If you are nearing retirement age, or are older, this word is for you.

If you are not, pay close attention. It is vital that those of us who are younger hear what the Father is saying to those who are further on in life’s journey than we are.

Viewing our seniors through the eyeglasses of our culture, we mistakenly see a winter season, a period of life where fruitfulness lies behind.

Our God, however—the God of Abraham and Sarah, and Zechariah and Elizabeth—sees spring, and a season of fruitfulness yet ahead.

Three Women, One Message

It started around 8 weeks ago when I was sitting in our church reception area with a woman in our congregation who is 73 years old.

She told me of how she had recently had a prophetic dream and described it to me in detail. It was a remarkable dream—in it she met the Lord. She also saw an unusual fruit tree.

It was clear that the dream spoke of a new season of fruitfulness in her life.

Several weeks later, she attended Healing Rooms training for the first time at our church. God is breaking open new ministry opportunities to her.

Three days after this encounter, I was speaking at a women’s breakfast, which was being held at a church over the other side of our city.

I happened to sit with a woman who was around eighty years of age.

She is a gifted artist, who in earlier years had been an art teacher and held exhibitions of her work. However, because of eyesight problems and unsteadiness of hand she had given up her art.

That is until one day recently, when the Lord gave her a prophetic dream in the night. She described the dream to me in detail.

It was clear that the Father was instructing her to pick up her gift of art again, which she has done. She said to me, “I am not sure how it is going to turn out, but I know that the artwork I am doing is prophetic.” [1]

Days after this, I was in Sydney at a healing conference. A group of us, including an older couple, chatted as we waited for a lift at our accommodation. The husband said to his wife, “Tell them what God has done for you.”

She held out her hand, explaining, “My finger was bent and crippled, but now it is straight.” She said, “I should have known.” The night before in the worship she was worshipping and found herself making a motion with her hands as though she was playing the piano.

She hadn’t played in years because of her crippled hand, but God gave her a prophetic sign that the next day was fulfilled—SHE IS HEALED!

A New Lease On Life

‘They will still bear fruit in old age; they will stay fresh and green. Ps 92:14

Just as Moses, encountered the burning bush of God’s Presence at 80 years old and received a fresh commissioning, THIS IS GOD’S TIME TO VISIT HIS OLDER SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

What have been considered the twilight years of life are becoming the highlight years of life, as the Father awakens dormant callings, revives gifts and bestows new ministries upon His people.

God is holding out the sceptre of His favour to His older children. They will become the ‘unexpected army’ of God’s Kingdom and be a sign and witness to this generation of His grace and power.

Depression and weariness will lift off and gifts of healing will be released as they experiences prophetic encounters and receive from their heavenly Father a ‘new lease on life.’

‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” (Acts 2:17)


[1] For more on prophetic art, see the post, ‘What Is Prophetic Art?’

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7 thoughts on “A Prophetic Word For Those In The Golden Years Of Life”

  1. I have been wondering just what the Lord had in store for me in the sunset years of my life as I am 70, but don’t feel like it. This gives me hope that I am not “over the hill”, and there are still things that I can do to be a servant. What a timely message. Thank you thank you.

    1. Hi there Shirley, so wonderful to hear from you. I pray that the sense of what the Lord has ‘in store’ for you in this next season will bring you excitement and anticipation. He has so many good things ahead for you. Take this word for you personally and allow the Spirit to birth those new things in your heart. You have many people to reach and touch with Jesus’ love, and you have unique gifts and a ministry on your life that will continue to bear ‘much fruit’ (John 15:8). Love and blessings from Down Under!

  2. Oh Helen… reading this makes me long so much for my 87-year-old grandmother to know God’s purpose for her days. She is living such a small and fearful life, not quite acquainted with Him and not knowing how much she needs Him. I’ve prayed for years that she would come to Him and have her life renewed.

    Thank you for this word. It affirms what I’ve known all along: that God has a good and fruitful plan for all of our days on the earth.

  3. Oops… not what I’ve known “all along”, but “all this time” i.e. since I’ve been praying for my grandma, about 4-6 years. Pedantic me, editing my own words :o)

    1. Hi Sharon, yes you are so right, He numbers all our days as He numbers the hairs on our head and the stars in the sky, and each moment of our life is important and valuable to Him. I pray with you that your grandmother will experience God’s personal love for her and be renewed in this season of her life.

      Love this verse from Ps 90:14. ‘Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.’

      P.S. 🙂 I’m pedantic too…am forever editing my own work!

  4. Thanks Helen – as something of a ‘golden oldie’ myself, I appreciate your encouraging comments!
    At the start of 2010 you encouraged the prayer team at Winepress to seek a personal word from God for year 2010. The word I got was ‘preparation’ – and it has proved to be pretty accurate! Preparation towards my retirement, making decisions about the process/timing, after seeking God’s guidance; and preparation for the next step after that. I was able to do the “Healing Rooms” training a few weeks ago, so that is is ‘sitting there’ for when I have a greater time commitment. Although I am still ‘working’, I love being involved with oversight of the Intercessory Prayer area at the Winepress and value the trust placed in me by leadership.

    1. Yes Jenny, how wonderful to know that there is ‘MORE’ in God for you to be acquainted with Him, to receive of Him, and to be used by Him. Already you are being used in significant ways. It will be awesome to watch what unfolds in this next season for you!

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