Release The Warrior Anointing of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is stirring me today with this prophetic insight:

‘It’s time to release the ‘roar’ of the Lord that is inside of you, towards the opposition that has been coming against you.’

Lion Prophetic RoarDon’t wait until tomorrow, or next year to contend for what God is giving to you now. Don’t wait for the tide of circumstances to turn.

Let the Holy Spirit rise up within you, breathe, speak, and stir you into action. Let Him do through you whatever it takes, to pursue the prize of what your Father has promised you.

‘You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.’ (Psalm 65:11)

The Dove is a Warrior

When the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus at His baptism, He descended in the form of a dove. [1] This was not a statement concerning the gentleness of the Spirit’s personality. Look at what happened next:

The ‘dove’ thrust Jesus out into the wilderness to face hardship and to confront the enemy.

‘Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. And He was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan, and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered to Him.’ (Mark 1:12-13)

The Greek word translated ‘drove’ is ekballo. [2] It implies a compelling force and is the same verb used when Jesus cast out (ekballo) demons.

‘The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name.’ (Ex 15:3)

The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of conquest and warfare. He is bold and fearless in confronting the works of darkness.

The Holy Spirit has the face of a Lover towards people, and the face of a Warrior towards sin, sickness and demons.

It is time to give full expression to the Person of the Holy Spirit as both Lover and Warrior. Love seeks the conquest of the Kingdom and the rule of the Father’s desire.

‘…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.’ (Acts 10:38)

Do You Find Yourself in the Midst of Conflict?

On a storm front, two different densities of air collide, creating turbulence.

Inevitably, your stand for the Kingdom of God has taken you into that space of collision. You may find yourself and your loved ones in a zone of conflict, shift and change.

You face a choice—contend for the ground that God has given to you through His Word of promise, or hold back. Don’t allow fear or hesitancy to prevent you from stepping up in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is time to press through and fight for families, marriages, churches, communities and nations.

Don’t settle for less than what Jesus has paid for. Don’t put up with less than what Your Father has appointed for you. It is time to stand upon both His written Word of Scripture and His personal, prophetic ‘now’ word to you.

Healing, Deliverance and Miracles.

I believe God is speaking to those of you who desire to see a greater measure of healing, deliverance and miracles. As you look at Who Jesus is, you see reflected in Him your own DNA and destiny:

‘For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.’ (1 John 3:3b NKJV)

Your passionate desire to see the works of God, and the power of God, leads you back to the Person of Jesus. He is saying, ‘There is more to Me, that you are yet to encounter.’

Hunger for God’s power inevitably draws us in pursuit of His Person. And He is both Lover and Warrior.

There may also be a revelation of Jesus that you have had in the past that the Holy Spirit is putting His finger on. That experience of Him needs to be refreshed. You discover again that He is Saviour, Healer, Redeemer, Deliverer, King, and Lion of the Tribe of Judah. (Rev 5:5)

‘It’s time to release the ‘roar’ of the Lord that is inside of you, towards the opposition that has been coming against you.’


[1] The Scriptural symbol of the dove speaks of the pure, meek nature of Jesus and of His anointing for sacrifice. Ref note on Matt 3:16 in HAYFORD, J W, Ed. The Spirit-Filled Life Bible.  1991.  Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Lev 12:6, 14:22. (Noah’s dove in Gen 8:11 is used in our culture today as a symbol of peace. We must not confuse the two).

[2] Strongs reference G1544

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17 thoughts on “Release The Warrior Anointing of the Holy Spirit”

  1. The release of the warrior anointing is so appropriate in our world today as Christians. For so many decades “religion” has failed from many pulpits by teaching and preaching without the understanding nor the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We as true Spirit believers who walk in his presence with prayer (worship), fasting and his word have to step into our Savior in faith believing he is truly God. For in the Holy Spirit we are not defeated by sin nor are we to tolerate it. The same God whose presence thru his Holy Spirit changes the total atmosphere, the one whose presence regularly drops believers to the the floor, creates uncontrolled laughter, grows limbs and cast out demons is not a spiritual weakling so you are spot on ……. we have to claim then act and speak and walk in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. His presence is alive and well and his strength is beyond our comprehension. We need to understand sin flees from his presence and he is our provider, guide and protector. His authority is not controlled by government nor evil. We should not hang our heads as the defeated because we are anointed by his power and our God is a mountain mover…… Let’s agree in prayer through his power we can alter sin in this world.

    Let’s speak power into our lives as children of God instead of fear.
    We are Children of God we need to walk in that authority.

    1. Thank you Russ, such great thoughts.
      I thought of David when I read your comments… a worshipper and a warrior, a prophetic and kingly anointing.

