How To Overcome Reluctance In Sharing Your Gift

Recently, I had a prophetic vision in which I looked into Jesus’ eyes, and reflected in them was something He wanted to show me.

Jesus seemed to be indicating, ‘See what I am seeing—this is on the Father’s heart right now.’

offer-your-giftsI saw long banqueting tables being prepared for a feast. Some platters were already in place; however, there were still a lot of empty spaces awaiting food.

As I watched this table, I became aware of the sound of a stampede in the distance. The sound was growing louder. It was evident that crowds of hungry people were on their way—but the feast was not ready.

Why, I wondered, were there so many spaces? Time was running out for God’s people to bring their plates of food to the table! Yet they were holding back for various reasons.

No More Excuses

Right now, there is an urgency in the Kingdom because many people need to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ (Ps 34:8) They need the Good News. They need the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The hungry can only ‘taste and see’ as God’s people bring their gifts to the table—as you and I are willing to share what God has given to us.

Why would people hesitate to bring a platter of food to a public table?

  • Perhaps they feel inadequate—they are measuring themselves against others who have more ‘fancy’ dishes and think that their own offerings are too plain, their recipes too simple
  • Maybe they feel intimidated—and they are afraid of criticism or rejection of their offering
  • Perhaps they are so overwhelmed with meeting their own needs that they do not have time to consider others
  • They could be simply lethargic, or have lost their own appetite, or…

Overcome Reluctance and Bring your Gifts to the Table.

Today, I believe it is on God’s heart to encourage you to share what you have with others.

Bring your spiritual gifts, your talents, your vision, to the table. If you are a leader, encourage others to do the same.

If you can relate to having a reluctance in sharing your spiritual gift, here are some encouraging truths to help you move forward:

Don’t hold back because you feel inadequate. God says you are appointed and anointed. Your adequacy is from Him. (2 Cor 3:4)

Don’t hold back because you feel what you have is too simple. There are people who need the simplicity of the gift and expression you carry, just as there are people who need plain food. There are many different needs and many different appetites.

Don’t hold back because you feel you do not have the time. What you carry in its barest form, released in a moment, may help feed a hungry person.

God can use what you offer to Him, but He cannot use what you withhold.

Don’t hold back because you are intimidated by other people’s gifts, styles or methods. What you carry is unique and highly valued to God.

You are significant and irreplaceable.

Your gifts are needed by Jesus.

And—there are lives at stake.

Choose Your Story…Change Your Life.

The Script Book

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41 thoughts on “How To Overcome Reluctance In Sharing Your Gift”

  1. I am Samson, I’m a worshipper and Publisher.
    This is beyond coincidence, the word of God is true, God’s word is sharper than any two-edged sword, it has the ability to see through the deepest secret, Now I’m going thru dis reluctance, God gave me a vision around April 2016, though I’ve takien two steps of obedience along the way not without his great Grace!!! in August and September, but I just felt I’m incomplete for the assignment God has given me, I feel like how do I present before bible scholars that I respect, how do I communicate, how do I handle the kind of people showing interests. You know established people.
    Sometimes I just tell myself, let me not bother myself but something tells me I would step out of the will of God over my life if I just neglect the call.
    But thanks to “God of” this write-up I know he’s constantly bringing me back on track…glory to him. But I’m trusting. Really trusting.

    1. Yes Samson, your words remind me that Jesus keeps calling us out of our comfort zones, just as He called Peter to step out of the boat and walk on water. I pray you are encouraged today to keep pressing in to what God has for you.

    2. Hi Helen , I love talking to you so much my spirit just feels at peace and comfortable, I was born and raised catholic. A lot of what GOD has shared and shown me has to do with our Mother Mary or Saint FAUSTINA through dreams and visions, However I think it’s the hardest to try and talk to people without being questioned or interrogated or even you have to have the approval to share ! Sorry if it sounds tough but I struggle a lot with the church . I so wish I could talk to you I just feel so comfortable writing to you and I read all your stuff it’s so amazing I know you know GOD because I feel it, my Christmas wish would be an opportunity to speak with you , I’ll pray for you to tonight please pray for me ! I can’t wait to hear from you again , I can tell you anything and I know I’m not judged GOD Bless u lots Your dear friend Mike Dentai . Ps I tell everybody that I practice relation not religion ( smile ) I love Joyce Meyers to . Good night

  2. Hello Enliven,I’m a very fun of your blog and Everytime you post a message,it seems You know my situations..I think God is using you to come to myself…My pastor told me God hands is unpon me (Prophet) but I don’t see any sign to feel the activation of my gift..I feel a very big reluctancy in growing my gift as I don’t really know the reason WHY…I have a notion in my mind of not being too complisency in the miday of a congregation.I read it somewhare that developing your gift takes a time…What should I do to break free from reluctancy?….I really need help of this…

  3. May God bless this ministry.May God enlarge your borderies.The word of God is true and living.Lets press on in this journey of salvation even as we bring more to the kingdom of God through the gifts He has entrusted us

  4. Hello, this is good but how I have a question how does one share their gifts when they are not sure about their gifts. You see I’m a recent graduate that is still looking for my way in life. I often envy people who know their gifts and can use them for good purposes but as I am unsure I am at a standstill. I have people around me who tell me what my gifts are and yet I still stuck in life and am not sure how to proceed. I know that trusting God is the only way to help overcome my insecurities but still I find it hard. Any advice? Thanks.

