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21 thoughts on “Blog Comment Rules”

  1. Hi- im wondering if i have the gift of discernment of spirits. Sometimes i feel like i just know the motives of other people or whether their motives are genuine or not. I dont see angels or demons like others do though. It is biblical to know the motives of another? And if i discerned a demonic spirit in someone would it irritate me? Or could this be normal discernment of any born again Christian? Is there a way to know for sure if it is the gift of discernment of spirits? Thanks

  2. I have been waiting on God for many years for that special someone to come in my life. I am now 59 years old. I do not know what the delay is. I have had numerous “different” prophecies that contradict each other and I don’t know who or what to believe. Am I in the wrong territory or do I need to fast so that he will manifest?

  3. Vivian Willems

    Dear ms Calder,

    Thank you for the post about receiving the Prophetic mantle.
    Last week was the first time that a prophet told me that God is giving me a ‘fire’mantle.
    And I know that it’s a journey, a process I have stepped in to.
    I sense I need to get more closer to my Heavenly Father!


  4. G’day Helen,
    Today God touched me through your ‘Second Chances’ and ‘Script’ notes. Thankyou for the encouragement. I loved what you said about the second banquet that Esther gave.

    Is your video series on Spiritual Warfare captioned/subtitled for the hearing impaired?

    1. Hi Leanne,
      I’m glad you found the articles a blessing!
      the spiritual warfare course is not captioned, but there are PowerPoints of the key points and a printable transcript / manual in the course you can follow along with… hope that helps!

  5. Dear Helen.
    Thanks very much for your email.
    I am encouraged and strengthen to stand up and give the Angels Assignment.
    2016; a man can to help us with the ministry, Gethsemane Garden Fellowship International, in Tromsø. This man has taken almost all the sheep to another church. Before we could realize
    what He was doing, it was late for us. Because he was sending the sheep out one by one and
    finally he left bragging of his evil deeds. We only have 15 left out of 56 members.and last night, I
    have prayed asking for a solution. Then your email came as and answer to prayer. Thank you.
    I will get to work, and I need your prayers for GGF I

  6. I’m now 69 years old and been saved about 35 years. I believe now I have an orphan mindset and
    DESPARATELY want to have a relationship with Holy Spirit Jesus Father God.I don’t even know who to
    develop this relationship first..still confused. Do you have a course or know someone who can help
    me develop a relationship with God. So insecure on the inside…….Thank You…Blessings..Bruce

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