4 Benefits of Soaking Worship, with Suggestions and Guidelines

What is ‘Soaking Worship?

Wave, Encounter God Through Soaking Worship“Soaking worship” has become a familiar term in church life today, but what do we mean by it?

As the name suggests, soaking worship has two aspects.

  • Worship speaks of the giving of our adoration, honor, and love to God
  • Soaking speaks of receiving and drinking from God

Soaking worship means that we are simultaneously focused on both giving and receiving. At first glance, this appears to be a contradiction.
It has often been said that worship should be a one-way giving of our adoration to God. A time in which we expect nothing in return.

However, the Bible reveals that God’s desire has always been for communion, relationship, and encounter.

The tabernacle was an early place of worship that God referred to as “the tabernacle of meeting where I will meet with you.” (Exodus 30:36) [1]

The key elements of soaking worship are:

  • An attitude of worship
  • Being positioned to encounter God
  • Spending quality, unhurried time.

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.” (Ps 42:1)

The Psalms give us glimpses of the worshipper’s heart. In Psalm 63, David expresses both his longing and thirst for God and his worship of God. The two go hand in hand.

There is something in our hearts and spirits that can only be satisfied in the place of worship.

How Soaking Worship Takes Place

Soaking worship can take place either privately or publicly. However, by its very nature, soaking worship is personal.

I sometimes lead into a type of ‘soaking worship’ session when ministering in conferences and camps. This enables individuals to encounter God and gives the Holy Spirit room to minister. It is also an opportunity to take the teaching of God’s word deeper—from heads into hearts.

When our hearts are open in worship and an attitude of surrender, we are open to receiving the ministry of the Holy Spirit more than any other time.

There are many methods to facilitate worship soaking in groups or publicly. There is even a ‘soaking’ sub-genre of worship music. [2] Whilst these can be helpful tools to assist us, it is important to remember that soaking worship is not about a formula, style, or method.

Each of us encounters and worships God in a very unique way—and we also have individual tastes as to what type of music touches our hearts and connects us in worship to God.

4 Benefits of Soaking Worship

Here are 4 benefits of taking intentional time for soaking worship:

1. Soaking Worship Fosters Intimacy with God

Taking time in God’s Presence to love, worship, and appreciate Him as well as to receive from Him helps develop our intimate relationship with Him.

We open our heart’s door and welcome Jesus inside to commune with us. (Rev 3:20)

We catch a revelation of the Father’s heart, His grace, and His love. In the light of His grace and favor, we can open up the innermost places of our souls, where we have been hurt and damaged—and in that space, the experience of His love can heal us.

2. Soaking Worship Facilitates Encounter

Soaking worship encourages individuals to have a personal encounter with God. We set aside intentional time to worship and meet with Jesus.

3. Soaking Worship Allows the Prophetic Ministry of the Spirit to Flow

Soaking worship times encourage us to hear from God for ourselves as we open our hearts to Him. As we position in His Presence, our Father births His dreams in our lives and speaks of what is on His heart.

4. Soaking Worship Provides Replenishment

During times of soaking worship, we receive an impartation of the Holy Spirit into our hearts and lives. We intentionally surrender and yield all of our hearts and lives to Him—and what we present to Him, He takes and fills.

Soaking worship also has natural benefits. As we physically and mentally relax in God’s Presence it helps relieve us from stress, pressure, and anxiety.

The above are personal benefits to the worshipper. However, God Himself delights in and benefits from our times of encounter and worship of Him. ‘I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.’ (SOS 7:10)

Personal Times of Soaking Worship

Soaking worship is something that we can incorporate into our personal times with God. It is especially helpful during seasons when we have experienced weariness, and dryness or are at a crossroads when we need to hear what is on our Father’s heart.

It is important to remember that soaking worship is not a replacement for our devotional life, although it can complement it. Our experience of God should always be grounded in His Word and these times of encountering God should always be balanced with times of Bible study.

Leading Soaking Worship Sessions: Tips and Guidelines

If you are involved in leading public soaking worship times, here are some important things to remember:

  • Be intentional about creating a safe environment for people to encounter God.
  • Have a plan to minister to anyone who responds emotionally or who has a spiritual manifestation during a worship soaking time. Creating a safe environment may require you to appoint leaders to—on rare occasions, when it may be needed—take individuals aside and minister to them separately from the group.
  • Provide for those who have physical needs or limitations to have a comfortable place to sit or rest.
  • Acknowledge that some people are at different places in their relationship with God, and have different comfort levels of opening their hearts to Him. Allow people some different options in how to position and respond during a soaking time.
  • Because this is a time when individuals hear from God, it is important to foster an environment of prophetic integrity. Encourage people to talk with their leadership about any personal guidance or spiritual experience they receive during a time of soaking worship. [3]
  • Being under spiritual oversight is vital for any prophetic endeavor and a safety net for those who are ministering in soaking worship sessions.


[1] See articles under ‘related posts’ below on the topic of prophetic worship.

[2] For those who are on Spotify, I have just set up my own ‘soaking’ playlist. Search for ‘Helen Calder Soaking Worship’ on Spotify, or click on this link.

[3] See Prophetic Accuracy: Why Should Prophecy be Weighed Up?

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8 thoughts on “4 Benefits of Soaking Worship, with Suggestions and Guidelines”

  1. Post on my mail 4 benefits of soaking worship and leading suggetions and other prophetic wsys of worship

  2. I hadn’t heard of soaking worship before. It sounds really valuable to position yourself to encounter God with music though. Just like physical and emotional health, it’s important to feed your spiritual needs with things like worship, too.

  3. Thank you Helen for your wisdom and for sharing your gifts with us!!! I enjoy reading your articles and I always get tons of insight on the things of God!!! It has been a tremendous privilege and a blessing altogether to receive this type of information of this magnitude concerning the Kingdom of God!!! I am not quite certain how I became familiar with your blog. But, let me tell you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. I have experienced soaking not for long. The experience was just so intense. Everything in me feels how wonderful it is to worship God, asking Him to take control and fill my life with the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful experience. We do soaking with the other leaders in ministry of our church– mostly youth. So as we worship together while holding hands Ive never felt so much love and cried with so much emotions in me. The unity of worship gives me more connection with Him. In the middle of worship, I heard laughters from the two persons on my right. It was like a loud mocking laughter and everything else have voiced down. I said ‘ Lord above it all ( the mocking laugh, all my pains, confusions, and troubles) I will praise your name higher’. I just felt like I had to say that. Later on the laughters stopped and the sound of worship from everyone became louder and the two of them are once again worshipping and kneeling. My eyes were closed as I worshipped. I did not see anyone as I worship God. After the soaking, I wanted to ask them or anyone if they heard the laughters even I wanted to ask the two people whom I heard the mocking laughters from. I wanted to know what it meant but everyone were back to normal except the puffy face and red eyes from the crying we shared. They were all acting as if nothing happened.

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