7 Signs Your Prophetic Destiny Is Being Unleashed

Does it seem like the very opposite of your prophetic calling is happening right now, or that your faith is being tested through trial?

You are in good company. The heroes of Scripture underwent severe difficulties. The greatest trials often took place right before the breakthrough that would see them released into their God-given destiny.

We serve a faithful God and no person, and no circumstances can prevent His prophetic call upon our lives being fulfilled if we keep our hearts right before Him, stay in an attitude of obedience, and remain in a place of integrity and honour towards people.

And whenever we realise that we have departed from this position, the grace of God invites us to freely return.

Signs Your Prophetic Destiny is Being Unleashed

1. You are Undergoing the Greatest Trial of Your Life

David and his men returned to their homes and property in Ziklag, only to find that their homes had been burned, their property plundered, and their wives and families captured. To make matters worse, David’s men turned against him, blaming him for the tragedy.

David could easily have given up. However, he stayed on track, pressed into God and made tough leadership decisions. As a result, David and his men overcame the enemy, recovered their losses and won back their families. (1 Sam 30)

The devastation of Ziklag prepared David for his move to Hebron—the very place where he would be crowned King of Judah and then of all Israel. (2 Sam 2:1) [1]

2. The Obvious Means of Fulfilling God’s Call Seems to have been Removed

Ezekiel was a young man with the call of God upon his life. Born to the priestly tribe of the Levites, his destiny was to serve in the temple from the age of 30. (Ezek 1:1, Numbers 4:3)

At the age of 23 he was taken captive from Jerusalem and relocated in Babylon. Ezekiel’s primary means of fulfilling God’s call on his life—ministry in the temple—was removed from him.

However, we read in Ezekiel 1:1 that in his 30th year, in the place of captivity, the very time he would have started his priestly service in God’s temple, the heaven’s opened and his ministry as Prophet was launched. (Ezek 1:1) [2]

3. A Person you Felt was Significant to God’s Purposes has been Lost to You

Uzziah, King of Judah spent most of his life serving God and his nation well—and the Prophet Isaiah diligently recorded the stories of his reign. (2 Chron 26:2)

Uzziah must have seemed like the hope of Judah—the King who set things to godly order and made the nation successful. And yet his life ended suddenly in a sinful act of pride.

This loss must have been devastating to Isaiah—and yet this was the year that God chose to reveal Himself and the glory of His Heavenly throne to Isaiah and to commission him to speak on God’s behalf. (Isaiah 6)

It is as though God was saying, ‘It is time to put your eyes on the Only One who can save Judah. I am your only security and all that you need. Now is the time to step up into your destiny as Prophet.’

4. There is a Huge Faith Challenge Standing Between you and the Promise of God

Caleb faithfully served God as a leader of his tribe through the 40 wilderness years of Israel.  But on the eve of the fulfilment of God’s promise to him and his family, he faced his greatest challenge yet—to take Hebron from the Canaanites. (Joshua 14) We learn that through Caleb’s leadership giants were expelled from the land. (Judges 1:19-20)

The fulfilment of God’s promise to Caleb was not going to happen without a battle—and the greatest test of his faith in and dependency upon God.

5. You have been Repositioned by God—and Suffered Loss as a Result

A young Moabitess called Ruth committed her life to follow and serve her mother-in-law, Naomi, after the death of her husband and father-in-law in Moab.

When Ruth entered Bethlehem she had not only lost her husband, she had left her family and culture behind and was known as a stranger. She had no means of living apart from relying upon charity. Everything of her former life was stripped away.

And yet in that very place, she was destined to marry Boaz, of the tribe of Judah, secure the inheritance of Naomi’s family, and become great-grandmother to King David—part of the lineage of Christ. (See the book of Ruth) [3]

6. You are Being Tempted to Promote Yourself Rather than Wait for God’s Timing and the Affirmation of Oversight

As Jesus was being launched into His season of ministry, the Holy Spirit compelled Him to go into the wilderness, to fast and face demonic temptation.

There in that place of severe want and hardship, Jesus was tempted to receive the kingdoms of the world without the cross, and without a life submitted to the Father’s will.

Emerging triumphant, His position of submission to the Father secure, Jesus left the wilderness ‘in the power of the Spirit’ to enter His public ministry. (Luke 4:1-14)

7. The Tyranny of the Ordinary: Nothing Seems to be Happening

For Elisha, the launching place of God’s purpose for his life was in the place of the ordinary. If he had any inkling of God’s call upon his life, then the trial for him was that nothing was happening. Nothing at all. A great big zero.

