What is a Prophetic Calling?

Prophetic CallingA prophetic calling can be the call of God to a vocation, a particular achievement, or to work in an area of passion. Your prophetic calling may be a God-breathed call to prophetic ministry.

‘Prophetic’ speaks of Father’s intention for your life—the purpose and destiny that you are created for.

‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Eph 2:10)

A prophetic calling does not mean that God has a rigid set of plans that you must adhere to. Your prophetic calling has ebbs and flows, like a river. It is a journey; your personal walk with Jesus.

When it feels as though you have missed the mark, or are in a prolonged time of waiting for your prophetic calling, God’s grace is there for you. You find that the Holy Spirit has been at work all along.

Then, when least expected, you enter a season of Divine acceleration and God unfolds His prophetic calling for your life in ways beyond which you have dreamed.

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Prophetic Calling

Do you feel called to prophetic ministry? Here are 7 ways to prepare for your prophetic calling, inspired by those called to the ministry of a prophet in the Bible:

1. Focus on Intimacy with God and Prayer

Anna was destined to be a prophetic voice at Jesus’ birth. Leading up to this time, she spent many years ministering as an intercessor at the Temple, fasting and praying. (Luke 2:36-38)

When the Prophet Elijah suddenly stepped onto the stage (1 Kings 17:1) to address King Ahab and announce drought, he already had a mature relationship with God, as well as a strong, anointed prophetic authority. He later took his successor, Elisha, through a prophetic apprenticeship. However, the Scripture reveals nothing of Elijah’s own apprenticeship with God. It was accomplished in the private place of intimacy.

Focus on your intimate relationship with God, your prayer, Bible study, and devotional life—in the secret place, before anybody sees the result of it.

2. Serve Faithfully Where You Are

Deborah was a prophetess who was called by God to ultimately be instrumental in delivering Israel from twenty years of bondage to a cruel oppressor. As a prophet, she must have foreseen that day would come. And yet she spent years leading up to that time faithfully serving as a judge to Israel, listening and settling disputes, enduring decades of oppression. (Judges 4)

Serve faithfully in the ministry you have, while waiting for God’s ultimate purpose and destiny to open up for your life.

3. Stay on Track During the Hard Times

Wilderness periods are a recurring Biblical theme, especially for those who have a significant call of God upon their lives. John the Baptist spent a long time in the desert, preparing for the call on his life to be a prophet who would prepare the way for Jesus. (Luke 3:2) Moses endured failure and 40 years in the wilderness before being raised up as a prophet and leader to Israel.

There are no shortcuts to a prophetic calling. Many times God calls us to endure seasons of waiting and wondering, whilst He is at work behind the scenes preparing our character, lining up people and circumstances for what is ahead.

4. Embrace Secular Work

Elisha was working in his family’s business the day Elijah came by with his mantle and prophetic calling. Peter and John were fishing—busy and successful in their family’s small business, when Jesus came by and called them. Daniel discovered that his prophetic ministry was to be carried out in the marketplace. He had the ear of Kings and was promoted to one of the highest places in the kingdom.

Family, business, government, and education—all of these things are significant in God’s sight. He is raising up powerful prophetic ministries; those like Joseph and Daniel who will serve Him primarily in these areas. Do not assume that a calling to prophetic ministry means that you will never work in secular employment. Even when called to ministry as a primary vocation, work wholeheartedly in your secular career until God releases you to move on.

5. Honour Leaders—Even During Times of Trial

Elisha had Elijah and the disciples had Jesus, but not all those who had a prophetic calling in Scripture enjoyed the benefits of healthy leadership. David continued to serve Saul as a warrior and musician when mistrust and jealousy were operating in Saul’s life. When Saul was pursuing David to kill him, David refused to kill Saul even when it appeared God had granted him an opportunity. His words were ‘But the Lord forbid that I should lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed.’ (1 Sam 26:11)

Samuel faithfully served as a priest under Eli’s leadership, even though God’s hand of judgment was against Eli for his weakness of character and allowing corruption in his family and ministry. Samuel waited for God’s timing for his ministry as a prophet and national leader to emerge. (1 Sam 3-4)

Keep a heart of honor towards your leaders, even during the hard times, and serve their vision faithfully. Stay where God has planted you unless He has released you to move on. Make it your mission to finish well.

6. Be Planted in a Local Church

When we first meet Agabus, a prominent prophet in the New Testament, he is one of a ‘company of prophets’ in the Jerusalem Church. (Acts 11:27-28). The Apostle Paul began his ministry serving in the local church at Antioch. In spite of the powerful prophetic call on his life, he waited until church leaders confirmed the timing of that call before he launched out in his missionary calling. (Acts 13)

The context for prophetic ministry, and for the Christian life, is within the community of a local church. Seek out and embrace the community of a church and flourish under the pastoral oversight God gives to you.

