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17 thoughts on “Blog Comment Rules”

  1. Good morning Ms Calder. I came across your webpage yesterday and have been examining integrity. Thank you for your posts and accuracy. I am at a crossroad and seeking direction again. Seems as though that happens a lot in life. I am getting some refreshing from some of what you have posted in your site, as well some overall correction in general. I had a thought in regards to what I would call a victory lap in yesterday’s time with the Lord. It seems like it might be more of a seasonal thing but am still trying to weigh it out. Thankyou also for your expository teaching on the mantle. It’s good stuff.
    I am expecting to hear back from you even if it is only in a general response to adding you to my list of authenticity editors. It also serves as a indicator to me as how active this site is, as well as the authenticity of it’s management.
    Paul had an endorsement in his letters to all the churches under his leadership. Similar to a signet ring. While I could probably embed an authentication box for you to indicate you are not a robot…I think I will sit back and wait to see for myself.

    May the Lord bless you in all Spiritual wisdom and understanding as you pursue His destiny and plan for your life and ministry.

    1. Hi Thomas, thank you for your feedback and your thoughtful reply. Yes, I do personally engage with my audience here on the blog, although being short of time I do not usually get to all of the comments left here. I’m glad the article on the mantle was a blessing to you, and pray you continue to receive clarity as you seek the Lord about your future direction.

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