Kingdom_EncounterIn one moment Simon Peter is going about his daily business, and in the next, he is listening to Jesus teach—a captive audience in his own boat.

After Jesus finishes His talk, He says to Simon Peter, ‘Move out into the deep water and let down the nets for a catch.’

“Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” (Luke 5:5)

As Simon Peter lets down his nets, the unthinkable happens. Waters that have been barren all night are suddenly teaming with fish. He calls to his partners to help—and still the fish come so that the two boats are overwhelmed, sinking with the catch.

‘When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” For he and all his companions were astonished at the catch of fish they had taken… (Luke 5:8-9)

Confronted with the Rule of God

Jesus did not just say, ‘Let down your nets’, He said, ‘Let down your nets for a catch.’ It was a word of Divine command, spoken by the King, and nature jumped to obey. In that moment, Simon Peter was confronted by the authority of the King and the reality of His Kingdom.

3 Truths of Kingdom Encounter

Kingdom encounter takes place when people are confronted with the reality of Jesus, His Kingship, and the rule of God. (Matt 12:28) Encounter is the calling card of the Kingdom and accompanies the message of the Gospel. ‘The King is here and you are invited to believe and join Him.’ 

Here are 3 truths about encountering the King and His Kingdom that I encourage you to meditate on this week:

1. We Serve a God of Encounter

An encounter implies a confrontation. It means coming face to face with someone or something. It may be an unexpected meeting.

We see in the Person of Jesus that it is in God’s nature to encounter humanity—people He loves and has died for. He is not sitting in the sidelines, inactive and invisible. It is also in the nature of the Holy Spirit to be visible—the Spirit who is within and upon us is a Spirit of encounter.

  • Do I live in the expectancy of encountering God and seeing others encounter Him?
  • Am I daily anticipating Divine intervention and answers to prayer?

2. Kingdom Encounter is for Everybody

Jesus demonstrated that Kingdom encounter is for every person, regardless of his or her past, or soul’s condition.

Those who came to Jesus were healed and set free—He didn’t wait for them to become disciples first. Repenting and following Jesus was often a result of the encounter, but not everyone responded.

On the day Jesus multiplied a boy’s lunch to feed a crowd of thousands, every person present received bread and fish from Jesus’ hands that day.

The generosity of the Father, revealed through Jesus, stirs us to believe in the abundance of what is available. God is not holding back—we are.

  • Do I reflect the Father’s heart of generosity to people?
  • Am I taking prayer and the power of God outside church meetings and into my home life, my workplace, neighbourhood or place of study?

3. We Should Never Stop Encountering The Kingdom

We can love people, we can help and serve people—but what sets the church apart from other charitable organisations is the power of God and the demonstration of His rule.

Encounter is not only the front line of the Kingdom of God’s advance—it is also a lifestyle. We have a relationship with the King of Kings! We are royal sons and daughters of God!

The outcome of following Jesus is that we look like Him and act like Him. The image of God is being restored in our lives. And part of that is that we ourselves become agents of encounter, exercising Kingdom authority to make a difference.

We can continually anticipate Divine intervention in our daily lives. As a result, we will continue to be fresh and excited in our faith.

  • Am I expecting Divine interventions, evidence of the rule of God, in my daily life?
  • Do I have a current testimony of God’s goodness? Am I fresh and excited about my faith?
  • Am I open to God using me as an agent of Kingdom Encounter to others?

It’s Your Time for Kingdom Encounter

‘Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.’ (Eph 6:10-11)

If encountering the rule of God is God’s intention for us and for others, why aren’t we seeing His power expressed in our ministries and our contact with people around us, as much as we should be?

We are in a spiritual battle, and Kingdom encounter—the direct expression of the rule and authority of God—means engaging in spiritual warfare. As soon as we begin to exercise authority, we experience resistance and ‘push back’ from the enemy. This may take the form of discouragement, doubts or apathy.

When this happens, it is tempting to capitulate and to yield up our authority. It’s time to keep our eyes on the King and the prize!

Today, determine that you are not going to give up and you will not concede to the status quo, that you will rise up and be all you are created to be. Awaken to the fact that God is waiting to encounter you and that you are destined to be an agent of His encounter to others. Let Jesus astonish you and others around you.

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8 thoughts on “Kingdom Encounter: When Did God Last Astonish You?”

  1. I am taking you up on your advice and reading your blog as a part of my prophecy mentorship training. I have already learned so much! I love what you teach here in this blog post about Christ not waiting for people to choose Him before he healed and restored…how awesome that we can partake with Him in such an awesome plan. Thank you, keep up the writing!!

  2. Hi Samantha, thanks for leaving the comment, yes Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels and the way He relates to people continually inspires me. 🙂

    I’m glad you are learning from the blog, feel free to comment and ask questions any time! And check out our team’s ministry at

    (P.s. your blog looks great!)

    1. Thanks so much!! I am sure I will have more questions. I have downloaded some of the audio files and plan to listen and I have read several of your blogs already. The websites are loaded with great info.

      I believe the Lord is asking me to learn and grow, study and research on prophecy, so that is what I am doing. He asked me to write as well so I have been trying to remain faithful. So your comment means a lot to me.

      How do you find a balance between things of God and other important assignments in life (kids, husband and work)? I am a bit struggling with that right now. I feel I was to re-prioritize and spend more time with the Lord, I have a dream journal and one could take great time developing and listening on dreams, not to mention devotions. I feel sometimes I am leaving things of Him shelved while I must do other important things He has given me. How do you find a release and be ok with your time balance, and how do you know if you have the correct priority balance. I have given up most of what is useless, TV, non-Christian books to spend more time, but it feels I have less. Probably just a mind issue that needs to be overcome, but advice is appreciated from what you have learned.

  3. Hi Samantha, what a great question!
    In every season it seems as there is not enough time for everything, it’s an ongoing balancing act. Even though my kids are older, family life is still busy and things come up, in the last few weeks have had an unexpected funeral out of town and a family visitor from overseas. My house is busy with two living at home with us. Juggling ministry and personal development and home administration is always a challenge and messy, but I love it and I know Father loves it too.

    I find the main thing is not to get too intense about God’s call and embrace His grace in the ebbs and flows of time available. (I’m a rehabilitating perfectionist so that’s not always easy!) Keep the fire burning, don’t give place to condemnation. It’s your desire for God and His gifts that helps you stay on track in that area.

    It sounds as though you are already on track. 🙂

    Have you come across this article yet? There may be something to help:

  4. Hi Helen,
    Interesting you saying how Jesus healed them and set them free before they became disciples.Been thinking about this especially with the current climate in Australia.and with the attacks on the police.


    1. Yes, I’ve been praying about ‘Saul on the road to Damascus’ encounters for would-be attackers. I believe prayer is powerful! I feel prayer-stirring coming on!
      What challenging times we live in and are sharing together.

  5. saludos hermana Helen Calder,gracias a Dios por su vida y ministerio,pues ha sido de bendicion para mi y el ministerio que el Señor me ha dado…en esta ocasion quiero decirle que la Gracia del Señor se sigue manifestando en forma clara no solamente para mi sino tambien para otros a quienes ministro en el Señor ,de gracia recibo, de gracia doy.
    Sigo orando por usted y su ministerio como por su familia,hago votos porque el Señor de toda misericordia la siga ayudando y apoyando en todo .agradezco en todo lo que cabe sus consejos,y asesoramiento en tiempos pasados en lo cuales me vi angustiado .Gracias .

    1. Thank you Jose, for your prayers and encouraging words. As I receive your comments I also pray for you to continue in the revelation of His grace and be a blessing to many. Father God is at work powerfully in your life.

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