• Have you ever wondered why you feel more comfortable with some styles of prayer than with others?
  • Do you desire for people to be healed when you pray for them?
  • Have you ever been intimidated by another person’s healing gift or ministry?

Did you know that God has given you a unique gift of healing?

During my years of leading people in the ministry of prayer, I have come to recognise that every person expresses his or her spiritual gift in a unique way.

For example, an intercessor can have a bent towards warfare, or worship, or identification, or prophetic intercession. Another may simply be a faithful, task-focused intercessor. Sometimes surprisingly, no two people with the gift of intercession operate effectively in exactly the same manner [1].

It is the same with the gift of healing.

When we study the way Jesus healed people, we can observe many different ways that it happened: He pronounced healing (Mark 5:34), gave a word of command (Matt 12:13), laid on hands (Luke 4:40), used unusual means such as spitting (John 9:6-7), and even repeated praying (Mark 8:22-26)

However, I noticed in studying the book of Acts, that God used Paul to heal predominantly through physical impartation—touch and laying on of hands [2]. Peter healed primarily through speaking a word of faith or command [3].

Like Peter and Paul, we are all wired differently. Our personal combination of spiritual gifts, along with our God-given personalities will impact the way we best pray for and minister Jesus’ healing and love to people.

We need to be comfortable with our own unique expression of the gift God has given us, and allow others the room, and grace, to operate differently.

I have discovered that I have a gift of impartation—when I lay hands on someone and pray, the Holy Spirit flows through me to minister infilling or healing.

For example, one time at an altar call I prayed for a woman, soaking her in prayer for an extended time. She said afterwards that as I prayed it felt as though she was placed into a warm bath. Physical pain that had been a part of her life for a long time disappeared.

One of our team members has a gentle approach in praying for healing, and God has used her prayers to effect some dramatic miracles. Another has a very bold approach using words of command, and has also seen physical healing.

I love the gift of team. One person may have insight into a demonic cause of affliction and be able to break its power. Another’s soft approach may bring healing to both body and soul. Yet another team member’s bold word of command or word of knowledge might be what is needed for a miracle.

How can you discover your unique healing gift and style?

1. When you are starting out, learn a variety of methods for praying for healing [4]. I liken this to adding tools to our healing toolkit. Gradually, we become aware of which ‘tools’ suit us best.

2. Feel free to practice, and to try out different methods. Find a safe environment to have a go, with other Christians who are on the same journey.

3. Be aware of all your spiritual gifts, and explore how these may work together and impact the way you best minister healing.

3. Don’t limit yourself to one style of prayer, even after you discover a preferred means of praying for healing.

Always listen to the Holy Spirit. He may lead you to take an approach that is outside of your comfort zone in order to bring a healing miracle to someone’s life.

4. Do not feel intimidated or made to feel inferior by another person’s style or gift, or feel that you have to be like them.

On the other hand, take care to remain grounded and be wary of others being impressed or intimidated by your gift—especially if you have a bold expression.

5. Be sensitive to people—sometimes you will need to modify your preferred approach if the situation requires it or it is not appropriate. The Holy Spirit will still move, and love is His way.

6. We should never criticise or look down on someone who does not operate in his or her healing ministry the same way that we do.

7. If you lead or teach others, be wise in your approach to mentoring and training. It is vital that we encourage the gifts of others and do not try to recreate people ‘in our own image.’

Healing and Honour

Having said all this, we need to honour the leadership of organisations, ministries, or churches that prescribe set methods, or lead a distinctive culture for operating in gifts of healing and miracles. God can and does use these powerfully.

If, like me, you are privileged to lead and release people into their ministries, consider the joy of helping them identify and discover their unique spiritual gifts and style.

I believe that in our generation we are going to see His healing power break out in an even greater measure than ever before.

Let’s honour each other and release each other to do and be all that Jesus has called us to be—and not settle for anything less.

1 Cor 12:4-6
There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.


[1]. A great resource on this topic is FEMRITE, T; ALVES, E; KAUFMAN, K.  Intercessors Discover Your Prayer Power.  2000.  Ventura : Regal.
[2]. Acts 20:10, 19:11-12, 28:8
[3]. Acts 3:6, 9:34, 9:40
[4]. E.g., laying on hands, anointing with oil, words of command or pronouncement, caring and pastoral prayer, praying scripture.

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7 thoughts on “Discover Your Unique Healing Gift”

  1. Great blog! Really good to be reminded that we do all operate differently in our giftings (not just healing). It’s so easy to ‘compare’ ourselves to others and want to be like them!!

  2. Thanks Jenny! Yes it really is amazing when you start to consider and value each person’s unique differences in their gifts and the operation of them.
    Not surprising that the God who created the snowflake and fingerprint should create and impart so uniquely with each of us–and then delight in those differences.
    You’re so right about comparison, Jenny. I know this because no matter how much I dwell on the truth, I’m still prone to it myself!

  3. I have really been blessed by this article. I sometimes try to imitate what style of others because I think it more effective, but now I feel confident to stay focused on my uniqueness. Also, I am the intercession leader in my church and often times I feel like getting People do it my way. Now I know what to do.
    Thank you Helen.

    1. Hi Gretiana, I’m so glad this article has been useful to you. It is a really freeing (and empowering) thing to not only accept, but value our uniqueness in the expression of our spiritual gifts. I highly recommend the book I’ve mentioned in the notes above (Intercessors: Discover Your Prayer Power). It will bless you and your team!

  4. I live in Kentucky, and in a small city with probably over 100 churches! They all believe they are the only church that speaks the truth. Some are good. Few are Great. But none of them focus on helping people with any spiritual gifts they have. I tried to ask a pastor to be my mentor and he said, oh you probably know more about being a seer but he would help me anyway, he didn’t help. But he did help someone else who wanted to be a pastor. People are threatened by prophets, all the pastors want to be the top dogs in the church. Their idea of helping someone with their ministry is asking for people to clean up. Or drive. Or sing. Other countries seem to care about the body of Christ more. Just my opinion. I can try out these different styles of healings. It would just be nice to be around a group of people who are interested in these things. Thank you so much for this website. I can’t wait to see a new post in my email. And the post about healing was perfectly on time. Thank you so much.

  5. Winston&Ria Worthington

    Helen you are a true child of God and have been blessed with a powerful Ministry. God has given Power and Authority to all believers to: 1. Heal the sick,2. Cast out demons, 3.Raise the dead 4. Move mountains. Thank you that you are so obedient to our Heavenly Father.
    God Bless you.,
    Walk in the F.O.G. and always be found living “coram Deo”

    1. Thank you, Winston and Ria.
      Wonderful thoughts. Yes, we constantly need to be reminded of the authority that is ours through Jesus, and the best way to do that is to put it into practice 🙂 May you be powerfully blessed in your life and ministry.

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