Prophetic Insight: Return to the Place of Delight

‘What would it look like, if you only did what you delighted in?’

This was a question the Holy Spirit breathed to me recently in the midnight hours.

I’d just finished a busy ministry schedule and it seemed as though the enjoyment had gone from many of my tasks. This was probably due to weariness. At the same time, my natural response—due to a shortfall of resources—was to increase my activity, not step back.

The next day, not knowing my midnight encounter, a leader gave me a strong admonition: ‘For the next 8 weeks, only do what brings you delight!’

The discipline of delight: what I changed

Have you heard the saying, ‘How much louder does God have to shout?’ Sometimes the Holy Spirit breaks in and makes His intention very clear!

  • I immediately paused my self-imposed schedule
  • I took the pressure off expectations; my own, and that of my online audience
  • I renewed my anticipation in God’s provision. After all, it was His instruction to rest, and His responsibility to provide
  • I took walks to breathe and pray

There were still many responsibilities that I could not set aside. In this imperfect, but grace-filled journey. I’ve approached work with a prayer, ‘Father, show me Your pleasure.’ I have sought to begin tasks conscious firstly of His love and affection.

And miracles have begun to break out.

Is the Holy Spirit speaking to you also, about rest and returning to the place of delighting in Him?

It has been said, ‘Faith is spelled R-I-S-K’. Sometimes, faith is spelled R-E-S-T.

There are times to walk, times to run hard, and there are also times to rest. The prophet Isaiah speaks of this cycle:

‘…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’ (Isaiah 40:31 NIV)

Whether it’s time to rest, walk, run or fly—your life and work with God can be one of conscious delight in His Presence.

Come Home to Eden (‘Delight’)

God gave Adam and Eve a home to live in; a place called Eden, where they could live, work, rest, and fellowship with Him (Gen 2:8).

The name ‘Eden’ means ‘delight’, or ‘pleasure’. [1]

There is a delight that comes, not from circumstances, but simply from being conscious of His Presence.

‘You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.’ (Psalm 16:11, NKJV)

Regardless of what is going on, and even if your current situation is one of trial, pain or stretching, you can find a place of rest and security in your Father’s affection.

Today, God may be speaking to you about returning to the place of delight. He is calling you home.


‘Father, I recognize that I’ve lost in part or in full, the life and labor of delight. And I receive Your grace and forgiveness right now, for any striving or self-effort, and for losing my way in my walk with You.

Lord, I know that there is a delight that cannot be found in circumstances, relationships or in work, it is in You.
I am sorry for the times I have skipped times of rest appointed by You, and leaned upon my own efforts. Right now, I receive Your grace and forgiveness.

Father, help me to be conscious of your love and affection towards me. I choose now to enter the place of delight. I am being saturated in Your Presence, Your healing and Your peace.
I invite You, Holy Spirit, to teach me, alert me and keep me conscious of living in this place of knowing and delighting in my Father and His affection for me.
I receive Your fresh anointing now, in Jesus’ Name.

Deeper: A Journey of Spiritual Renewal

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[1] Strongs H5731

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27 thoughts on “Prophetic Insight: Return to the Place of Delight

  1. Elidah Litheko

    Oh Ma’m Calder, your prophecy is always walking with me along my christian path. I am entering my place of delight now!

  2. CL

    Wow, Helen – thank you for this! I spend a lot of time in prophetic intercession, and that call can drain me if I lose my focus.

    About two weeks ago God spoke to me that I am entering into a season of rest. I didn’t really know what He meant by that, but I have felt him streamline my prayer focus to just a few issues/people that I am to focus on for now, in addition to letting go of some of my other ministry responsibilities (knowing that intercession is my primary calling now), — and, interestingly, to increase my prayer time – and to just enjoy His presence without feeling like I have to be fighting spiritual battles all the time on behalf of what He leads me to pray for.

    It’s been my prayer for years to only have Him and what He wants for me – nothing more, and nothing less. And though His answer to this prayer has resulted in incredible gifts from Him that I never expected, I am being renewed to just enjoy Him and rest in the simple obedience of focusing on what He puts right in front of me.

    This message was great confirmation for me – as your blogs usually are. Thank you for your faithfulness to hear Him!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi CL, there’s a lot of wisdom, right there. I pray you are fully refreshed and experience the joy of intimacy in prayer in ever-increasing measure!

  3. Lena Cole

    Greeting woman of God…This article spoke volumes to me, since I too am in a place of focused worship and being in the presence of my Father. It is confirmation of the direction He is leading me….Thank You Lord GOD..I am very interested in the book and workbook; Deeper, bit unable to make the purchase right now. I will mosy assuredly keep it at the top of my desire list.. Much love in Christ name.