Elisha was living at home and serving in the family business. It was just another day in his life as an ordinary citizen, ploughing oxen, being faithful, when the Prophet Elijah came by and threw his mantle over Elisha’s shoulders. (1 Kings 19:19-21)

Success in God’s eyes comes from staying on track when the greatest challenges of your life occur. These things are the means Father uses to sharpen and prepare you for what lies ahead. And they may be the very launching pad God uses to propel you into your prophetic destiny.


[1] For more lessons from this situation, see ‘The Day David Lost Everything: 4 Things You Can Do In A Crisis

[2] For more lessons from the story of Ezekiel, ‘Prophet of the Holy Spirit’, see Ezekiel, the Holy Spirit, and You

[3] See the following two studies from Ruth on Enliven Blog:

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31 thoughts on “7 Signs Your Prophetic Destiny Is Being Unleashed

  1. Colin

    Thankyou for your teaching. No. 1;5 and 6 are exactly where I am at. I am going through a tough time but have been frantically studying about prophetic preparation and I see the confirmations happening as you have said and as the teachings have said. Please send me more teachings to encourage besides AMI which has been a great help to me. Whew! Thankyou and Godbless; Pleasw pray for me Im almost there and boy are the tests coming thick and fast! Thankyou.

  2. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi Colin, thanks for leaving the note here.
    I have found myself identifying with some of these points too!
    One of the Bible verses that has touched me as I prepared this study is from Romans 15:4
    ‘ For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.’
    I love that God imparts encouragement and endurance to us through His Word and the stories of people who have gone before!
    Have you signed up to receive the blog on a weekly basis (subscribe button at top right of the blog)? That is the best way to receive the teaching on an ongoing basis.
    This article about ‘What is God doing in the Testing Season?’ may encourage you too:

  3. arie

    Thank you Helen. Lost my secure job , in hindsight trough poor decision, been laid of in little jobs 3 times since, struggling with minor health issues. Said to my wife last night that I am just about at the end of myself and my ideas ,so it is going to have to be God cause I am right out of ideas. Still staying course with God , just. Have gone my own way a few times with business ideas but every time my conscience gets the better of me cause I don’t think God wants me to go there. I know that I know God has some gifting for me to operate in but at the moment I am very far away from these and at the moment I have no idea how this is going to happen . As you suggest I will stay course but man oh man….it has been a looooooong road. David McCracken spoke over me 20 years or so ago and said” Delays are not denials” . I have always hung onto that but I am definitely in a ” delay” season at the moment. A good opportunity for God to come through.

  4. arie

    P’s. …. (you don’t have to publish this)

    Before most of this started I swear that God said to me out of the blue” I am going to sharpen you.

    As I had no idea what that meant I did not give much credence to it. But no I notice that you use the same word sharpen I your comments. Coincidence? Interesting:-)

    On a different note a lot of times when I look at the clock I see
    5:55 or 2:22 or 4:44. It really grabs my attention when it does but I have no idea what it means. May be it is nothing.

  5. Helen Calder Post author

    Hi Arie, yes sometimes the best thing to do is to ‘stay course’ on the way of faith, to keep pressing in, it reminds me of Paul’s note in Eph 6:13, ‘having done all, stand.’ It is a powerful position of warfare and breakthrough, staying on track, watching expectantly to see what God will do.
    May you receive breakthrough in the area of work.
    Yes, ‘sharpen’ is a word from God in the season, when He brings things to our attention it is not coincidence when they keep popping up. 🙂
    It is a characteristic of many of us who are wired prophetically for God to bring to our attention symbols and numbers, so I know what you mean! Sometimes I see numbers and it relates to a Scripture verse but can also mean something else, always worth praying about to see if Holy Spirit is bringing something to your attention.
    Bless you.

