How To Create a Safe Environment to Deliver Your Prophecy

Have you ever received a prophecy that left you feeling uncomfortable?

On rare occasions, I have received a prophetic word that has felt wrong—and yet because it was given to me in a “Thus saith the Lord” manner, the person prophesying was inferring that to reject the prophecy was to be in disobedience towards God!

B&W message from GodThis dilemma has the potential to cause great pain and can especially be harmful to newer Christians. I have prayed with people who have received a negative or “off” prophecy and together we have broken the power of the word spoken over their lives.

Prophecy is abusive when it does not give room for a receiver to weigh up whether the prophecy is from the Lord or not. This is true even if the word is one of encouragement. But if the word is mistaken, it has the added potential of becoming a curse that bears negative fruit in the recipient’s life until it is broken in Jesus’ Name. (For more information about breaking the effects of abusive prophecy check out the post and comments, “How Do I Know A Personal Prophecy is From God?”)

  • Releasing the Receiver of Your Prophecy

When you share a prophetic message, it is vital that you give the person or group you are prophesying over freedom to weigh up the prophecy and receive it, or set it aside.

You can do this by using releasing language such as, “I believe the Lord is saying”’ “Does this mean anything to you?” “I sense…” This communicates to them that you see yourself as a human vessel that could miss the mark. You are submitting the word to them for their assessment.

You do not need to worry that the effect of the prophecy will be watered down by such an approach. The Lord honors humility in the use of His gifts.

This is not to say that prophesying as though God was speaking in the first person through you is always wrong. In fact, this approach can be incredibly powerful, especially when the prophecy is being accompanied by the impartation of an anointing or spiritual gift. However, I believe that this style of prophesying is best left to those who are mature in the prophetic ministry.

If you do move into first-person prophecy such as, “The Lord is saying…”, ensure that it has been prefaced or concluded by releasing language as we’ve discussed above.

When prophesying over individuals, I like to make available a brochure I have written called, “What to do With Your Personal Prophecy.” The handout explains how to weigh up a prophetic word and what to do with it. It reminds them that they have the freedom to receive or release the word, and fulfils a duty of care on my part.

  • Be Honest About Conflicting Motives

Prophecy is not a format for us to give our opinion, nor under any circumstances should it be used as a cover for directing or counseling a person to our way of thinking.

If we are experiencing conflict about our motives in bringing a prophecy— it is better to abstain from bringing the word—or to be honest about this conflict as we deliver it. This can occur when we are familiar with the person or situation that we are prophesying over.

  • Provide Accountability

Whichever means you use to deliver a prophecy, it is important to do so in a way that provides you with safe accountability (you can review the Biblical guidelines in 1 Cor 14).

This means that if the prophecy is not delivered publicly or where there is at least another witness, it is able to be remembered and recorded in some way. That way, the recipient can receive advice or oversight about the prophecy if desired. It also provides you with protection should your prophecy come under question. Churches usually have their own guidelines and protocols regarding prophecy.

Writing down a prophetic word (or storing it electronically) aids with both accountability and the communication process. It also means the recipient can keep the prophecy for future encouragement or reference.

  • Prophetic Evangelism

When you are using prophecy in the process of prophetic evangelism, accountability would take the form of sharing what is taking place with Christians that are journeying with you.

If the person you have a prophetic word for is not yet a Christian, I would add the following guidelines to the above:

    • Be careful how you communicate that you believe what you have is a word from God. You could preface your insight with a statement such as, “I’ve been praying for you and I believe God is saying…”
    • Bring the word in a natural manner and avoid using religious jargon. This is preferable at all times, but especially so when sharing a prophecy with an unchurched person.

  • How To Release A Prophecy You Have Given

Once we have delivered our prophecy, we have completed our part in the process. It is over to the recipient of the message to assess the prophecy and decide whether to take current or future action on the word from God.

Bringing a prophecy is like a postman delivering a letter. Once we have faithfully “dropped the letter in the mailbox”, what the receiver does with it is no longer our responsibility.

We can pray about the person and the word, especially if we sense the Holy Spirit urging us to do so. However, we need to release the outcome to the Holy Spirit and to the recipient of the prophecy.

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7 thoughts on “How To Create a Safe Environment to Deliver Your Prophecy”

  1. The past year I have found myself given grace and mercy after God had given me over to a reprobate mind …and now choose to serve and dedicate my LIFE to only doing what he ask of me and in this case has clearly given me the gift of what I’m learning now is called discernment…. Prophetic dreams ….the ability to catch signs given from God interpret AND even show in pics that describe everything God has showed me and what the word of God says in the bible….its truly amazing and supernaturally obtained only by his majesty and the trust he has bestowed in me …at first it was quite baffeling …thoughts of crazy entered my min repeatedly….I am a baby christian …I’ve followed God my whole life but never could interpret his true words till march 5 2016….I live for him not for myself ….anymore I’m in it to the end ….I have ran into the enemy distorting my visions and prophecy over and over and am finally getting to know the difference between me…God …and the enemy….I don’t have a church…I will like any feedback that could further my growth ….I can see visually thru pics …demonic attacks …I’ve recognized even the composite physical likeness to certain ones and the things they do to manipulate people….I have see visions that I’ve watched play out like movies ….Once God told me ” I’m sending you to jail …to reach and restore healing in faith and to cast out the demon in which blinds him” I was like wait?…what?…and with my sense of humor I talk to God as if he were here with me…also because I can see an image of what we believe Jesus to look like always with me…in pics and everything …of course first things first ALL THE GLORY GOES TO MY FATHER LORD JESUS CHRIST ….IM LIKE a little kid and want to show the world all the signs and supernatural things that the power of God reveals after you’ve truly excepted him….I know not all are made for war….I’m like a Mr .mom… I’m 6 ft 4 …275 lbs…tattooed to the fullest my left arm ….hate evil..demons …my right side angels Jesus…God ..scriptptures …everything in life and what I’ve endured God has chosen me to be a very powerful wepan for the kingdom of God ….I am made to cast out demons with force or love if needed ….depending on the holyspirit ..I’ve noticed they go quicker with love….but the hardheaded ones I sometimes gotta use tone and authority … I love being Gods tool….its awsome ….I’m never afraid in which I used to be terrified when I seen them when I lived for the world….but now …I’m totally protected ….I can be foolish and even start to get bigheaded and I love when God spanks me and grounds me because I know ….following right after is his love that is unexplainable….he’s asked me to start writing a book and so it starts with this comment being the summary ….wow … Father thank you Jesus …..

    1. Hi Daniel, a relationship with God is a wonderful and powerful thing, isn’t it? Praise God for all He is doing in your life.
      It would be good at this early stage in your faith journey to find a church where you can connect and grow and receive guidance along the way. God created us to live and minister in community.

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