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11 Signs That Your Prophetic Gift Is Being Held Back

Welcome to the first of a series of podcasts on the topic of identifying and breaking through barriers to growth in your gift of prophecy!

Have you Ever Experienced a Blockage in Your Prophetic gift or Ministry?

God’s plan for us is to grow to our highest potential in our lives, our calling and our spiritual gifts. Why is it, then, that we sometimes feel as though our prophetic gift has been blocked in some way, or as though we have hit a ceiling in our ministry gift and find it hard to move forward?

The good news is that once you have identified an obstruction that is preventing you growing in your gift of prophecy, you can deal with and remove it, with God’s help. Over the coming series, I will explore a number of reasons a barrier can occur, and provide some keys to dealing with them.

In this short 8 minute introductory session, I identify 10 signs that there may be barriers to your growth in prophetic ministry.

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How To Overcome Blockages and Barriers To Growth In Your Prophetic Gift, Introduction

As this is my very first podcast, special thanks must go to Ray Keefe for allowing me the use of his musical interlude called, appropriately, ‘Finding Hope.’



P.S. Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing these podcasts weekly to complete the series. I will also continue to write some articles. But wait, there’s more! Watch this space for news about the upcoming online prophetic training launch!

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  1. James chuks Agwada

    pls,I needed someone to be my spiritual parent in directing me to know what God wants me to do for Him.This has been my prayer starting from the time I gave my life to Him

  2. James chuks Agwada

    Can I know what my dreams is telling me about my calling or gifting.That is,interpretation of dreams

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