking is also enlisting, for in the next breath He said, “Go! I am sending you.” If we are praying, we must also be prepared to speak when the opportunity arises.

4. Prayer Prepares the Environment for the Sharing of the Gospel

Through prayer, God moves in our political, cultural and spiritual environment, preparing the way for the spread of the Gospel. [2] Through prayer, the Lord sets up circumstances in the lives of those we care about that will confront them with the truth of the Gospel. He can turn even difficult circumstances into opportunities for His grace.

We can participate with the Holy Spirit in prayer to set up Divine appointments. Like dominoes, people and circumstances move into place that will lead our loved ones closer towards a decision for Christ. I call these ‘God-incidences,’ although at the time they may seem like coincidences.

5. Prayer Releases Angelic help

‘Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?’ (Heb 1:14)

In Matt 26:53-54, Jesus said, ‘Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?’ In Acts 12, an angel broke Peter out of jail as the church was praying and asking God for his release. [3]
We have learned that God calls us to partner with Him through praying for His will to be accomplished ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’ The Psalmist reminds us that angels are the means that God uses to fulfil His plans. [4] When we pray, angels are activated into bringing about God’s purposes.

‘Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word. Praise the LORD, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will.’ (Ps 103:20-21)


The above article is excerpted from my e-book: Pray for the Lost: Impact the Eternal Destiny of Your Loved Ones Through Prayer, which is available from our eStore here

[1] Billy Graham, Just As I Am, San Francisco : HarperCollins 1999

[2] 1 Tim 2:1-5

[3] Acts 12:6-13

[4]  Psalm 103:20-21

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12 thoughts on “Release The Resources Of Heaven Through Prayer”

  1. Several years ago I was going on a trip to visit my son and his wife in a distant city. As usual when I go out on the road for a long trip I pray for safety and for God’s Angels to protect me from all harm. As I was traveling on the freeway the lane I was in was going to end. I was trapped and couldn’t see my way out. I accerlated, and at that same time “blacked out”. When I came to I had no cars around me at all. Even the red car that had been beside me was no where to be seen. To this day all I can do is to thank the Lord and His ministering Angels for saving me from a horible accident. God is so good.

    1. Wow Shirley, that is an amazing story. I heard a similar one recently from a friend who momentarily dozed off while driving and was miraculously spared from harm. Thanks be to God for His protection and love.

  2. irene Kyriacou

    Hi Helen, I absolutely love this thought, ” The POWER of PRAYER ” How Wonderful that we can Pray Any Time and Any Where and Our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS There. I find Prayer gives me the STRENGTH and HOPE to TRUST for the Salvation and Restoration of Loved Ones.
    This is a Personal Prayer Poem I wrote to the LORD, so I could encourage myself with. Almost like a Declaration , I made to The LORD

    I will declare, I believe in the Power of Prayer
    My GOD is Faithful and HE is Strong
    HE gives to me a new Melody
    HE gives to me a new Song

    When my heart is heavy
    When I have no song
    When I feel all my strength is gone
    I will cast every care, to YOU LORD JESUS
    On the wings of Prayer

    I will declare, I believe in the Power of Prayer
    You Hear my every whisper
    You Hear my every Prayer
    You Feel my every Burden
    You Know my every Care
    You Hold me in the palm of Your Hand

    I will cry out to YOU
    Any Time, Any Where
    Knowing YOU are Always There
    Holding me close in Your Tender Loving Care
    You give to me the Strength I Need, for Today and Tomorrow

    You wipe away all my Tears
    You take away all my Fears
    You let me know You are Here
    You let me know You are Near
    You open up my eyes to see
    Your Holy Presence inside of me
    Your Glory,Power and Majesty
    Your Amazing Love for Me

    Poem and Prayer By Irene Kyriacou

    They that wait upon the LORD shall Renew their Strength
    They shall mount up with Wings like Eagles
    They shall run and NOT grow weary
    They shall walk and NOT grow faint
    And The JOY of The LORD shall be their STRENGTH.

