Prophetic Song Precedes Breakthrough

Red rose on piano keyboardLast week I posted my 100th blog article since starting the Enliven Blog in July 2009!

As I reflect back on the journey, one blog post stands out above all others in terms of the impact it had on me personally at the time of release.

That post was, ‘How Your Prophetic Song Can Release The Power Of God.’

In it I wrote,
‘It has been said that ‘desperate times call for desperate measures.’ In God’s Kingdom, however, desperate times call for extraordinary measures.’

The Crisis

What I did not share was that The Hunk and I were facing our own desperate times—a financial crisis.

I had been without paid work for nearly a year, after transferring from a paid role to a volunteer one at our church. Repeated attempts to find a part time job had been unsuccessful. In the meantime, my husband had been valiantly working to support our household on his sole income.

Every week we continued to go backwards, until we could go no further—we did not have enough money for our next house payment. Unless a miracle occurred, we faced losing our home and a great deal more.

In spite of this crisis, our faith remained surprisingly buoyant. We recalled previous times that we had come to the end of our own resources and watched as our Heavenly Father had brought miraculous intervention.

A Prophetic Song of Praise

At this time, I was asked to run a workshop for our worship team on ‘Prophetic Song.’ During the training session, I shared Biblical examples of how prophetic song can be pivotal to breakthrough.

Something happened in my heart as I joined with our team in prophetic worship that Thursday night. I knew that God was calling me to spend specific time praising Him for breakthrough.

My husband was away over the next few days training for a new job. Being a commission-only role, with no set salary, we had no idea how his new job would work out for us financially.

The Hunk’s absence that weekend gave me the time I needed to focus on God. I put together a collection of praise songs on CD. I sat at our keyboard. I spent hours praising my Father, singing songs that expressed faith and gratitude for His love, provision, help and power.

I also wrote what I was learning about the power of prophetic song in the blog post, ‘How Your Prophetic Song Can Release The Power Of God.’ The following Tuesday evening I published it online.

Breakthrough Begins

Wednesday morning following the release of the blog post, I had a vivid dream before waking.

I received a phone call from a minister overseas. He expressed thanks to me for publishing the post about prophetic song and shared that it was of great significance.

As our conversation closed, I asked him, ‘Where are you from?’ He replied clearly, ‘Einstein.’

I woke up aware that I had just received a dream from God. The word ‘Einstein’ seemed to have particular importance, but what did it mean? I wondered if I should look it up on the Internet to find out.

I went to our computer and noticed that a close friend who was one of my prayer leaders had just sent an email.

In the email, she mentioned some signs that spiritual warfare was taking place in her world and closed by saying,

‘You don’t have to be Einstein (to figure out what is going on).’

When I read the word ‘Einstein’ I was electrified. That morning, inspired by an urgency of the Spirit, I hurried to our church to be early for the weekly staff meeting.

As I rushed into our church carpark, our pastor was outside having a conversation when he saw me and called me aside. He shared that an opening for a part time paid administrative role had come up and invited me to take the job.

I now had paid work.

In the meantime, the Hunk was starting his new job and that very day won the first of two prizes of petrol vouchers—a welcome supply to help meet our immediate needs.

Several days later we received a large gift to help towards some family expenses.

And a day after that someone pressed an envelope into my hands at church, saying God had instructed her to give it to us. It was filled with cash.

It was also proving obvious that income from my husband’s new line of work would far exceed what he had earned in his previous role.

Within a week our situation had turned completely around and we were in awe at the love and power of God.

The Power of A Prophetic Song of Praise

A song of praise is a powerful prophetic tool that

  • Celebrates certain victory in the face of apparent defeat.
  • Declares God’s ability in the circumstance of your inability
  • Thanks God for answers that have not yet been sighted

It is prophetic because it gives voice to the word that God has spoken to you, concerning His outcome for your circumstances and life.

Intimacy and Obedience

I hesitate to share a testimony like I the one I have above, because there is always a danger that people will imitate a method in order to gain a result.

You see it is not about a method. It is not even about a principle (although the principle of prophetic praise is powerful).

