Daily prophetic words (or weekly as with Enliven Blog, or yearly) are becoming increasingly popular, and short-form media such as Instagram and Twitter have made them easily accessible.

Many of these daily prophetic words are written to a wide audience, but are addressed in a personal way, as though they are a word to you.

A prophetic insight can be a timely word from God to strengthen us, and give our faith a much-needed boost.

  • But we need to exercise wisdom and discernment, and learn to hear God’s voice for ourselves

So, how do we make the most of daily prophetic words—and honor what God is saying to us through them—whilst also growing in our personal relationship with God?

5 Tips to Make the Most of Daily Prophetic Words

Here are some tips on how to make the most of global prophetic insights—whether through ‘daily prophetic words’ or occasional ones such as you find here on Enliven Blog:

1. Remember your Timing and Walk with God is Different to Others

‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens’ (Eccl 3:1, NIV)

Right now, you could be in a wilderness period, a waiting season, in transition, or in a busy time of launching into a new opportunity. Perhaps, you can identify with more than one of these right now!

Be assured that no matter where you are currently, your Father has a life-giving word for you (John 10:10).

Your circumstance is unique, and you have you own timetable from God. He will speak to you accordingly.

It is okay to embrace some aspects of a globally released daily prophetic word— that which you sense by the Holy Spirit is for you—and not all of it.

That prophetic insight may be primarily for others, and that is okay. Perhaps someone else comes to mind, for whom it is timely, and you can share it onwards.

If you believe a prophetic insight is significant but not for right now, store it for later reference.

2. Dig Your Own Prophetic Well

Some people in the world look to horoscopes for encouragement and use them to forecast what will happen in their lives. We have something much better: a personal relationship with God. 

When God does speak to you through a daily prophetic word, it may be for encouragement in that moment.

  • But it may also be an invitation from your Heavenly Father to engage more deeply with Him in response to that message, through your own prayer and Bible study

Don’t just have a sip. Dig the well.

‘The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.’ (John 10:3, NIV)

Always remember, God wants you to learn to hear His voice and receive prophetic insights for yourself.

So never let a daily prophetic word, or a weekly or occasional word from a prophet, become your primary source of hearing from God. But do honor those words and ministers through whom He does speak to you.

  • Let them stir hunger in you to pursue God’s mind and intention for yourself

3. Check What the Bible Says

‘Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.’ (Acts 17:11, NIV)

Having God speak to us through a daily prophetic word is can be encouraging and faith-building. What is even more powerful, is being able to connect that insight to Scripture, and declare that.

Remember, Jesus overcame Satan’s temptation with the words, ‘It is written!’ 

In that moment, Jesus knew His Father’s intention, but He chose to boldly declare that intention using Scripture.

Scripture is a powerful weapon against the enemy. It is bread to us (Matt 4:4), and we benefit from consuming it daily.

Make it your aim to be:

  • Someone who spends more time studying the Bible for yourself, than you do reading prophetic insights given by others
  • So full of Scripture that when you do come across a daily prophetic word, you can immediately refer to a Bible passage or principle that it relates to

4. Ask, ‘Am I Hearing the Father’s Voice?’

We are created to live in hope, and God desires to give this to us in abundance (Rom 15:13).

  • However, the Holy Spirit will at times also challenge and discomfort us, because our Father has more for us

One aspect of the Fatherhood of God is that He cheers you on, encouraging you to take steps forward:

    • But your Father also wants you to walk whole, without a limp (Heb 12:12-13)
    • He wants you to run without the hindrance of sin (Heb 12:1)

As a loving Father, God not only encourages us. He also disciplines us (Heb 12:4-7).

Because our Father loves us, He delights in us becoming mature sons and daughters. (Rom 8:29)

Have a Balanced Prophetic Diet

Some prophetic ministers are like Barnabas, who was primarily gifted in encouragement. [1] They continually share daily prophetic words of hope and faith, because that is their spiritual gift, and God’s gift to us through them.

