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A question I am frequently asked is, ‘Do you do prophetic mentoring?’ or, ‘Will you mentor me in prophetic ministry?’

It is always an incredible honour to be asked to give input into a person’s life, and one that I appreciate and do not take it lightly.

Here are a couple of reasons why I do not do individual mentoring:

  • I believe that true mentoring is best done through close personal relationship with accountability, rather than distance mentoring.
  • In order to honour existing commitments, I do not currently have the ability to put time into mentoring people individually—whether by email or in person. However, see below for some ways that I can assist you:

I regularly have people email and ask me to mentor them in prophetic ministry. If this is something you are interested in, I encourage you to do the following:

  • Read and subscribe to the Enliven Blog. This is where I pour out my heart, experiences and the knowledge I have acquired concerning prophetic ministry, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, prayer and so on.
  • Ask questions and leave comments publicly on the blog—and check back on them. I endeavour to answer comments as soon as possible, current posts within 24 hours if I am not travelling and older posts within a week. Your question will also benefit many others who face the same issues
  • Check my courses page, for in-depth training, especially the Prophetic School. You have the opportunity to ask questions on the discussion board.
    • Read my e-books for more insight on growing your prophetic and prayer gifts, ministry in the church, strategic prayer and prophetic evangelism. You will receive the very best of what I have in these books.
      Click here for the e-books page.

    Having the right kind of mentoring is vital. For more information about prophetic mentoring, I encourage you to read the books, ‘Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts‘ and ‘Prophetic  People In A Changing Church.’

    See the following articles on prophetic mentoring:

    1. Prophetic Mentoring on a Personal Basis
    2. 8 Essentials of Healthy Prophetic Mentoring
    3. The Power of Prophetic Accountability

    Following is an excerpt from my book, ‘Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts:


    Mentoring can be done on a formal or informal basis. The best place to start learning from a leader is simply to assist in a practical way, as Elisha did with Elijah. [1 Kings 19:19-21] This style of mentoring is called apprenticeship. If you have a heart to serve as you learn, you will be amazed at what you catch. Remember that the things of the Spirit are ‘caught, not taught’—although both are essential to growth.

    A relational leader may be happy to take time and discuss your world over a coffee, but don’t assume that this will automatically take place in a mentoring relationship. Some teaching mentors will take responsibility for your growth, but other types will only feed you as much as you pursue them. The benefit you receive from a leader may depend on your ability to adapt in this way.

    …Find mentors who are genuine, down-to-earth people who can relate to both church leadership and ordinary people off the street as they operate in their gift.

    Choose your mentor carefully—I learned this the hard way. As I have mentioned, you can learn skills and gifts but you also pick up your mentor’s attitudes and beliefs. Look for a mentor who is engaged in the life of his or her church [is accountable] and has a positive attitude towards leadership.’

    May you be richly blessed as you continue to grow in and develop your God-given spiritual gifts.

    8 thoughts on “Prophetic Mentoring”

      1. Hi Melisa, thanks for the question. Our ministry is church-based (itinerant) and we don’t offer one-on-one prayer ministry. 🙂
        Blessings, Helen

    1. I’m lost. I had God speak to me through prayer a couple years ago and again a year ago. Since receiving these words, my whole life has come undone. I have great faith and prayer a lot, but it’s a roller coaster. Not seeing things change and results of any of the promises hurts me. I feel the longer this goes on, the worse I get. I may have a few good days or weeks, but then something just sets me back and Im confused by God. I’m hurting so much and everything just seems to be getting bad again. I’m not looking for ongoing mentoring, but if you could help me with what I’ve heard. I feel like I must’ve done something to ruin it. I feel since I get so depressed sometimes that God’s not going to do it until I get to a certain place. I have grown, but I’ve never seen God act. I get back to places of faith, but really need some of the promises. I have great faith in what God can do and change, and I don’t know why I don’t see it. I’m so frustrated and discouraged.

      1. Hi Ashley, I’m sorry to hear how tough things have been for you.
        I think the most important thing is to realise that when God speaks about your life, especially in the area of direction and promises that it doesn’t mean that it is going to happen quickly. It can take many years for His purposes to unfold. Things God spoke to me as a teenager took decades to become a reality, but looking back I can see His faithfulness in everything. Also, we need to journey guidance with our church leaders – so if you are involved in a church, this means finding a caring leader who can help you interpret and weigh up the promises you have received in your prayer time.

    2. Good Day, i am in desperate need of guidance, the Lord has blessed me with the gift to prophecy, heal and teach, i have not started in my ministry as i was told i should wait on the Lord, i now find flocks of people asking me for assistance, according to the book of Mark once you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour we should go out and teach, heal and cast out demons but i was told once again that i should wait because it could be dangerous for me, once again i dont understand it, i have faith, i am possessed with the Holy Spirit, i am a spiritual being, i have a powerful father in heaven who watches over me so the danger part i fail to understand, with all this, as i stated earlier, i just find people asking me for assistance with areas where satan has being having a ball in their lives, i prayed over water for healing and deliverance and healing and deliverance took place, a sick guy came and ask me to pray for him, i prayed and he fell under anointing, i have so many people approaching me out of the blue and asking me to assist them which i feel these people are sent by God because they all are children of God and has accepted the Lord as the saviour, i was told once again to stop it, its dangerous for me, im so confused, how then will i know its time to go into my ministry, things are happening that has never happened before, why is the Lord giving me the anointing if its not time, please assist me i have a flock knocking on my door and i would love the Lord to use me to free his people but i just keep getting stopped by my man of God, God Bless You Mam!

      1. Hi Annaline, do you mean that is your spiritual oversight who is stopping and cautioning you?
        Just as it takes two wings to fly, in ministry we need the two wings. On one side is our gift, used in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. The other ‘wing’ is our faithful service to and honouring of leadership, and teachable attitude. We need both to be released in our ministry and to provide a safe place for others to be ministered to. Sometimes, I have known spiritual oversight to stop someone because they are seeing something lacking in that second wing – so that is certainly something to check.
        Have you asked the leader why he is stopping you, or why he sees it as dangerous?

    3. Hi there,
      Interesting topic.
      Q: Can a selfish mentor have jealousy and use your God given gifts to make themselves more popular or likeable.
      A prophet of God I just met warned me that I am being blocked/suppressed because what God has deposited in me is huge. Could mean some mentors might be threatened.

      Help me

    4. Don’t be discouraged, but check out your background 10 years before and you will get the source of the problem

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