7. Move Past Your Comfort Zone

God challenged Jeremiah to speak in spite of his youthfulness and timidity. “Alas, Sovereign Lord,” I said, “I do not know how to speak; I am too young.” But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.” (Jer 1:6-7)

In order to grow into your prophetic calling, you will face times of stretching again and again. These are points of decision, orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, in which you have the opportunity to follow and obey God’s call upon your life.

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31 thoughts on “7 Ways to Prepare for Your Prophetic Calling”

  1. Happy new year Helen,(is it too late to say that.)
    I was flying from Brisbane to Adelaide not so long ago and as I looked out the window, down below was the Mighty Murry river. I heard the Holy Spirit say, that’s how I work , meandering through your life, sometimes this way sometimes that way, it’s important you stay in the flow of my meandering. For if you come out of it you will hit dry hard ground and life will become a grind. Trust me and stay in my flow.
    I can identify with point 7. As I have on several occasions been referred to as a Gideon (Judges 6), feeling like the least in my eyes but a mighty warrior in Gods eyes. With too many stories to tell I will conclude with this one.
    I was at home in my garage listening to the radio, when A friend drove by and stopped down the street a little way past my place so I crossed over down the street for a chat, a few minutes later my stereo spontaneously turned up full volume, I had to quickly run home and turn it down only to realise the song on the radio was John Farnham, Your the voice. If you know the lyrics it’s all about coming out and speaking up now, and seeing myself how God sees me, not living in fear any longer.
    Cheers Helen, and bless you.

    1. Yes happy New Year David…not too late – can’t believe it’s February already!
      I love that story about the radio, definitely one of those ‘goosebumps’ moments! (As they say, ‘how much louder does God have to shout?’) 🙂

  2. Hello Helen,

    I have often heard that another way to help increase your prophetic gift and to grow toward your call is to hang out with others with the same calling. What happens when you don’t seem to fit in with the other prophetic people in your church. What if you try to fit in but you just don’t seem to be successful enough for them to embrace you? Could it be that God is doing that on purpose to call a person to Himself?

    1. Hi Bernice, I believe that God is always drawing us into a place of intimacy and reliance upon Him.
      There are many reasons why a person can have difficulties fitting in to a prophetic group, which are quite numerous. So, things to check – keep an attitude of honour towards others, even when they have differing perspectives, stay teachable, find ways to serve without requiring anything in return, and above all, find your value, worth and intimacy in God.

  3. Well, this is exactly what I needed to hear today. My life is so hard to explain, as I am sure many of you can relate. Super fast wrap up, at 16 I told God “I would never be a pastor of any kind” as I was constantly compared to my Dad and my teenage brain couldn’t handle it I guess. Fast forward through a lot of terrible decisions over the next decade. Then at 26 I surrendered to “ministry” (but not fully in heart but wanted to) and whatever that entailed, though not convinced it was a “pastor” as in leader of one body of believers for x amount of time. Fast forward 8 months, I had been to a school within a mission organization that spoke on “hearing God’s voice”, which I found somewhat sketch, as I never heard of it or considered it, other than we had His Word. I was skeptical as some of the people were definitely creating stuff or trying to fit the “mold”, but I had seen others that it seemed authentic so I was torn. Fastforward 3 years, finally after 3 years of praying, “Lord I want to fully surrender but don’t know how, you will have to do it”, He brought me to full surrender. My first prayer was “Father, if you speak to us personally and if you can and will speak to me, please do it and do it in all kinds of ways, hold nothing back. Whatever I hear you speak I will speak, whatever you say do I will do, wherever you say go I will go, anywhere…and Lord I desire to run the race well, to make up for lost time, and Lord I wish to honor you with my life, and to give my life over completely and when my race is done I want even want more so I desire to die for your name and your glory”. That desire has only grown over the last 3 years since. He has honored that simple prayer, I began to hear Him in ways unexplained, He spoke things to me that were so clear and so “radical” to the normal person that they thought my wife and I were crazy. But yet He kept speaking and we keep obeying. My only desire is “what do you want for me now? Send me”. Over the last 3 years He has revealed to me the prophetic gift, and even more I desire it, and I feel like I have a part of so many, starting with an “Isaiah like zeal”, with a “Jonah like beginning”, with a “Jeremiah like heart”, and with a “Paul like boldness and fearlessness” and a “Peter like faith”. And I feel restless and can’t imagine being in one place for too long, but will stay wherever as long as He says.

    Okay, fast forward again to right this moment. God has brought my wife and I through many places across the world and through many seasons, and each one tougher than the next. But, now God has clearly brought me to this point, to spend the next 3 years getting my M.Div in one of the harder schools in the country, and one of the more prominent schools, especially when it comes to a “cessationist” view of the gifts. They are definitely and strangely the leaders of such a movement, to narrow it down for you. But I know this is exactly where the Lord wants me and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I came knowing it would be difficult and I feel like I am in a spiritually dry wilderness, which all seminary is like that, but worse I am in a restrained environment. However, I know God has His purposes and I look forward to seeing what He has planned for all of this.