  6. jose ramos

    Han pasado momentos y situacionnes que en ocasiones me desconciertan…He vivido en fe durante estos años de no estar ministrando en la Obra del Señor…He obedecido las recomendaciones que el profeta me recomendo hacer,aunque en ocasiones me fue dificil,me mantuve fiel en hacerlo…de alguna manera he mantenido el testimonio de Jesucristo al hablar con otros acerca de su Evangelio…pero me han rodeado ultimamente hechos negativos en mi vida,muy a pesar de buscar al Señor intensamente…en oracion y ayuno.Estos momentos han sido dificiles para mi soportarlos,y asi se lo he dicho al Señor en oracion:enfermedades,accidentes,y otras cosas mas.He reclamado la ayuda del Señor en cada un de estas situaciones,momentos tengo en pensar que estoy en una camisa de fuerza.No puedo moverme y hacer algo mas para mi Señor,porque si lo hago,sale mal.Alguien me dijo,espera el tiempo del Señor,recUerda la profecia que te dieron hace años:NO TE PROMUEBAS,DEJA QUE EL SEÑOR ABRA LAS PUERTAS,PERO LAS ANGUSTIAS ME ENCIERRAN Y ME TORTURAN…y oigo en mi interior una voz que me dice,espera,espera.Y siempre que vivo estas circunstancias y trato de hacer mas de aquello que me agrada y creo que al Señor tambien le agrada…vuelvo a escuchar esa voz:ESPERA JOSE,ESPERA…TENGO AÑOS DE NO VOLVER A PREDICAR EL EVANGELIO EN UNA CONGREGACION COMO SOLIA HACERLO FRECUENTEMENTE EN VARIAS PARTES DE MI PAIS…LE HE DICHO AL SEÑOR,LIBERAME DE ESTA SITUACION…Y NO ESCUCHO NADA…TENGO SUEÑOS Y VISIONES PERO NO LAS ENTIENDO…HE PEDIDO INTERPETACION DE SUEÑOS Y VISIONES POR AÑOS COMO INTERPETACION DE LENGUAS,PUES MI TIEMPO DE ORACION ES UN SETENTA POR CIENTO EN LENGUAS,Y ESTO LO HAGO POR HORAS…ESTOY ANCIOSO POR SALIR A MINISTRAR COMO APOSTOL …Y PROFETA…pero una vez mas escucho la voz:ESPERA JOSE,ESPERA!…la profecia que me dieron hace diez años DECIA que era un apostol…señales de sanidades y algunas liberaciones y milagros sucedian al ministrar..y el profeta dijo que debia seguir asi porque el Señor me habia llamado tambien al oficio de profeta,aunque esto seria mas tarde…en el mes de junio vendra el profeta aleman que me dio esta profecia hace muchos años…me envio un email pidiendome que estuviera en el Congreso Apostolico y profetico a celebrarse,en una ciudad de mi pais…estoy espectante ,ansioso para saber QUE ES LO QUE EL SEÑOR TIENE PARA MI EN ESTE MOMENTO…PUES EL PROFETA DECIA QUE MI LLAMADO ERA PARA ESTA GENERACION Y ,PARA ESTAS CIRCUNSTANCIAS…le comentare lo que suceda en la proxima emision de su boletin…Gracias por orar por mi y el Miniserio que el Señor me ha dado.Gracias…

  7. Helen Calder Post author

    Dear Jose, thank you for the note, Google Translate helps me with most of it, hopefully!
    It can be difficult when we wait for years for the call of God to be fulfilled, but His is so faithful.
    You have the prophetic word and you have the desire on your heart, these things are bursting within you. It can take years for God to prepare His leaders, especially in the five-fold ministry call, look at the years of waiting and training for people like the Apostle Paul, Moses, King David, and so on. My husband and I have prophecies from 25 years ago that are just being fulfilled now. And more waiting to be fulfilled.
    I remember something Graham Cooke said once about the length of time between the word spoken and the promise coming to pass, and how that can be ‘the ground of frustration’ and we have to occupy that ground righteously.
    And I believe part of that is really enjoying the now, and enjoying the process, because His Presence is with us, and in His Presence is fullness of joy. (Ps 16:11) But also nurturing and pursuing the call of God. So I pray that God enlarges your peace, and your joy in Him, and keeping on developing the call of God. Blessings to you.

