In the face of so much tragedy as we have seen this past week in the earthquake-ravaged nation of Haiti, how can we respond?

It is far too easy to take the role of a global bystander.

I have to admit that my first response has been one of helplessness. But I have realised that there are some things that I can do:

  • I can contribute to the aid effort by donating financially
  • I can join with those who are petitioning and acting for justice
  • I can also pray and speak prophetic words of life

Those of us who have prophetic gifts, and gifts of prayer have a unique offering that we can add to the efforts being made on Haiti’s behalf. In addition to taking practical action, we can pray and prophesy life-giving words.

I came across an article about praying for Haiti, where a reader scathingly responded that we should give money, not waste our time praying.

And yet prayer is the most valuable contribution that we can make.

As Christian believers, we have the privilege of taking the needs of the people of Haiti before the very throne of God, the highest authority in heaven and earth. We have the ability to petition the Most High God, who is also our Father, to release heavenly resources on the nation’s behalf.

Your Prayers Can Impact A Nation

Daniel prayed for his exiled nation after reading from the writings of Jeremiah concerning God’s plan for Judah to return to Jerusalem.
He had been praying and fasting for three weeks, when he had an angelic visitor who said,

“Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. Dan 10:12

This angel spoke of an invisible war taking place in the spiritual realm, for the nations of the earth. The angel, and God’s answer, had come in response to Daniel’s prayer, overcoming powerful opposition along the way.


This week, this one phrase is challenging me: ‘I have come because of your words.’

The Bible demonstrates that the prayer of just one person can impact a nation. Look at Daniel, Nehemiah (Neh 1), and Elijah (1 Kings 18).

The Apostle James used Elijah’s example to remind you and me,

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective’ (James 5:16).

Our natural response in the face of tragedy is to feel powerless. But the Bible tells us that our words, spoken to God, have power to impact nations.

  • Through financial giving, we help release ‘on-the-ground’ resources.
  • Through prayer, we release heavenly resources.

**Prayer launches angelic help, as God speaks His word of command in answer to our prayers. (Ps 103:20-21)


**Prayer can reach places that we could never go, and impact people and situations our finances may never reach


**Through prayer, the effectiveness of humanitarian aid can be multiplied; through prayer Haiti will find favour with world leaders and decision-makers, and so much more…

**Prayer is like the currency of heaven, releasing heavenly resources


Let us be generous givers, in both word and deed; praying, acting, giving, petitioning.

Some Ways We Can Help Haiti

Here are some links that you will find useful as you pray and give to the needs in Haiti. Over the next few days, I am going to work through each one—I invite you to join with me.

8 ways to specifically pray for Haiti

6 ways to pray for Haiti and organisations you can give to–Community-Examiner~y2010m1d15-Six-ways-to-pray-for-Haiti

Here are a list of organisations you can give to from Australia and New Zealand


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  1. Thanks Jonathan,
    You have a fantastic site, and the list of ways to pray for Haiti was perfect. It’s also a pleasure to point people your way. Malcolm and I have been involved in missions and humanitarian aid in Asia, so it’s great to connect with you.

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