Malcolm_Helen_CalderOn New Years Eve last year, just before midnight, the Hunk and I held hands and prayed together for the year ahead. One of the things we prayed was ‘Let this be a year of the Holy Spirit.’

The hunger in our hearts may be the very same thing that is in yours as you approach this New Year:

‘Lord, I don’t want this to be a year of the ordinary. I want it to be a year of the Extraordinary—a year that gives glory to You, because Your fingerprints will be seen all over it.’

‘Father, have Your way in my life, in my family, my business, ministry and church. My desire is that you be the Director, the Orchestrator—that You be clearly manifested.

May people around my life who don’t know You be impacted during this coming year. May Jesus be the only explanation for what they see taking place in and through me. I don’t want to settle for less.’

5 Things to Anticipate as the Holy Spirit Takes Over

When Jesus is Lord of your life, the Holy Spirit will have leadership in your life.

As Christians, intentional surrender to the Spirit’s leadership should be our attitude every day of our lives. And yet something powerful takes place when we respond to God’s leading to commit a year, or other season of our lives to Him—when we make a prophetic declaration that the Holy Spirit will have the directorship of our lives.

Here are 5 things you can anticipate from your ‘Year of the Holy Spirit’:

1. Supernatural Encounters and Events

When the Holy Spirit is in control, expect the unexpected. You will see the gifts of the Spirit operating to you and through you. You will see Divine interventions.

2. You are out of Your Comfort Zone

There will be times that the Holy Spirit takes you out of your comfort zone and into the faith zone. That place of discomfort is where you will see the miracle of provision and prophetic fulfilment.

3. Sin is Revealed and Dealt with

The Holy Spirit is holy. And when the holiness of God is at work within you, the Person of the Spirit will cause hidden sin to rise to the surface where it can be dealt with. The pain of discipline is of extraordinary value, because freedom and greater intimacy with God will follow. (Heb 12:4-11)

4. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

You will know a greater awareness of and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. You will know Him in deeper measure as a Person, and His power and personality will be manifested in your life. He will be revealed as Comforter in your trials, Warrior in your spiritual battles, Teacher of God’s Word and much more.

5. A Move of God

When you are yielded to the Holy Spirit, anticipate a move of God that will impact many through you, and those who are dear to you.

Jesus will be glorified as people see the Holy Spirit at work in your life.

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  1. I was out walking a couple of weeks ago, and as I was thinking about the lyrics from a Steve Fry song, “Holy Spirit come”, it came to me: 2016 will be the year of the Holy Spirit. I just Googled to see if anyone else was thinking along the same lines. I just returned to church after almost 2 years away, so I haven’t spoken to my prophetic pastor about this yet.

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