  8. David

    Hi Helen, tracking through these points you have listed, specifically over the past 4 years now, i have found points 3 and 5 the most challenging, as i felt lead of the Lord out of my church of 20 years about 4 years ago.One of the things he said was “you will never reach your full potential in me in this house”, it wasn’t that my church was changing, but i was changing and my church was not, the same predictable routine was actually killing me inside, to leave my beloved family was painful, but i couldn’t fight and deny Holy spirit any longer. Having weaved through points 6 and 7 in recent times it has been a test by God for me as he presented situations similar to my past to see if i would gravitate or default back to the familiar, comfortable way that i once knew, or would i wait on Holy spirit for instruction.These trials where minimal in impact and short lived once i really started to get that it is all God, his way his time and his place or nothing.John 15: 1 – 11. I had no work in April, i said Lord why do i have no work, he said i want you to rest, so i rested, its now May and the work has come flooding in, its frightening trusting and obeying God but i have peace, i cant do it anymore Helen only God can, its a real battle in my head but it truly is the only way.Rom 8 : 5 – 11.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi David, thanks so much for this. You prompted me to look up those verses from Romans 8:5-11 (very challenging) and one point in particular leapt out at me. ‘to be spiritually minded is life and peace’ (NKJV) We just had Ps Sam Evans from Planetshakers Church ministering to our team this morning on the topic of ‘overcoming anxiety’ (brilliant!) and I feel this verse right here is what it boils down to – get in the mind of God, the heart of God, the thoughts of God and the fruit of that will be ‘life and peace.’ Get into the place of anxiety and ‘carnally’ minded and the fruit will be ‘death.’ He is teaching us trust, isn’t He? But we can only do it, and we can only stay in that place by His strength and Spirit.
      I pray you know His grace and empowerment in overflow, David. And the fruit of your love for God and obedience to Him will be abundant. 🙂

  9. Graeme

    Helen – looks like you might be spying on us! Spot on. Go you. God is good.

  10. David

    Absolutely, he is teaching us to trust him more on every level and at a deeper level. I think the areas i struggle with the most are the ones that i find difficult to let go of and fully trust God with. I have to constantly be mindful of my thoughts if i want to remain in the right place with God. Is 26:3 , 2 Cor 10:5. and to make sure what i am thinking is biblical Phil 4:8, its a lifestyle choice to make this living word a part of who i am and what i do so as not to be deceived, 2 Tim 2:15, James 1:21-25. Thanks for all your helpful and challenging study, Bless you.

  11. Malcolm Calder

    Helen, I honour so much your amazing gift of writing & teaching. This revelation is just…amazing & so encouraging!!!

  12. Osifo

    Thanks so much mam, have been blessed and encouraged by your post. Am facing a moment of transition right now in my calling, & all ur post have been so helpful to me. May God give u more grace in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Amanda Pride

    Thank you so much Ms. Nancy, I really appreciate your sharing. The word Holy Spirit gives you quickens my spirit. I am really enjoying the process and God’s presence, knowing He hears me and I hear Him. Almighty God, Wow..Our Father, Praise Our Jesus! May the Lord multiply His Grace & Peace and Love in every area of your lives.

  14. Moses benitez

    Everything I read has been happening to me. Thank you for confirmation! I have sooo much peace right now.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Moses, our Father is so faithful!
      May 2015 be a year of breakthrough for you

  15. danny

    challenges i faced-i had an eye opreation at the age of 7 due to an accident..at the same time i broke my tooth,fractured my right hand..i suffered from rejection..family problems..at a time my mum hated she handled me brutally and it caused astigimatism..my father stop my schooling at the age of 14..at 16 i took high school exams and my math result went missing..at 17 i took gce exams and failed..i was betrayed and mocked severally..but it never made me lose focus

  16. danny

    despite all problems,persecution,trials nd temptation..i thank GOD nd bow my head in worship to the shekinah glory..when i remember all insights given to me by ALMIGHTY GOD..i read all ur blog posts and discoverd that i have a prophetic call with the discernment,wisdom,healing,deliverance and teaching gifts..i have always longed to be in a prayer group..am born again nd am baptized with water nd spirit..please pray about me ask jesus to reveal to you my calling arena.thanks

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Danny, it’s great to hear from you. No matter what has happened in your past, you can move onward and upward with your faith in Jesus. Continue to love and serve Him. If you haven’t done so already, find a loving and faith-filled church where you can grow in your gifts and discover areas to serve. Be blessed.

