Curiosity: How to Become a Spiritual Detective

At the start of this year, the Lord gave me the word, “curiosity,” and I believe it is a timely and anointed word for many of us right now.

Curiosity unlocks creativity and leads to new ideas and inventions.
It is a powerful antidote to perfectionism and fear of failure!

Curiosity heralds a season of discovery—and through it, the Holy Spirit takes us on a journey of faith.

Curiosity and Ministry

"Curiosity: How to become a spiritual detective" text on gold and grey backgroundAt first, it seemed to be an unusual theme for a year! I could immediately apply it to the administration and work of the ministry.
So, I created a poster to remind me: “Curiosity: What would this look like if I approached it with curiosity?”
Then, I added a definition:

  • An eager desire to know or learn about something, or to have an inquiring mind
  • Something interesting because it is rare and unusual [1]

Curiosity heralded a year of discovery—and it was about to take me on a journey I hadn’t anticipated!

The Glory of Kings

Curiosity is childlike, yet according to Solomon, it is characteristic of kings!
Solomon wrote: “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” (Proverbs 25:2 AMP)

As God’s children, we can be like spiritual detectives.
In the world, a detective is someone who investigates and solves crimes.
But in God’s Kingdom, we search for treasure in His Word. We seek to follow Jesus and above all, to know Him.

There’s an abundance to discover, so, there’s always an element of mystery!

5 Ways to Become a “Spiritual Detective”, Using Curiosity

1. Lean into Curiosity

Curiosity, I soon realized, is powerful, for it breaks open options.

The way we choose initially may work or it can lead us to find a better way. And even if it leads us back to where we started, we have learned something!

Curiosity is an antidote to fear of failure, anxiety, and perfectionism. It allows us to explore without the pressure of understanding or getting it right.

  • It is a key to unlocking creativity.

On a practical level, curiosity helps us tackle tasks and projects, revealing they aren’t as daunting as imagined.

2. Use Curiosity in Your Spiritual Journey

Curiosity is also a powerful tool for spiritual growth and our relationship with God. It is a childlike trait, and it cultivates wonder.

Jesus prayed,
“O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever and revealing them to the childlike. Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way.” (Luke 10:21, NLT)

We can approach our spiritual journey inquisitively because God always has more for us to receive, learn, and become.
As a result, we are always “novices in the new” in the Kingdom of God.

3. Ask Questions About Signs

When we are curious, we ask questions and seek the answers.
A question is like an empty container waiting to be filled.
When we hold a question before God, He uses it for His glory.

Moses asked, “Why isn’t that bush burning up?” (Exodus 3:3) Then, he followed his curiosity, which led him to encounter God.
We, too, can turn aside as Moses did, and receive a fresh commission.

The wise men followed a star, pursuing a sign and a wonder in the heavens.
They asked, “Where is the newborn King?” (Matt 2:2)

Likewise, the Holy Spirit draws our attention with signs and mysteries. [2]
And calls us into the adventure of obedience.

4. Follow God’s Clues and Ask More Questions

An important question I’ve learned to ask is not only “What?” but “Why?”
And “why” always leads us back to the heart of God. In seeking meaning, we find God Himself.

Sometimes, the answer to our question takes time to unfold.
And following a question, or clue (such as a prophetic dream) does not lead to a conclusion.
Instead, it leads to another question!

Being curious prompts us to ask questions— to set up a “line of inquiry.”

It is as though He is taking us on a treasure hunt.

The Father delights to walk with us—if we always knew the perfect way, we would not need His answers.

5. God Comes to the Questioning Heart

Some of Jesus’ most profound declarations were in response to people’s questions (e.g., Philip, Nicodemus, the disciples of John the Baptist).

Notice how Jesus responds to the Samaritan woman’s questions at the well (John 4). Gently, he leads her along.

“If you would ask Me…I would give you living water,” Jesus says, referring to salvation.
The woman responds by saying, “…give me this water,” meaning physical water.

What stands out is that she asks for the water, just as Jesus invites her.
Even though she doesn’t comprehend, her petition is sufficient!
Because in their next exchange, Jesus reveals who He is.

What a comfort:
Jesus responds to the openness of our hearts—not the accuracy of our understanding.

God is Restoring Curiosity

Curiosity is a gift that leads us to seek God and discover what He is doing.
Yet somewhere along the way, this gift can be damaged.

  • For example, when others criticize or knock us back—or plans don’t work out as expected
  • We may shelter in the predictable, where it seems safe

But the Holy Spirit is moving beyond the familiar.
Hear God say, “Beloved, take My hand and let us walk together.”
God is restoring your curiosity and rewarding your faith (Heb 11:6).


[1] Definition of Curiosity in the Cambridge Dictionary
[2] See my post Why Does the Holy Spirit Speak In Mysteries? for more insights about signs and mysteries, along with a compelling list of benefits.

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25 thoughts on “Curiosity: How to Become a Spiritual Detective”

  1. I love this message Helen! Thank you so much. It has sparked a quest in me to inquire more. The verse in Proverbs – It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to seek out a matter. I’d often read that , then that was that but now in curiosity I can ask and seek more questions/information/revelation from the Lord in matters. I’ve been seeing Constantly numbers eg. 1.11, 2.22, 3.33 etc for a very long time and asking the Lord about it but now I feel I can inquire more through curiosity. Thank you.

  2. Grazie helen Dio ti benedica sopratutto in questo passaggio Mosè chiese: “Perché quel roveto non brucia?” (Esodo 3:3) Poi seguì la sua curiosità, che lo portò a incontrare Dio.
    Quando continuiamo a ricercare con una curiosità riguardando All attrazione delle cose di Dio allla chiamata di Dio…. lo incontriamo

  3. Steve McCracken

    Hey Helen. Great word! Years ago, the Lord challenged me on what I was curious about. The truth is we are all curious about something. God’s created us to be curious about Him and His ways, but when we are not, we will be curious about things that can cause us damage. So, thanks for articulating this so clearly and for highlighting the power of the RIGHT questions and curiosity. Bless you sis!

  4. Wow am indeed blessed
    Curiosity is the antidote to perfectionism and fear of failure
    It’s my prayer that I will always be curious to the the things of Gid

  5. Daniel Hardaway sr

    Hi Helen: iam encouraged by your messages, they have been a blessing to me in the last couple years, I am closely approaching my 77 years of age
    I have been pastor over 42 years it’s
    Hard struggle for me and wife, this will be my last year, the pastor role I am coming out I will still a minister for
    Jesus christ

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