This week, my husband Malcolm (aka ‘The Hunk’) had to carry me out of a church service. I could not walk, because I was utterly overcome physically by the presence and power of God (I can only recall one other instance of a similar thing happening, around twelve years ago).

‘Do What it Takes to Get Filled’

Only four months ago, I was sitting overlooking a local reservoir that has been affected by our State’s drought. It was around 30% full.

The emptiness of the reservoir echoed the devastated state of my soul. 

I had spent most of the year **not** recovering from ministry burnout. I mistakenly thought that taking extended time out and reducing my ministry responsibilities would help me get better. It didn’t.

A wise pastor who had himself been through burnout said to me, ‘Time doesn’t heal the problem. You need to intentionally do whatever it takes to get refilled again.’ As he spoke, I realised that one of those things, for me personally, was taking time outdoors to meet with God.

Being intentional about doing what it took to get refilled, spiritually and emotionally, proved a turning point for me.


How Am I Going–Really?

Jesus called His disciples firstly to be with Him, and then to serve Him (Mark 3:14). When we get the order of that around the wrong way, we get into trouble. I have learned this the hard way.

As we begin a new year, let’s reflect on this very important question:

  • Am I filled, or depleted in my spiritual life?

A similar question that is also vitally important, is:

  • Am I filled, or depleted in my emotional life?

It can be difficult to tell how used up the tank of your emotional and spiritual reserve is, until it is too late. This is where looking for external clues to your condition become important—a subject I may cover another time. (If you have questions or ideas about this, feel free to comment on this post or email me).

As Christians we can receive the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to empower us to be all we can be, and change our world (Acts 1:8).

However, we continually need a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit if we are going to minister out of fullness (John 7:37-39). We also need to be acquainted with the Spirit if we are going to hear His voice and receive prophetic revelation that will break open situations and lead people to Jesus (John 14:26).

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word ‘impart’ means ‘to give, convey, or grant from or as if from a store.’

Impartation implies a source. When that source is God, and our need is for His Spirit, we know He has an unlimited heavenly abundance that we can draw from. (John 3:34)

3 Ways the New Testament Church received an Impartation of the Holy Spirit are:

1. Directly from Jesus

Matt 10:1, John 20:22-23.

We can also receive directly from Jesus when we spend time with Him by having a healthy devotional life.

2. From God as they prayed

Acts 2:1-4

The Church received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. However, this kind of praying and waiting on God should not just be a one-off experience. We see the church praying and receiving an infilling of the Holy Spirit again in Acts 4:24-31

3. Through the Ministry of Laying on of Hands

Acts 6:6, Acts 8:17, Acts 19:6

As effective as ministry with ‘laying on of hands’ can be, it should never become a replacement of our receiving personally and directly from God.

Also, it is our own responsibility to maintain the gift from God that this kind of impartation gives us. The Apostle Paul said to Timothy,

‘For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.’ 2 Tim 1:6-7

How to Receive a Fresh Infilling of the Holy Spirit

The Apostle Paul’s present continuous use of the verb, ‘Be filled with the Spirit’ in Eph 5:18-20, indicates that being filled with the Holy Spirit should be our ongoing experience.

Here are some things that I have found useful to receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit in my life over the past four months:

1. Doing what it took to be renewed in my devotional life

2. Being intentional about doing the things that connect me personally with God

(in my case, this included spending time in prayer and reflection outdoors, however it will be different for every person)

3. ‘Soaking.’

(Dictionary definition: To be immersed until thoroughly saturated.)

For me, this means taking time in God’s presence with no other agenda but to connect with and receive from Him. I find that intimate worship music is a great facilitator of this.

4. Receiving prayer from others (laying on hands) for a refilling of the Spirit


Has this worked?
Recently, I was again visiting the reservoir, when I noticed the difference: the emptiness of the dam no longer reflected my inner state. I knew I had been refilled. (Thank You Jesus). My response to God’s Presence in the meeting we attended this week demonstrated the overflow.

What are the ways that you can be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, and refreshed, spiritually and emotionally?

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14 thoughts on “Spiritual Renewal: How To Receive An Impartation Of The Holy Spirit”

  1. Helen….. it was….AMAZING. As you know, I got totally impacted by the presence of God that night. Something happened to me when John and Carol prayed for me a few times. I have been refilled and recharged with God’s Fire!!! Yay God!!!

    1. I do believe i have a,spiritual gift of evangelist but i sometimes i fear speaking out because i can’t quiet the words of the bible like some people can with out looking in the bible,i would love nothing more than to be able to just speak the word of god with out having to stop and look for it ,sometimes i wonder if well ever be able to i also have the of song i sing .i love to praise (praiseing)most of the time is what i do all day if i could just master my gifts.i love to pray for others sometimes i fantasize when I’m alone that I’m on a stage just praiseing god????i know he sees me i sometimes wonder what he thinks of how does he process me????i love him so much. i just want to please him i struggle struggle but i still trust in him and love him.I’m now sixthree and sell beliveing that my season well come around ????thank you for.
      Dianne Fontenot.

      1. Hello Dianne, thank you for leaving the message, I pray that you will enter a new season of confidence in who you are in Jesus and the precious gift that you are and gifts that you carry. He loves you so much, He is rejoicing and cheering you on! Personally I don’t think it’s a problem if you can’t directly quote Scriptures, you can share what the Bible talks about without quoting the verse directly.:-)

  2. I am really appreciative of your blogs this one 1) Spiritual Renewal: How To Receive An Impartation Of The Holy Spirit
    and 2) In Transition? Take The Next Small Step
    Thankyou Helen for sharing in the way you have.

    1. Hi Keith, thank you for leaving the note and for the encouragement. May you be richly blessed in your own journey of faith – how amazing is it that no matter how much we experience of God there is always more!

  3. Masego Prudence Moreetsi

    Hello Hellen. Sometimes I will be in the house and a certain verse in the bible will come in my mind and i will start saying words as if i am in front of a congregation or preaching.Sometimes I will break into hymns or gospel music if i do this the spirit of prayer comes into me and i pray endlessly and all the time when i “preach”, “pray”and sing i will be emotional or even literally will like something is burning inside me and i will not be able to control myself. I do not attend any church. one day i visited a local church and after a reading from the bible of which anyone was to share from the readings, i do not know how i went forward and words starteded coming out of my mouth, some of which i do not remember. since it was my second time visiting, i was ashamed to go again.But if i do not go to any place that the word of God is not shared, I feel incomplete.What could be happening to me?

    1. Hi Masego, yes it is important for you to find a life-giving church, a family of faith, and to hear the preaching of God’s Word.
      Regarding speaking and being out of control…The Holy Spirit will never take you to a place of being out of control (1 Cor 14:32-33) so I suggest you find a caring leader or minister who can help you determine what is going on and pray with you about that.





  5. Shalom, thanks for sharing your spiritual refilling experience. I find it helpful in the name of Jesus Christ Jesus .Please forward me a copy of your Prophetic Activation. God be with you. Sampson Beawin

  6. Hi there over 25 years now I’ve been a christian three times broken and now I found the root cause but every time I’ve had a strong experience with the lord Jesus Christ. Now I’m free but in these times this has and is profound truth Jesus is alive.

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