Beginning_in_ProphecyDo you find that you are holding back from stepping out in your spiritual gift or ability sometimes, and not sure of how to break through? You are not alone.

I regularly hear from readers who want to grow in their prophetic gift or ability but are not sure how to move forward. Some reasons include:

  • They lack confidence in hearing from God
  • They desire accuracy in the prophetic gift so strongly that the possibility of not hearing or conveying a message clearly causes anxiety
  • They have concerns for how it will affect those being ministered to if they are not ‘spot on’
  • They do not want to let God down and desire to do their best for Him.

When our thoughts, desires, and beliefs about God and His gifts result in fear, doubt, or being held back—something is wrong. [1]

If you can relate to this, I want to encourage you today.

It is time to take the pressure off, deal with any misconceptions that we have, and learn to enjoy the journey of living in the Spirit and growing in our spiritual gifts.

Ways to Take the Pressure off when Growing in Prophecy

Understand the Nature of God in Relation to Your Gifts

‘…how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!’ (Matt 7:11b)


  • I receive prophetic insights through my intimate relationship with God.

It pleases your Heavenly Father when you want to express His heart and His gifts. Just as an earthly father enjoys the process of a child learning to walk, Father God delights in your expressions of learning and growing in the spiritual gifts and abilities He has given to you.

As a Dad picks up his son or daughter who is learning to walk when he stumbles, God is waiting and ready to pick you up when you falter. In love, He encourages you to try again. And this delight of His never changes or wavers as you continue to grow in Him and His gifts.

Are you Concerned about Accuracy?


  • I keep the New Testament guidelines for prophecy and adhere to encouragement, exhortation, and comfort. (1 Cor 14:3) [2]
  • I ensure that what I share is in line with what the Bible says, and with the loving nature of Father God

What about if you do these things, but you are still not 100% sure that an insight you have is from God?

Understand how God Speaks

The Holy Spirit most often speaks to us in light, spontaneous thoughts and pictures, scriptures and words coming into our minds. We often refer to this as His ‘still, small voice.’ (1 Kings 19:12) This is in contrast to the noisy world we live in.

Learning to hear the voice of God is about trust. And it is a process of growing in our ability to listen and discern His voice. Then, prophecy is about faith—stepping out and having a go. (Rom 12:6b) These are all things that take time to develop.

God wants to communicate with you and takes joy in your learning to hear His voice.

As you begin the journey of developing your spiritual gifts, you may only know as you step out—and see what happens as a result. You will know by the ‘fruit.’ [3]

Practical Ways to Take the Pressure off

Don’t be afraid to be real and honest. If you are not sure whether your insight is of God, say so. You can use expressions such as, ‘As we were talking/ praying, this came to mind for you—it may be me, or it may be God.’

In fact, do you really need to say that you have heard from God? Just share the encouragement or Scripture and see what happens.

If you share something that is encouraging, Biblical, and general enough not to affect someone’s guidance, what is the worst thing that can take place? Is it that the person leaves encouraged by you?

Here is something I have learned:

Trust the Holy Spirit’s ability to redeem an insight that you share, but are not certain afterward whether you heard accurately what God was saying. God is by Name and nature a Redeemer. He can take our faltering attempts at prophetic encouragement and use them for His good in someone’s life.

He is amazing! The nature of the Holy Spirit is joyful, loving, and patient. (Gal 5:22)

If you are concerned after sharing an insight—and praying about it—that it was not of God, under what circumstances should you go back and say something?

This is something that requires wisdom.

As a guideline, go back and say something to them if

  • It is possible that the person or group you have shared with may use what you have shared for guidance or direction—or
  • It may result in them being discouraged or having an incorrect view of God or themselves

Admit your mistake or your uncertainty. If you are not sure of the right course to take, check with a leader.

The worst thing that can happen is that you are humbled, learn something from the experience, and grow in your gift as a result.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up. God isn’t. He is smiling at you.

Finally, if concerns about getting a prophetic insight ‘word perfect’ are tripping you up, take another look at the differences between Old Testament and New Testament prophetic ministry. And relax.


[1] For other articles about blockages in your prophetic gift, see

[2] The NT Biblical guideline for those who are operating in the general gift of prophecy is: do not bring corrective, directive or commissioning words. If you sense something along these lines strongly, share it with a pastor/minister or leader rather than directly to a person or group.

For more information, especially about commissioning, see the article, ‘Is Personal Prophecy Biblical?’

