Welcome to the very first Enliven Blog!

I am looking forward to providing a forum in which we, as prophetic people in churches can chew over our needs, issues and ideas, joys and struggles, problems and suggested solutions, and discover what the Bible teaches about our gifts.

In this blog, I will be covering a range of topics related to prayer, prophetic people, and prophetic gifts and ministry in the church today.

Over the years, the spiritual gifts of prophecy, discernment, and intercession have caused me about as much trouble as they have joy. The joy has come from getting close to God, from seeing real change for good happen in people’s lives, and from seeing miracles take place. Trouble, on the other hand, comes from weaknesses on the inside, misunderstanding on the outside, having to wait for the good things God has promised, trials in my church life, spiritual warfare—and a host of other things.

As prophetic people, it can be a lonely journey. We often feel as though we are ‘marching off the map.’ We spend our lives with a foot in two camps—the natural realm and the spiritual realm—and often find it very difficult to relate to people who don’t (and vice versa).

The context for my writing is always life in the local church. Not only is participation in church life a core value of mine, but also I believe that based on what the Bible teaches, a person’s prayer and prophetic ministry will flourish and grow to fullest potential when it is based in and out of a local church.

I have learned a lot about this along the way, but most of it was through trial and error. I observed to somebody once that as a prophetic person in the church, I had made every mistake in the book. Then I realized there wasn’t a book—so I set about writing one. My first book, ‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’ was the result. I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, however, and am really looking forward to your input.

Before I go, here are some questions for you to consider:

What things have caused you joy in your prophetic journey?

What things have caused you trouble?

(PS. Please leave a response—I’m looking forward to hearing from you)

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Enliven Publishing’s Blog”

  1. Sandi Bonavita

    Helen, the one time I really remember getting off the track in my prophetic gift was when I gave one of our leaders a word and then added my own time frame to it, I was a very new Christian and by doing this God taught me a valuable lesson…I confessed this to the leader and he very graciously said it was okay, just go and learn from it.

  2. Sandi Bonavita

    The joy for me in giving prophetic words is seeing the joy on the face of the person receiving the word becuase it’s confirmation to them of what God has been saying to them……ahhh now that’s a good Word.

  3. Yes, I totally agree with both of those things, Sandi. There’s nothing that compares to the look on someone’s face when God is speaking to them personally about something that the person prophesying wouldn’t know. I’ve just got to remember to keep my eyes open to see it! As for the lesson… that is so true, will get you to do a guest post for me sometime on this!

  4. Hi Helen,

    What a fantastic start you have made. Prophetic People are often misunderstood and also can misunderstand those who don’t get it so this is an invaluable resource you are providing the world with.

    I’ve got the book and I can’t recommend it too highly. Prophetic People have needed your wisdom and insight so it excellent that you have captured it so well.

    If anyone reading this blog hasn’t already bought the book, do it now. You will not regret it. Helen has captured, through sharing her own journey, a wealth of understanding and wisdom we all benefit from.

    As for the questions you asked, for me, joy comes from seeing other’s lives changed for the better. I especially like that moment when the light bulb comes on and you can see it in their face. Revelation. They can never be the same again because they now know something supernatural. You can’t take that moment back.

    The saddest moment is the person who refuses to grow. They don’t embrace the prophetic or the supernatural. They live a smaller life in a smaller world. In a sense they are the captive, not of circumstance, but their own mindset is the cage they suffer within.

    I can’t say I have ever got into trouble. I do understand that prophetic people are not infallible. You have to share what you have and allow time for it to process and refine. And accept feedback too from others. Mostly I feel that I nudge people in the right direction and encourage. Although the dictionary defines Prophetic as either pertaining to a prophet or their prophetic message (that’s a circular argument if ever I read one) or else predictive or portentous (meaning declaring something will happen ahead of the time it does happen) I usually just think of it as declaring something of the greater supernatural kingdom of heaven here on earth.

    How do others define what they mean by Prophetic and being Prophetic People?

    Ray Keefe

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