Prophetic Training

1. Prophetic Training Opportunities with Helen Calder:

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2. Free Online Prophetic Training Resources:

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3. E-books to Help you Develop Your Gifts:

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The Practice Of Prophecy

  • Are you interested in developing your gift of prophecy?
  • Are you interested in developing a prophetic lifestyle rather than just theorising about it?

Responses to Previous Prophetic Training:

  • ‘Very balanced and God-focused,’  ‘Very straightforward and easy to grasp’
  • ‘Excellent blend of teaching and hands-on learning,  ‘Really powerful’
  • ‘It took the fear out of prophecy…less scary than I thought’
  • ‘Very straight-forward and easy to grasp’
  • ‘Excellent–love the chance to experience and practice’
  • ‘The right balance of theory and practice, all Biblically based’

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22 thoughts on “Prophetic Training”

  1. why are most prophet proud … why is prophetic become a business of the day especially in africa pls i need an urgent answer +2348141122968

    1. Hi Garey, the blog posts are released once a week, so you should receive your first one in a few days time.

  2. pst Akwa Emmanuel Mbeh

    I am really happy to find this article, I want to be a prophet of the most high God

  3. pst Akwa Emmanuel Mbeh

    I really want to developed or me use the word activate my in build prophetic gift,I prophesy to people in the dreams,lay hands and there manifest. Please help my visions please. God bless you.

  4. How does one activate a protective gift ?

    What can a person do to remember what he dreamt when he wakes up in the morning .

    1. Hi Stephen, if you click on the prophetic training category in Enliven Blog you will find a great deal of prophetic training materials. You can also sign up to receive ongoing prophetic teaching articles as they are released and find more resources at our online store.

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