  2. Wow, I agree with the comments and I too was reading David even in the blog post. Thank the Lord He is warrior King!

  3. I would like to thank you for this prophetic message and let you know that God spoke to me through you and I know this due to my gift of discernment and that the message was about the exact same things that I’m dealing with and the fact it was about the roar of the Lion which represents my birthday day sign which is August and also describes my mentality in all that I do, and because of my many frequent seemingly unreal attacks from the spirits of darkness, I prayed to God and asked him for a sign that he heard my cry for help, mercy,and relief so that I may not loose hope through all of my storms and continue to stand firm and not give up, because the enemy has attacked all that I have and all the ones that I love to try and break me down in a very short period of time to the point that when I tell others they find it hard to believe that my faith is still so strong, that I’m still smiling and optimistic and count it all joy and give God his due Glory as I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death, for I that if he did not have something great for me to do the enemy would not be trying this hard to stop me, and through the Holy Spirit God was preparing me for this once I started getting close to him and stopped fighting and accepted my spiritual gifts and learned how to utilize the weapons of warfare, the attacks got really bad, because in October the spirit revealed to me that something was going to happen with my mother’s health and that I should spend more time with her,and when I went to her and told her that she thought I was crazy because she had no health problems at that time and when I went to her home my spirit literally would not let me leave so I stayed overnight night two weekends in a row and I never stay overnight at her house, then one month to the date I gave her that revelation she found out that she has breast cancer, then one week later my 18 year old nephew was murdered, so when the enemy started attacking my family, I asked God for that sign because I was starting to bend and feeling afraid of what may be next, and whether or not I could stand firm or if my life was next, and through you he let me know that help is on the on the way, and that he will not let his righteous one’s be put to shame or be over taken by evil, So I now know that you are truly a prophet of God and may God bless you always.

    1. Yes Lynn! The words of the Psalm came to mind as I have been reading your words:
      ‘The Lord is my strength and my defense;
      he has become my salvation.
      Shouts of joy and victory
      resound in the tents of the righteous’ (Ps 118:14-15)

      1. Lynn,

        You said in your post “…the roar of the Lion which represents my birthday sign which is August…”

        Do you mean your horoscope sign? Leo is the horoscope sign for August. If you are a Christian then you should not be looking to horoscopes for life guidance. Do not look to creation but the Creator. Jesus is your savior, look to Him.

        1. Thanks for the that comment, but I do not look to any types of astrology for help only my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, I used that as an analogy as to why the topic caught my attention and felt it was meant for me to read because according to those of the world and have always heard but now know better, that is what I’m usually compared to due to my the way that I approach and handle situations and often told, by many people that is because of my astrological sign of Leo, but once my eyes were opened I now know the truth about that and what the word of God says about that,so I have no use for anything other than the word of God to guide me in all situations and problems.

  4. You have been a blessing to me through you emagazines. May God continue to bless you amd I pray that your anointing will never run dry in Jesus Name. what are the signs that you are gifted with the power gift of healing?

  5. Hola,espero esten bien…en su ultimo blog,acerca de Moises y Josue,Moises vio el rostro del Señor y tuvo la oportunidad de hablar cara a cara con el…el caso de Josue ,tambien tubo su premio en medio de la batalla,en Jerico,viendo a Jesus a traves de una teofania…Pues bien,quiza lo que diga en esta ocasion no tenga que ver con lo antes señalado…Pero estoy intrigado por lo que ultimamente me sucedio.El dia 12 de mayo,fallecio un hermano muy estimado y de mi familia,a la hora que le vino el problema,como a las 2 a.m,yo empece a sufrir presion en el pecho,y angustia,yo no sabia a que se debia,dicha presion, no ceso contra mi hasta las 4a.m.,a las 6 a.m. llamaron por telefono a la casa para decirme que habia fallecido nuestro amado hermano,de un ataque al corazon.Le pregunto,lo que senti a la misma hora que el sufrio el infarto,se llama percepcion profetica?.Todo sucedio en el tiempo que tengo comunion con el Señor,a las 2 a.m.Por otro lado,pense que quiza no me caeria mal un tiempo de ministracion de liberacion,en una Iglesia hermana,quienes con frecuencia llevan a cabo Campañas de Liberacion,con profetas de U.S.A. ASISTI PARA SER MINISTRADO POR EL MENCIONADO PROFETA…PERO NO SUCEDIO NADA…tiene algun significado espiritual ?…!que Dios bendiga su Ministerio y yo tambien, lo hare en breve.Oro por usted y los suyos.


    2. Hello Jose, what an interesting experience, the timing of it does seem to be allowed by God…sometimes what we experience in the realm of the Spirit is a mystery, I encourage you to pray further about this.
      The Holy Spirit is clearly using you in the ministry of prayer.

  6. I am a Spirit filled believer worshiping at a mega church that avoids teaching about the Holy Spirit. In Bible studies I have asked leaders why they skip over scriptures in Acts and 1 Cor. Comments were that leadership doesn’t want people to get confused and that many churches put too much emphasis on the Holy Spirit and it gets out of control. They believe in the trinity but do not give God the Holy Spirit an equal share with God the Father and God the Son. It is a great church for many reasons but this issue is stirring frustration within me. However, I am discerning an undercurrent of increasing interest by some of the ladies as to the role of the Holy Spirit. They are missing so much. I have missed opportunities to share what I know by not obeying the Holy Spirit’s urging for me to speak. I suppose I really know the answer but how can some churches justify avoiding God the Holy Spirit?

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