Can prophetic guidance, prophecy and supernatural revelation help in our businesses and places of work? Can we expect to see miracles, Divine intervention and answers to prayer in business and the marketplace?

The Holy Spirit is stirring prophetic people to have a greater influence in the marketplace—including business, education and government.

Prophecy and Business

  • In the Bible, many people were identified by their occupation and their business was acknowledged. God is interested in our whole lives, and this includes our vocations and businesses.
  • When we have a Kingdom perspective, our focus on the activity of the Holy Spirit will not be solely confined to church meetings, or to Christian groups and organisations. We will follow the Father’s heart—and Jesus’ footsteps—into the world.

In the Bible, we see God intimately involved in the lifestyle, business and property of those who followed Him. We see God actively at work in businesses and the marketplace.

9 Bible Examples of Prophecy and God’s Power in Business and the Marketplace

Here are some faith-building insights into God’s heart for business, vocation and the marketplace from the Bible:

  1. Jacob received a promise from God concerning his business in a prophetic dream. As a result, his flocks supernaturally increased. Jacob was able to gain independence, leave the oppressive oversight of his former boss Laban, and return to Canaan. (Gen 31:10-13)
  1. Joseph’s prophetic ministry of dream interpretation launched him into leadership in Egypt. Through his stewardship, nations were saved from famine. Joseph also used his expertise to increase Pharaoh’s business and property. (Gen 47:13-26)
  1. An angel showed up at Gideon’s place of work, while he was threshing wheat. (Judges 6:11) The enemy was robbing the Israelites of their food and their livelihood. God used Gideon to supernaturally overcome the enemy, so that Israel could return to worshipping God and prosper again.
  1. David experienced the power of God privately in his family business before he went public against the giant Goliath. God gave him the supernatural strength to protect his father’s flock of sheep from the threat of the lion and the bear. (1 Sam 17:34-37)
  1. The Prophet Elisha helped a woman who was in debt by empowering her to have a temporary small business. [1] The woman gathered jars from her neighbours, and sold oil supernaturally provided by God, to give her an income and pay off her debts. (2 Kings 4:1-7)
  1. Daniel was a Prophet whilst also being an administrator for the Kingdom of Persia. His prophetic ministry and God’s power at work in his life influenced Kings and opened doors of promotion in Government to him. (Book of Daniel)
  1. Jesus gave his disciples prophetic instruction that resulted in an overflow harvest in their fishing business, making up for a night of fruitless labour. (Luke 5:5-7)
  1. A prophetic encounter with Jesus changed Zaccheus’ life—and this overflowed into his vocation. He promised to restore wealth gained through corrupt business dealings in his business of tax collection. (Luke 19:1-9)
  1. Peter received prophetic instruction to minister to a Roman Centurion, a leader in the Roman army. (Acts 10:9-20) Jesus also ministered to a Centurion, healing his sick servant through a word. (Matt 8:5-13)

Throughout Scripture, we read stories of miraculous provision, supernatural promotion, prophetic guidance and Divine intervention. Businesses are impacted. Leaders of nations are addressed and influenced—God’s people are promoted in government.

It is also important to note that in these examples, God blesses integrity and honours hard work.

When Jesus said, ‘Go into all the world’ that meant every part of the world, including the marketplace. So take courage, be encouraged and follow the leading of the Spirit to make a difference and honour Jesus in the sphere of business and the marketplace.


[1] I was inspired to include this example after reading Erisa Mutabazi’s contribution to the YouVersion Plan ‘Bible on Business’. See

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  1. Thanks Helen! Very timely…

    This is definitely something that I am seeing more and more as a part of what happens naturally in my workplace. God gives strategies, dreams and visions which lead to supernatural solutions, answers to prayer, barriers breaking down (and sometimes funding – in our case £30million!)
    God bless you

    1. Hi James, I just had a look at the website – this looks like a very exciting place (and project(s)) to be involved with!
      May the cutting edge of prophetic wisdom, supernatural solutions, just keep getting sharper and sharper for you.
      I believe you are birthing something there that’s going to resonate around the world, even Down Under!

      1. Oh thank you Helen, that is SO encouraging – because no birth is totally painless, and we’re right in the midst of that birthing process right now!
        God bless

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