    1. Hello June! I know you asked Helen but as a fledgling in Christ myself might I share with you what I have found? My purpose post accident wasn’t clear until very recently. I am a bona fide mess and prayed to the point of demanding (a progression I assure) direction from God. Once you have built a foundation, put in the prayer time, which is actually putting God first, you go to Him and pray for exactly what you need. I have found that the more specific and the more sincere you are, as long as it follows God’s plans for you, He will give it. We ask for God’s Grace, Discernment and Wisdom first and then we add the mundane. Go to Jesus and put your heart felt needs at His feet, then have faith He will provide! Good Luck sweetheart and May God show you His presence soon. All Love~Stacie

    2. Hi June, such a good question!
      It’s ok to not be certain about the gift – remembering that all spiritual gifts are based in an attribute that should be active in every Christian’s life to start with.
      (e.g. some have a gift of prophecy, all believers have an ability to hear from God and share what they hear. Some have spiritual gift of discernment, all Christians should be growing in discernment, some have gift of healing or prayer, every Christian can pray/pray for the sick…and so on).
      So if you are interested in a certain area of gifting, I encourage you to take some small steps forward. If you can give me an idea of which areas you are particularly interested in, I can point you to articles that may help you take action.

      1. I never thought about it that way but now I see the bigger picture. I’m not exactly sure which area to look into specifically as I’m not sure how to classify the gifts.

        I have had visions but none recently. Another thing I can’t classify is when I was deciding on a church to attend when I was overseas. I was looking through the list of churches but I just kept coming back to one of them, as if telling me that was where I was suppose to go. Sometimes when i feel lonely or just weak I can feel someone hugging me and catching me when I fall. What do all this mean? I’m not very certain.

        1. Hi June Lynn, I think that it all comes back to our relationship with God and developing sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. When that’s number one and the main thing, it’s just a joy finding out what is on His heart and responding to it – regardless of whether it fits into a category.
          But you mentioned visions, so here is an article that may help you stir up that ability:

  5. Hello Helen~I do so love receiving your insights and prophetic wisdom as you have on so many occasions lifted my broken heart up! I am struggling to put the pieces of my life back together after a car accident that left me with brain damage which keeps me from functioning normally. I lost my job, my car and the independence I so relished. However, I gained a loving Christian husband, a family who needed me and have just come to the realization that people with brain injury and PTSD desperately need an advocate. Sports related head injury and veterans who return with awful head trauma and PSTD have no resource network of which I feel drawn to remedy. I have very little money, obviously, but as soon as I am able I absolutely want to boost your endeavors as you have boosted mine! Truly your ministry has kept me going! I am not hesitating so much as I am hobbled with a disability and trying to put my life back together with anew direction and God’s plan for me! God Bless you and yours and please know that I hold you in my heart. A heart that Jesus Himself has mended! Most Sincerely, Stacie Sutton

    1. Hi Stacie, what a powerful testimony. You have discovered Jesus’ extraordinary grace and He is lifting you up. God can truly turn our ‘mess’ into a message that changes lives and brings Him glory.
      Thank you so much for sharing and being a part of our community. <3

  6. I have kept gifts God given to me to myself and used it mostly within relationships where I can trust people. Fear of man and fear of failure are the prominent reasons for my hidden state. I also don’t feel equipped or as if I am truly ready to responsibly use these gifts the way God intended. I am,uncertain sometimes about what God shows me and if it’s enemy playing in my,mind. I don’t want comingling to be something that makes others question God and His work He does through me. I hear so many tAlk about false prophecy and I truly don’t want to do,that to,anyone so I always hesitate and ssk,God for confirmation after confirmation before I am,willing to move in obedience.

    1. Hi Sonia,
      I’m excited today to be able to encourage you. This article came to mind when I read your comment and I believe you will find some helpful keys here:
      It’s interesting that it’s not the people who are afraid of going wrong who bring the ‘off’ prophecies, it’s usually those who are overconfident and don’t have accountability in place! And that’s not you. Take heart, keep love, wisdom and encouragement as your main context of ministering as you start out, and step forward. You have something special to offer.

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