  17. Rebecca

    Hi Helen, great article. I identify with most of these, especially in this last 15 month period of time. This has been the hardest time in my entire life. I have been a christian for almost my whole life, but it wasn’t deep or grounded, nor was I spirit filled…. Until my marriage fell apart and my husband left me last may. That was my wakeup call. I knew what the problem was that lead to our marriage issues: the lack of God as our foundation (even though we both professed to be believers, we didn’t walk in God’s ways and we brought shame to God with how we spoke and treated each other), so I IMMEDIATELY knew when my husband left that GOD was the only solution and so my spiritual journey began that day as I sought him for a second chance with my husband. I have grown SO much in the Lord as I am being taught so much by the holy spirit. I have heard God for the first time in my life during this time and He has broken me out of my “religious” comfort zone by breaking more into a prophetic realm, intercession and now recently, speaking in tongues in prayer. His promise to me since my husband left has been that this separation had to happen for God to make us into what He wants us to be, but that He will bring my husband back. This was an first told to me by an audible voice in my thoughts in the beginning before I really matured in faith, as well just a “knowing” in my spirit later on, then confirmed through the most random signs and personal profesies (that I never sought out, but God sent a few ppl my way, all with similar words… All confirming what I already knew in my spirit) but there is no sign of this reconciliation happening in the natural. in fact, since my husband left, it’s gotten worse and worse. Even with all the faith I have and all the prayers and all the obedience to God and all the love I show my husband despite his rejections… Its at a point where it seems divorce is going to happen and my husband is talking about moving to another state, and he has now rejected his entire family, along with me and remains isolated from all of us, living a secret life with unknown ppl where we don’t even know where he lives. I KNOW what God told me will happen but it “seems” more impossible now then when he first left! I have had visions recently of God bringing my husband’s heart back to life ( spiritually speaking) and lifting the dark cloud off of him that I constantly see on him And have dreams about him coming back but just last week I felt the spirit of God tell me to release my husband. Like, to tell him that I’m giving him what he wants and for him to move the rest of his things out of our house. I tested this thought and have peace that it’s the Lord because there is love in it still and it’s not out of anger or manipulation. But, I guess my point is that the very promise that God gave me seems to be the very thing that He is asking me to give up and seems impossible to happen. The story of how God asked abraham to sacrifice Isaac even though it contradicted God’s promise has really spoken to me…But this article is another of a few more confirmations that it IS darkest before the dawn and I Will continue to have faith in God’s promise and his faithfulness, no matter what obstacles are thrown my way. This is my assignment and no plan of the enemy can thwart it! God bless you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for leaving the note and I’m sorry it’s taken me a few days to get back to you. I’m sorry to hear of the trials you have been experiencing.
      You have great faith and perseverence.
      A thought – especially if this continues – one of our core values is prophetic accountability, meaning that no matter how strong the revelation is, it still needs to be confirmed, weighed up and tested by our spiritual oversight – wise leaders around our lives. In issues that are very close to our hearts, especially when it comes to relationships, this is all the more important. If what you believe is a word from God is not bearing good fruit, it may be a sign that you need to release the prophetic expectations. God is a redeemer, and is a God of the resurrection, so you don’t need to fear releasing them, and trusting Him. I share more about this here: https://www.enlivenpublishing.com/blog/2011/08/23/dealing-with-prophetic-disappointment/

  18. FFemi

    Hi Helen, thank you! Very interesting and informatice read! Does it follow that everyone has a prophetic destiny to be fulfilled or only some people have prophetic destinies? Romans 8 states the world is waiting for the revelation if the sons of GOD – and these sons share in CHRIST’s suffering so that they can share in his GLORY,i.e. so they can be co-heirs with CHRIST. Is the said suffering sort of a prerequisite for unleashing a prophetuc destiny? Many thanks

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi FFemi, I would say not a prerequisite, but certainly a doorway that God uses. And I believe everyone has a prophetic destiny, but few choose to walk in God’s ways to enter into it.

      1. Femi

        Hi Helen,

        I suppose then that if we all choose to walk in GOD’s ways, we are guaranteed to share in HIS sufferings – thus passing through the doorway – to subsequently sharing in his GLORY (as such fulfilling prophetic destiny). The doorway you alluded to in your response, I suppose is a refining process – just as gold passes through the furnace in a refining process?

  19. Nile Kris Jan Banga

    This is published years back but it really helps me a lot right now… When I felt that God’s will starts to fade to a distant, this article really provides some biblical keys to encourage and fuel the faith in me… Glory to God for your life Ms Helen…

  20. Qiniso Mogale

    All the hardships mentioned are exactly what I’m going through. Many times I’ve been tempted to throw in the towel. Reading this has been very helpful. I thank God for you Prophetess of God.

  21. Wally

    I have been reading posts similar to this, regarding breakthroughs for a month ago. It is almost as if no sooner do I receive a word from God about elevation that all hell seems to break loose in my life. It is like an intense blanket of heaviness, that wont go away no matter how much I get into the word or praise. It is almost like God has gone on vacation and left no forwarding address.
    Funny enough this is similar to other times in my life where I got a promotion. It doesn’t make it any easier 🙂 But the fight is one.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Wally, praying for you right now, strength, encouragement, fresh revelation and insight

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