[3] See How to Activate Your Prophetic Gift

Find out about the Enliven Prophetic School here.

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9 thoughts on “Taking The Pressure Off When You Are Growing In Prophecy”

  1. Hello Helen, I am enjoying your blogs, thankyou.

    I just thought that a very big factor for me in growing in the prophetic is getting the world out of me. What I mean is I am 60 years of age so a lot of trash needs to be filtered before I can hear the perfect voice.

    This is slowly coming through as I continue to spend time in His word and pray. I believe a dedicated life to God with the renewing of the mind will break through with the anointed prophetic word

  2. Hi Janine, I’m so glad you have stopped by and left a note here.
    It is true that we need to be aware of and filter out our own thoughts, and perceptions from our history – and the Bible tells us to renew our minds so that we can grasp God’s purposes (Rom 12:2)
    However, I want to encourage you – that you don’t have to wait for, or labour in order to hear from the Holy Spirit and be used by Him.
    This is the extraordinary grace of God – that regardless of our background, and our physical, mental and emotional state, that when we open our lives up to Jesus, we receive His Spirit into our lives. There are no different ‘grades’ of the Holy Spirit and His power. God comes and dwells in us with all His fullness, all His power, and the key to accessing the things of His Kingdom is through becoming as a ‘child.’ (Mark 10:15)
    I totally believe that God desires to and will speak extraordinary things to and through you.
    The benefit of being aware (as you mention) of the ‘stuff’ we have to get over, is that when the Spirit reveals something to us, we recognise the quality and distinctness of His voice, and know it could never have come from us!

  3. When in the midst of corporate praise & worship & the atmosphere is open/prepared for a word from The Lord, How can you know whether a word that drops in your spirit is for you or for the church body?

    1. Hi Latrese, this is a REALLY great question (especially as a word for the church body is often encouraging for us personally as well) There isn’t really a standard answer I could give as every situation is different. But here are some thoughts that come to mind:

      – If a person receiving a word is new and unsure, the best way is to check with someone in leadership/oversight first. Don’t be afraid to ‘miss it.’ However, if the person has brought words before and those words have been confirmed as being for the church body, and they are of general encouragement, and the opportunity is there, it may be appropriate to go ahead. This is an area we grow in over time.

      – if unsure take a few moments to pray about it – is Holy Spirit giving a sense or urgency to share and ‘burden’ for the people?

      – learn how to weigh up a word for the church. Some thoughts in relation to weighing prophecy regarding the church vision is here:

      – as it is said, ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions.’ Have someone (a leader or mentor) to run a word past beforehand OR to afterwards ask whether he or she felt it was appropriate or a blessing to the congregation. It takes courage to be open to adjustment, but it will help sharpen the gift.

      – other than that, my thoughts in the above post about going ahead and sharing something if it is encouraging and taking the pressure off may help. 🙂

  4. Steve Richardson

    Hi Helen,

    Thank you for pointing me to this post…..more than anything this has helped me and taken a layer of doubt from me about what I am assessing as my gift.

    Steve Mc told me to go and check out past blogs, I am so glad I did and doing. Awesomely awesome stuff 🙂

    Thank you so much, such a wonderful resource, when I first stared receiving your emails much of it was above my head, now most of it hits home.

    I will continue reading and commenting. God bless!

  5. Hi there. Thank you so much for the information you so freely give!! God bless you. I have just learned about spiritual gifts recently and God has put it on my heart to learn more. I never really knew what mine was but I knew I had one but what…I have been a Christian for 3 years baptized in the Holy Spirit for two. No sooner did I become born again and I was making prayer shawls! I had to ask my Pastor what it was, I had never heard such a thing. I felt I was to make one for a little girl in England known to my Pastor… I did and then from there made several more, during this time i grew very close to God quickly I thought. Before I knew it I was making “prophetic gift” (God gave me the name). With some words from God now about a yr later the letters people receive with these gifts are 8-10 pages long. I love it when people get them and I am blessed enough to be aloud to stay while they read their personal letter from God! Often they will say or ask “how did you know” or “WOW I finally have my answer”. It gives me such pleasure to see what God does for these people. I have been searching for my gift and as the day has passed by God spoke and said “your gift is prophecy”. I laugh because I am thinking ” wht have you been making for this last year!!! Sorry for such a long comment. Thank you for reading. Any extr insight would be greatly appreciated!! God bless from ??

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