Journey of a Prophetic Artist + Advice for a Beginner

Today I continue the series on prophetic art as Jennifer Koch—founder of Melbourne-based Patmos Arts, and gifted prophetic painter—shares some of her journey. [1]

I also ask Jenny the question, ‘What advice would you give someone who would like to get started with prophetic art?’


Jenny’s talent for art was evident at an early age, through drawing and painting. But she stopped at the age of 16 and didn’t do any for about 10 years.

Then—some 25 years ago—Jenny decided to pursue her interest and began to take classes in painting.

However, it would be another decade before she would make the connection between her talent and the gift and call of God.

‘This is how God has Wired me!’

Being a lover of worship, Jenny often wished she could express her love for God through music, and play the guitar—after all, isn’t music the primary way that worship to God is expressed?

It had never occurred to her that her gift of art could be used to worship and serve God.

Then one afternoon—Jenny can recall the moment as vividly as if it were yesterday—she was worshipping and listening to a song by Van Morrision called ‘When Will I Ever Learn.’

‘You brought it to my attention that everything was made in God
Down through centuries of great writings and paintings
Everything lives in God
Seen through architecture of great cathedrals
Down through the history of time
Is and was in the beginning and evermore shall ever be

When will I ever learn to live in God?
When will I ever learn?
He gives me everything I need and more
When will I ever learn?

Whatever it takes to fulfill his mission
That is the way we must go… [2]

It was like a sudden awakening. Jenny says:

“Through hearing the lyrics I suddenly began to see God’s purpose for visual arts. That my love to paint and to draw was no chance thing—that God had a purpose for it in my life and worship. And, that it is a valid form of worship.

I made the connection that this is how God has wired me up. And that I don’t have to try and be anyone else, it’s the package that He wants me to be.”

The Warrior Poets

Not long after that, Jenny joined with friends Tony and Teresa Fraraccio, who are prophetically gifted musicians and worshippers.

They formed a group called ‘Warrior Poets.’ Jenny would paint whilst the band played and worshipped.

Warrior Poets took their unique blend of worship and art, not only to churches but also out in the marketplace.

Being in a prophetic environment with Warrior Poets helped stir up the prophetic gift in Jenny. And being out in the community stirred an enduring passion in her heart to paint messages from the heart of God to those who did not know Him.

Early Prophetic Painting

The first time that Jenny remembers one of her paintings having prophetic significance was at a church service one evening where the Warrior Poets were ministering.

During that day, she walked out onto her property—that was situated at the top of a valley—and was impacted by the way that the fog hung over the valley. That evening at the church, she painted the valley and the fog. To Jenny’s amazement, the painting tied in with the sermon that was shared that night.

Having caught the vision, Jenny’s prophetic gift began to be more evident through her painting.

The Warrior Poets also took their prophetic art and worship out into the community. Jenny says, ‘The Warrior Poets would worship in the marketplace… people didn’t know, and I would be painting and I would always get lots of comments.’

She recalls a time when Warrior Poets visited the ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’—a New Age festival held in Melbourne, Australia. At that time, the festival had a main stage, as well as booths and stalls. The Warrior Poets were allocated a ½ hour slot on the main stage.

‘I did a painting with lots of hands in it. When I finished a lady came over. She was blown away because she had just been to a ‘School of the Prophets’ and she had some words of knowledge about her hands being instruments of healing.

She had just left her job to start a new venture and when she saw the hand painting she was gob-smacked [astonished] and said to me, ‘I want to buy your painting—just name your price!’

The Journey Continues

Since this time Jenny has continued to paint prophetically, although she is no longer with ‘Warrior Poets.’ She has founded Melbourne-based Patmos Arts, a creative community that uses art classes, excursions, retreats, and more to encourage individuals in their artistic gifts.

Patmos Arts is currently working with Michelle Sanders of Kaleidoscope (a church community-based in Pakenham, Melbourne) developing a course called ‘Art and Soul’ which is focused on overcoming depression through art.

Jenny has won awards for her painting, including a recent 1st prize at the local Yakkerboo Art Show in the Contemporary Art section.

Advice for a Beginner Prophetic Artist

Here is some advice from Jennifer Koch for anyone who would like to get started with prophetic art: [3]

  • Take art classes
  • Look at other peoples work
  • Get around ‘arty’ prophetic people
  • Engage in a local church community
  • Above all else be close to the heart of God yourself
  • Learn to hear His voice and recognize the things that are significant to you–because that is most likely the things he wants you to paint.

[1]  Jenny describes this painting of the violin and the mantle as follows:
‘The violin is to me one of the most expressive instruments. It can be played in a way to express great joy and alternatively great sorrow. It is a metaphor for how we live our lives, we choose how it is played.
The violin is resting on the striped coat, which represents Joseph’s coat of many colors. It is a symbol of betrayal yet also favor. The rose of Sharon, most fragrant of all roses but only when crushed.’

I will be sharing more of Jenny’s story next week as I share my discussion with Jenny on ‘The Practice Of Prophetic Art.’ You can find her website and view more of her artwork at:

[2] An excerpt from ‘When Will I Ever Learn’ by Van Morrison.

[3] This post should be read in conjunction with last week’s post: ‘What Is Prophetic Art?’

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5 thoughts on “Journey of a Prophetic Artist + Advice for a Beginner”

  1. Hi I am involved with a prophetic group here in the uk, which originated in Australia. I have recently started producing paintings which are very much part of a sequence and lend themselves to comic strip style. I need some advice and help to take this work a step further. Our group is called Forerunners and we have a website and are all looking to produce different creative styles…if you feel you could help it is much appreciated….thanks for your interest…blessings from Daniel

    1. Hi Daniel, that sounds great and I love the unique aspect of your work!
      I’m not personally involved in prophetic art so I can’t help you with practical advice, but I do pray that you will receive the help and inspiration you need to take your ministry to the next level. I interviewed Jenny Koch for the above article, have a look at her website (link in the notes above) for more inspiration. 🙂

  2. Beatrice Johansson

    This was very intresting. I have never heard about it. I´m Swedish so my Englis may not be perfect. I paint abstract paintings, sometimes an image appears. 🙂 I have painted profetic for my self, for my own life. How can I explain this? 🙂 I don´t plane when I start painting… I “think colors” so…. but when the painting was finished I had painted a fielt of flowers. A specific one. For som reason I looked up what the symbol of this flower was… and it hit me. I had painted a profetic painting for my future. I felt so strange and was such a powerful experience. But I have never read about it like this so thank you. I have saved all the text conserning this and will print it out so I really can study it. So.. thank you!!!!! God bless you

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