The Greatest Evangelist In The World Today

Who is the greatest Christian evangelist in the world today?

Do I hear someone say, ‘Billy Graham,’ or ‘Reinhard Bonnke?’

The greatest evangelist on earth today is the Holy Spirit, and He lives inside of you and me [1] (John 14:17).

The Fullness of the Holy Spirit

I want to know and experience the Holy Spirit in His fullness—not just in part. This means embracing all He is and everything He has come to do in and through me.

The Holy Spirit empowers us and aids us in living the Christian life. He provides spiritual gifts for ministry; He is our Comforter, Helper, Teacher and Guide.

However, the disciples did not only receive Him as Helper. They also received Him as the One who would empower them to witness—share the good news of salvation and lead people to Jesus (Acts 1:8).

When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, He announced His arrival with wind and fire… and with 3,000 people turning to faith in Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:41)

Power From On High

It was October 1994, and I was reading Charles Finney’s book, ‘Power From On High.’ [2] In his commentary on the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 1-2), Finney wrote:

‘We have the same promise that they had… Let us, then… accept the commission; fully consecrate ourselves, with all that we have, to the saving of souls as our great and our only life work. Let us go to the altar with all we have and are, and lie there and persist in prayer until we have received the enduement.’

I recorded in my journal:

‘I was greatly struck by Finney’s comment that our ‘life work’ is the saving of souls. Like so many others, I have considered this to be someone else’s lifework and not my own. If this IS true (and I believe it is), then there are great ramifications.


Have I accepted Christ’s commission as my own commission? Dare I?

If I have not accepted the appointing, how can I expect the anointing?

My reflections on Finney’s work coincided with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our church and upon us. At that time I was set free from three years of emotional and physical pain—but the impact of the Spirit’s visitation did not stop there.

The tangible Presence of the Spirit on our lives and in our home spilled over to our neighbourhood. My husband Malcolm (aka The Hunk) and I saw salvation and miracles happen in the lives of people around us as a result.

As I look back on this past year of 2010, I see the same pattern. An outpouring if the Spirit on our personal lives has resulted in the drawing of people around us to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit Loves and Leads People to Jesus

The Holy Spirit is intimately involved in the process of salvation.

In the same way that the Spirit hovered over the waters at creation, He is at work, moving unseen in the lives of those of people around us who do not yet know Jesus. (Gen 1:2; 2 Cor 5:17)

The heart of the Holy Spirit is that of Jesus, who came to ‘seek and save the lost’. (Luke 19:10)

The heart of the Spirit is that of the Father, whose desire that no person perish moved Him to send and sacrifice His Son. (John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9)

The Spirit of God loves people passionately and indiscriminately.

4 Ways that the Holy Spirit Helps in Evangelism are:

1. By testifying to people of the Gospel’s truth (John 15:26, Acts 5:30-32)

2. By confirming the message of salvation through answers to prayer—signs, miracles and the operation of spiritual gifts (Heb 2:4, Rom 15:19)

3. By bringing conviction that leads people to repentance (1 Thess 5, John 16:8)

4. By empowering Christians to be witnesses (Acts 1:8, Luke 24:46-49)

The Holy Spirit empowers ordinary Christian believers to be witnesses, but He also directly impacts the hearts of people who need salvation, convincing them of their sin and need for a Saviour.

Our prayers, our faith, and our actions help determine whether or not the Spirit is released to do His work.

What if you are not Gifted in Evangelism?

Maybe, like me, you would say that you are not gifted in the area of evangelism.

It is true that there is a gift and an office of evangelist (Eph 4:11, 2 Tim 4:5). An evangelist is empowered and called to make evangelism a primary focus of their ministry, as well as to equip the church for evangelism.

Can someone who does not a have a spiritual gift of evangelism be an effective witness?

Here’s the ultimate test: can an introverted, prophetic-intercessor-type person like me lead people to Jesus?

Evangelism may not be my personal strength, but my Divine Partner, the Holy Spirit, is the greatest evangelist in the world today.

  • I am also a part of a Christian community that shares my passion to bring people to Jesus.

I have discovered that my inability is not a handicap to the Holy Spirit. The pressure is off. Instead of striving, I need only focus on cooperating with the Spirit, as He loves and leads people to Jesus.

How can we Partner with the Holy Spirit in Evangelism?

Here are some keys that can help:

1. Be filled with the Spirit

If you have already been baptised in the Holy Spirit, pray for a fresh infilling (Acts 4:24-31)

2. Acknowledge the evangelistic role of the Holy Spirit and take time to reflect on what that can mean for you and the lives of people around you

3. Recommit to being a witness—sharing the good news about what Jesus has done for you with people around your life
4. Pray for those around you who don’t know Jesus and believe that the Spirit is at work in answer to your prayers

5. Watch out for Divine appointments. Look for what the Holy Spirit is doing in people around you and simply cooperate with Him.


[1] This statement is made to my Christian readers who have been ‘born again by the Spirit of God.’ (See Titus 3:4-17) If you are not sure whether this relates to you, here is a great resource:

[2] Power From On High, Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875). The book can be viewed here:

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9 thoughts on “The Greatest Evangelist In The World Today”

  1. Honey, this is truely an “Igniting” word. This is so encouraging!! This really means that all of us “Ordinary” people, by co operating with the Holy Spirit, be so “Extra Ordinary” through our whole lives!!!! Who said being a Christian could be boring??
    I wanna …Go For It !!!!!

    1. Well life with The Hunk certainly isn’t boring, either, having followed you through various parts of Asia, not to mention nearly 28 years of married life with two children, living in two nations… but whoever would have known how exciting life could be when lived in the Spirit. As we’re always saying, can’t wait to see what He will do next 🙂

  2. What an encouraging word!!! It means I need to keep on doing what I do…and NOT be discouraged!! Thanks Helen!!

    1. Yes it takes the pressure off performing and puts our focus back on relating to God, being filled with His Spirit, and loving people…where it should be. What a difference that makes!

  3. ochechema Ebenezer Ochigbo

    Truly the holy spirit is the greatest evangelist. I thank God for opening my eye to the truth of life.

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