    This last week or so I have been feeling to put it bluntly kind of dead inside, like I’m slowly dying and today was especially bad and discouraging. However, my friend from another state text me telling me he was praying for me and that the Spirit had something to share with me today. Then I received this blog and it hit straight to the heart. It reminded me of that God has something in store for me to do for His glory and a ministry for His name, and this is just a “wilderness training time” and not to let go of what He has spoken. The tough part is no one to talk to at school about what is actually going on inside, about things of the Spirit, that they just don’t believe or understand.

    So thank you for this blog and for listening to the Spirit in writing it at the right time. Sorry for all the words, believe it or not, that was the short version.

    1. Hi there – thank you for sharing that, how good it is when we receive timely encouragement from the Spirit just when we need it. I’m so glad that you found us here today. Yes, what an amazing opportunity you now have, building in God’s Word and in strength of character as you study. He is faithful, He is sovereign, He has you in hand and He knows exactly what He is doing. So I pray you will continue to be refreshed by the Spirit, experience grace and favour upon you as a couple, undeniable miracles, answers to prayer and Divine interventions that will be a continual testimony that God moves in power and in the gifts today, and that you are right on track hearing His voice. God bless you both, from us here in Melbourne Australia. 🙂

  4. Hi Helen, Happy New Year and Abundant Blessings to You and ALL the Team at David McCracken Ministries.
    Thank you for this very encouraging Prophetic Teaching. I was drawn to the Word “Mantle” when reading this article, and have been meditating on it. Then I remembered this beautiful Scripture in the Gospel of Luke chapter 24, verse 49, it speaks of us being ENDUED with POWER from on HIGH, this Word Endued means CLOTHED in the Greek language. I started to think how Blessed we are that GOD has sent HIS Precious HOLY SPIRIT on the day of Pentecost, and how Precious the Baptism of HOLY SPIRIT is, and ALL the Gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT are just like a Tool Box with many different Tools being used to Build UP the Kingdom of GOD, to bring many Precious Souls into the Kingdom of HEAVEN. I believe The LORD has a mantle for ALL of us, it could be a mantle of New STRENGTH, Joy, Peace, New Hope, New Vision, New Dreams, New Purpose, New Destiny, New VICTORY, Something New, Something Fresh.

    This is a little poem I wrote recently,

    Yes, Its’ a NEW HOUR the DAWNING of a NEW DAY

    OPEN UP my EYES to SEE

    GOD has Put a NEW SONG of Worship in my Heart
    GOD has Put a NEW SONG of Worship in my Mouth to SING

    JESUS is my STRENGTH, HE is my Everything
    Let ALL Creation SING

    “Let us Adore, and WORSHIP HIM”

    The SPIRIT and the Bride Say “COME”
    To the Hungry, To the Thirsty Soul
    HE WILL Satisfy
    With RIVERS of LIVING WATER, that will NEVER Run Dry
    The SPIRIT and the Bride Say “COME”

    Poem by Irene Kyriacou

    1. Hello Irene, it’s always a joy to hear from you and to receive a poem! Happy New Year! I’m so glad you mentioned Luke 24:49… just what I needed for a message I’m currently preparing, thank you for that! 🙂

  5. I stumbled upon your site while fasting over the Christmas holiday and I must say it has been a life changing experience for me. The free ebook, the emails and other resource on your site have richly bestowed upon my life an awaking of the prophetic.
    I feel as though right now I’m in a testing stage or maybe more in a stage of pruning and really need insight as to how to stay focus and/or stay in line with what Gid is doing in my life. I don’t have anyone to get guidance or to impart into my life re: prophetic gift so your website and the Holy Spirit is helping me. Do you have any recommendations as to what other material I can read or tap into?

    1. Hi Mindonna, it’s good to hear from you and I’m glad that our site has been useful for you!
      I’m not up to date with current books on prophetic gifts and ministry. Can you listen to podcasts? I understand Kris Vallotton from Bethel, Redding, has some good podcasts on the prophetic and I’ve listened some great ones from him myself. You would have to search through them to find the topics you are interested in, though.

  6. The impression you gave in your reference to Paul was that the leadership ( to whom he was subordinate), recieved information apart from him, and duly ordained him.
    But actually, he was a part of a mixed leadership team: with Barnabas, the first among equals; which is contrary to the common model. Also The Holy Spirit spoke clearly to every team member at once, and chose Barnabas the 1st, and Paul the last for the mission.
    Also in the case of Samuel, it was true that he served faithfully. But how did he avoid taking part in the evil works of the sons of Eli, taking into account the fact that he was their servant? Because our just God, will never have appointed him if He shared in their sins. I mean, at some point, he must have disobeyed them, to obey God.
    Also, just imagine what would have happened in a modern church if somebdy like Samuel, a non- levite, -hence unqualified by God’s laws, should dare to give such a negative prophecy to the Pastor/leader?

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