  4. Jara

    Open up before God, keep nothing back; He’ll do whatever needs to be done: He’ll validate your life in the clear light of day and stamp you with approval at high noon. Quiet down before God, be prayerful before Him. Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder, who elbow their way to the top.

    – Psalm 37:5-7 MSG

  5. Akin Ige

    I have always enjoyed reading your prophetic inspiration.Yes. This is the word for me. As I was meditating during my prayer walk today, the same word was breathed into me.
    God bless your ministry

  6. ndumi

    Oh Lord thank you woman of God. I’m struggling to choose between continue being a worshipper at church or teach sunday school as my pastor told me God spoke to him about me teaching sunday school. I love children a lot. I pray God will help me find my rest in Him and focus on my calling.

  7. Cat

    Hi Helen,

    What you have shared here is ‘bang on’ with me. I came to a sudden stop just two months ago — left my full time teaching contract to just focus on completing my research thesis, as doing both was burning me out. However, leaving my work has allowed me to REST…especially to rest in the Lord. I have been pressing into Him more, studying the scriptures more intentionally, and have been spending more time in prayerful reflection. Also, being able to potter about our beautiful property, attend to the gardens and spend time with the animals has done wonders for me. I was very sick when I left work — with multiple health issues, but in the past week I have had more energy and I actually feel a lot healthier. I’m not sure what God is calling me to do next work-wise, as I don’t wish to return to what I was doing — however I’m hoping I’ll have more clarity once my thesis is completed. Interestingly, a friend prayed with me in church weeks ago and without knowing my situation, she said “God wants you to rest” — something I’ve never really done, as I’ve always been ‘full-on’ :0)

  8. Crystal Neel

    I am desperately praying to be removed from the world system of survival. I am having to work as a public school teacher in very corrupted systems. I had to resign from on which was so demand and criticism driven I could no longer stand it and was becoming a wreck. The world drives people like hamsters on a running wheel just to earn money to survive. I can’t stand it. I’m praying to be somehow in independent Christian ministry with an emphasis on small group teaching, then individual and family counseling, Deliverace and Life coaching but I don’t how to transition out of the system financially. I recently had a strong impression from the Holy Spirit about the fact that Jesus and the disciples were homeless and totally dependent on God for all provision as were also the children of Israel of freedom from Egypt. But what is the parallel for that today? How do we survive with no health insurance or dental insurance or car payments or rent??? It’s not that I mind hard work but I mind feeling like a slave working for systems in jobs I don’t agree with. How do I make this transition with courage & faith? Ps. I am sole provider since my husband is an alcoholic whom we can not allow to live in the home. He has been protesting going to a faith based rehab now for 10 years. He provides nothing. Obviously the enemy is hard at work to keep me from being released into full time ministry! But we overcome by the blood of the Lamb & the word of our testimony!
    Thanks you for your email blogs. They always come at the right time with the right messages!
    Prayers for my situation much appreciated and any advice or word is certainly welcomed!
    Thanks for listening & God bless your ministry!

  9. Andrea Marie Savoia

    Thank you Helen.. And thank you God. His timing is impeccable. I have been going through more than anyone should have to. It’s long to write here, however amid all the trauma and pain… Physically and mentally, I truly do have a great testimony.. which I’d love to share some time if you wouldn’t mind, it’s a lot and it’s long
    . I was just talking too my husband not an hour ago about this and wondering why..? I know God loves me but what is He trying to tell me. I just want to live my life.. This started five years ago when I was in such a horrible car accident I shouldn’t alive, and it’s been on a roll since. My mother dying.. more surgeries In which each one they found other issues.. bad issues that they never planned on.. The last surgery being just a month ago? Emergency surgery for a ruptured disk that caused pain so bad I had to crawl on the floor to get anything because I literally couldn’t walk and nothing for the pain. Well, he found that I had Two ruptured disks not one. But that was a piece of cake compared to all that happened to me with my car accident. Sorry. . Anyway thinking about everything tonight I opened a notebook of mine and I opened to a page that I had written; LET GO AND LET GOD.. STOP..!. The Lord is my strength. My Joy is in the Lord. Do not worry nor Be anxious for ANYTHING!
    He truly is amazing and faithful. I give You all the Praise, Glory and Thanksgiving God. I love You..
    Thank you for being so obedient dear sister. May God Bless ALL that you do and Bless and keep you and your loved ones. Amen! And Hallelujah!