But just as we need a balanced diet physically, we also need a healthy and balanced diet spiritually.

  • Some messages from the Father will also bring adjustment and change when we need it [2]
  • The Holy Spirit is revealing beliefs, thinking and behaviour in our lives that need to be upgraded.

Through these prophetic insights, we hear truth that will set us free (John 8:32).

Conviction from the Holy Spirit brings freedom that leads to joy. And prophetic adjustment will express the loving tone of the Father.

5. Weigh Up Every Prophetic Insight

Finally, don’t forget that regardless of how a prophetic word is brought, who brings it, and how relevant it is to you, all prophecy is subject to being weighed up [3]:

  • If you feel God is leading you in a particular direction as a result of a daily prophetic word or prophetic insight you read, take it through the process of accountability (1 Cor 14:29, 1 Thess 5:19-22)
  • The Bible is not only the chief source of our revelation from God, it is also the standard by which we weigh up every prophetic insight we receive (2 Tim 3:16-17)
  • Weigh up the prophet as well as the prophetic insights they bring (Matt 7:15-17)
  • Use love and wisdom in application: ask, ‘Will the way I am considering responding to this prophetic insight bear good fruit?


[1] Acts 4:36, Acts 11:24. For more on Barnabas, see: ‘The Spirit of Encouragement: Are You a Barnabas?’

[2] Prophet David McCracken is someone through whom God often brings wisdom and adjustment to me personally. You can find him on Twitter here.
This is a great reminder that just because an insight does not need to be labelled a ‘prophetic word’ for God to speak to us through it.

[3] For more on this see ‘Prophetic Accuracy: Why Should Prophecy be Weighed Up?’

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15 thoughts on “Daily Prophetic Words: How to Make the Most of Them”

  1. Thank you so much , your teachings are speaking to me and encouraging me to go to another level. I feel prophetic activations

    1. That is great, Macmilan, may the prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit be stirred more and more

  2. …Thank you So much!! I read this an felt comfort and Peace. Today i prayed and spoke those words over my life!! i had an inkling to check my e-mail and i found this. I believe God lead me here to read this blog. Towards the end of may i noticed God had begun answering my prayers quickly and he is still doing it.. .. This may seem small to others but this is huge for me. I have always struggled about my process and how God uses and speaks to me. Since i have been connected to this blog i am growing to love myself more and be comfortable with who God made me to be. I still am waiting for some more of my prayers to manifest in my life…. but i believe it is gonna happen

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I love that Cierra, am so glad the blog has been empowering for you. Yes you are wonderfully made and you are loved… Psalm 139 came to my mind as I read your words.

  3. Cynthia Carter

    I am so greatful to receive your email. It is so rewarding. It has confirmed somethings that I feel the Lord has spoken unto me. Praise God for your faithfulness to ear from God and share with others to help us grow on our journey with the Lord

  4. This is great Helen. Your words are very helpful. When I read prophetic words I usually get a check in my spirit (sometimes more than others) it reminded me of this passage in Luke 1:39-45 when Mary greeted Elizabeth, when the prophetic word comes there is a leaping of joy for the new thing being birthed
    The words that Paul gives in 1 Corinthians 2 that we are lead by the spirit of God is important to me also.
    Thanks for your ministry Helen.

    1. Hi David, your example of Mary and Elizabeth is very meaningful!
      It is the Spirit Himself bearing witness in our spirits that something is of Him (1 John 2:27), and also, like Elizabeth who was pregnant with John (the ‘new move of God’) it is the new thing God is doing, that we are carrying within us, that may yet be hidden, that ‘jumps’ at a prophetic word of confirmation.

      1. Thanks Helen
        Over the past 18 months I have met new people, upon seeing them for a second time 6 of them have said “ Hi John, how are you going” !!!!!
        It’s not even my middle name, but I feel God.

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