  3. Irene, that is awesome! I am being inspired this week to catch a fresh vision of the power of prayer–that prayer is not just about making requests but that as we pray we are ‘ruling with God,’ helping Him fulfil His work and will in the earth, and in the lives of those around us.
    And as we do so, He works in us too, to uplift us and relieve us of the burdens and fears, just as you have shared in your poem. Thank you so much xo

  4. I believe that God requires us to commune more than ever with Him now , especially those who answered the call to fulfill His work in this rich harvest.Prayer and worship are the main tools, road maps that will get us there.
    At the beginning of the year I senced the holy spirit nudging me to pray without end.
    Thanks for this awesome teaching on prayer.

    1. Hi Nadia, I love your comment about prayer and worship being road maps that get us to that place of harvesting and fruitfulness (that we’re all longing for).
      I believe this is because prayer and worship bring us to that place of intimacy with the Father where we hear His voice and direction, as well as that place where we ‘host
      His Presence’… being with Him becomes of primary importance and we are filled and empowered (and attractive to those who need to know Him).
      In fact, I could meditate on your train of thought for a very long time!!
      May you be richly blessed in your prayer journey this year -)

  5. Asia Davidson

    End of March,2012 We just had another baby (both boys, 2 and 2 months now). My Husband didn’t get much sleep, he needs about 10 hours instead of 8, but I believe he had 6 hours of sleep. He has a bad habit of falling asleep while driving. When he got up to leave to work, I felt this urge to pray for protection over him before I went back to sleep. An hour later my sister in-law wakes me and tells me my Husband is ok but he wrecked our truck, fell asleep. My husband didn’t have a scratch on him, just a headache after a day. He had on cruise control going 60 mph, he fell alseep and went in to the other lanes, up a hill, and into some trees. Our truck was toatalled! My Husband said that before he turned off of our road and on to the high way he could picture me sayinh
    “Put on your seatbelt”. That was the HOLY SPIRIT!!! If anyone could have seen what have happened, you all would say what a miracle because that truck should have flipped going up and down a hill with trees! I will admit that I got upset with God cause I prayed over him and he fell asleep while driving. But He did answer my prayers, He was the One who prompted me to pray before I went to sleep. Out of that accident, God blessed us with a Chevy Equinox! I have been wanting that car even before I could drive!
    My Husband doesn’t have a relationship with God and doesn’t understand the power of God and prayer or Angels. He doesn’t care too much, he thinks he can Love God and break His commandments. but a Prophet of God, Aquilla Nash, told me that God has heard me and my Husband is going to be saved! Hallelujah!!!

  6. Wow, Asia, that certainly was the Holy Spirit speaking to your husband and I would say, a sign that He is at work in his life in answer to your prayers.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome testimony 🙂

    1. Asia Davidson

      Helen-You are ver welcomed! My Husband prayed with many and we said the sinners prayer and he cried and he has prayed and asked God to change him so here we go! A change is coming! God is good!

      OH! My Mother and I went to this revival and there was an evangelist speaking. Sad to say my Mother and I were very skeptical and when it came time for her to lay hands on people, we sat down and never got in line and we went home dummbed out! We had been seeking God and wanted to be filled with the Holy Ghost (my Mother had already recieved). So when we got home we just talked about how sorry and stupid we were. God told my Mom to pray with me and she was tired but we prayed anyway. Well she got to speaking in tongues and I hadn’t recieved the Holy Ghost so I sat there thinking, “Great, I am going to sit here listening to my Mom speak in tongues”. Then i noticed how beautiful she sounded speaking in tongues, wishing I could. Well a few minutes after that, I started laughing and counldn’t control it! I knew it was God cause it wasn’t my normal laugh, and what the heck was so funny. It was like a wave, the harder I laughed the louder she got. then we stopped and looked at each other. Then the Joy of the LORD was not finished!!! My Mom couldn’t take it and neither could I! Then my Mom’s languaged changed and it was slower and more serious. After we were dont she tried to speak in the language and couldn’t and BOY I wish I knew what was being said. My Mom says that was all for me, and I think it was for her. I always feel some power in my belly when my Mom touches me and prays.

      The next day my Mom was about to argue with her Husband and the Holy Spirit got her again! She began to speak in tongues and she put her hands on her Husband and he felt power in his belly too.

      My Mom has spiritual gifts also but she is ion denial, and I can see them clear as day. She is getting curious though. I know she has the gift of descerment. She is very sensitive to the spiritual realm and so is my Sister and myself.


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