  10. Sabata Sabbath Setlhabi

    Thanks for this wonderful message.I spend about 9 hours at work from Mon-Fri, under a very stressfull and demanding environment. How to be at rest and delight in this situation, because i feel like my spiritual life is affected by the environment I am in.
    Godly regards

  11. G.M.M

    I just want to thank you for the word. This is just how I feel at this time wanting to give up ministry im tired and feel so useless. I have been preaching for over 10yrs. And I’m at the point of wanting to quit I am going thru some much that I just want to run and work a regular job. Stressed and overwhelmed with everything haven’t felt peace nor have I had that time with God due to running busy all the time. I need to get back in his presents and rest. Please keep me in prayer for God to guide me in what to do.

    1. Andrea

      I’m sorry. God allows us to go through dry times so that we will get parched enough to thirst for Him. In my prayers!
      God Bless all that you do!

  12. Sashi Sehgal

    thank you for sharing your journey here, it really comes at a good time. I am self employed and two of my ordinary days for work were stripped back, and it has given me time to make some space to walk with my Father, to offload and fill up!
    Praying fresh resources for you and Malcolm too.

  13. Debbie

    This is a great word and it definitely ministers. I am walking through the same thing and its been awesome! The Lord is renewing my hope in Him through rest!! Thank you for sharing!!

  14. Mathato

    Greetings. I thank God for your message because they are timely and your prophetical confirm what the Lord is doing to his child ten I could always here God calling me with Jer. Chapter 3 come back ye backsliding children and I heard one preacher saying we are in the season of comeback so Helen called it a place of dilite come back to Edeni really thank God for this trumpet I wish all the children of God can hear God bless u Helen one day we will meet up there God bless Mathato Molise

  15. Che monkam Valentine

    I’m realy blessed with your message to me,is like you are talking to me directly,thanks a million time and may GOD keep increasing your spiritual inside for you to be a blessing to us in Jesus name.

  16. shinua morris

    Helen i do have a testimony sister just as u described it very long I wrote it after a trip from Israel back to newyork i will send when i edit it, but bless u and your ministry



  18. Rozanne

    Hi Helen

    Such a good word I needed to be reminded after being at Prophetic Summit this last week to just come apart, and delight and invite Papa into whatever I am doing with family, having been separated out from them on Abba’s business. So good thank you I could see Papa playing with us so we went out for breakfast…so good.

  19. Donna Mueller

    Oh, but this is timely Word for me; have become exhausted and sick. As I was praying this prayer, I was healed of serious intestinal problems I’ve been experiencing and felt His presence and love so strongly. Rejuvenation; will quietly rest in Him and His will. Thank you, Sister in Christ, for being such an inspiration to me.

  20. Julia

    Hi Helen,
    Thanks heaps for your sharing your prophetic insight ‘Return to the Place of Delight’. After I received a revelation of God’s love and grace and knowing who I am in Christ, I’ve been enjoying my life delighting in the Lord, living in peace and absolutely no worries, no focus on my circumstances but just looking into God’s mirror, His Word. Life was just great, I loved it. However, recently I somehow began feeling guilty that I was enjoying life so much, lapping up the Lord’s love while I heard/read of other Christians struggling. Then I got into trying to do too many things at one time and since then have been finding it difficult to get back into that wonderful place of rest.

    Your message is a strong reminder to me that I need to get back to that place of rest (Heb 4:9-11). Thanks again, I have been blessed by your sharing.

    Love and blessings in abundance

  21. Bev Battams

    Our son was diagnosed with a terminal disorder of his lungs. He had 17 months to live without medical intervention. Once diagnosed, it was ‘all systems go’ and over 100 tests to kick start the process of becoming a double lung recipient.
    That was 3 years ago. 6 months ago he had his operation and now lives a new life. Not free of problems or health issues but alive. Two years ago God gave me Psalm 27:14 to learn and lean on. ‘Rest in the Lord, I say, rest. Be of good courage (the Lord explained that it wasn’t cheer I needed, it was courage as I was in a battle zone) and He will strengthen your heart (I felt my heart was not going to make it). For two years now that scripture has kept me going and has strengthened me. Yes, I have experienced stress and tiredness and even exhaustion but that scripture has sustained me. My faith has been renewed also as it seemed impossible for our son to live but God did the miracle!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Bev, you have been through such a lot. I praise God with you for His life-giving miracle of provision for your son! Today I am praying for you to experience a tangible and Heaven-set refreshing.

  22. Ndumy

    Thank you madam, I receive grace and forgiveness of not walking in the way that God planned for me. I’m taking my stand to enjoy HIS REST

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