It is about relationship with God and obedience to His word.

In 2 Chron 20, King Jehoshaphat responded in faith to a prophetic word that God would route the powerful armies that were coming against the nation of Judah.

Jehoshaphat sent out musicians and singers at the head of his army to praise God. As they began to sing and praise, the enemy armies turned on each other. The prophecy—that God would defeat the enemy without Judah having to fight—was fulfilled.

However, this was the only time in the Bible a battle was won in this precise way.

The key to breakthrough is not about a method, it is intimacy with God. And out of that intimacy, let the faith rise, let the praises start to flow.

If my story inspires you, I encourage you to spend time with God. Ask your Heavenly Father how you should respond in your particular situation.

And then, do whatever He tells you. (John 2:5)


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How Your Prophetic Song Can Release The Power Of God

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How Your Prophetic Song Can Release The Power Of God

A Prophetic Song of Praise Releases the Power of God

It has been said that ‘desperate times call for desperate measures.’

In God’s Kingdom, however, desperate times call for extraordinary measures.

Occasionally, I find myself in a crisis that requires an exceptional response of faith. In these times, I know I can pray—and I do. But when I know that extraordinary measures are needed, I turn to praise.

A song of praise is a powerful prophetic tool that

  • Celebrates victory in the face of apparent defeat.
  • Declares God’s ability in the circumstance of your inability
  • Thanks God for answers that have not yet been sighted

It is prophetic because it gives voice to the word that God has spoken to you, concerning His outcome for your circumstances and life.

We can choose to believe and respond to that prophetic word over and above the voice of our circumstance, or the negative whispers of the enemy in our minds.

There is something about singing songs of praise that has a powerful magnetic pull on the resources of heaven. And this is why:

The Bible’s Prescription For Our Desperation: A Song Of Praise

God has prescribed the prophetic song of praise in scripture as an instrument of breakthrough. Here are some examples:

Warfare(2 Chron 20)

King Jehoshaphat received word that a ‘vast army’ was coming against Israel. In answer to a prayer of desperation he received a prophetic word: ‘The battle is not yours, but God’s.’

Jehoshaphat sent out a choir singing praise to God in front of his army. He was not sending the praisers to their death, but to proclaim the victory that he had already received by God’s word.

The Bible records, ‘As they began to sing and praise, the LORD set ambushes…’ 2 Chron 20:22

The enemy armies turned on each other and victory was won with no weapon except a song of praise to God.

When it feels as though all hell is breaking loose against you, break heaven loose against the enemy and overcome with a song of praise.

(see also Psalm 149:5-9)

Provision (Numbers 17)

Israel returned to the place God had miraculously provided water for them in the past and sang this song:

“Spring up, O well! Sing about it, about the well that the princes dug, that the nobles of the people sank–the nobles with scepters and staffs.” (Num 21:17-18)

This song of praise did two things. It

  1. Commemorated God’s past provision and
  2. Anticipated His present supply

Impossibility (Isaiah 54)

Are you waiting on promises from God to be fulfilled? Does fulfillment to be out of your reach?

In Isa 54:1-3 God says to His people,

Sing, O barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor…

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.’

In the face of barrenness and impossibility, sing! Sing a song that celebrates the fulfillment of God’s promise. Don’t stop there, prepare and make room for His answers.

Obstacles (Acts 16)

Persecution and imprisonment threatened to cut short Paul and Silas’ ministry in the city of Phillipi. Instead of the effectiveness promised by God in a prophetic dream, they found themselves flogged and cast into the stocks of an inner dungeon.

But outward circumstances could not rob them of their inner faith. They prayed and loudly sang hymns to God that were heard throughout the jail. Suddenly an earthquake shook the prison, opening the doors and breaking chains.

There could have been no doubt of the correlation between the song and the earthquake, for the jailer cried out, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” (Acts 16:30)

As a result, more people came to know Jesus and the Kingdom of God was advanced in that city.

When you find yourself trapped, in pain, and there is no earthly way out, try a song of praise—and make sure that others know you are singing.

When Singing Is The Hardest Thing You Can Do

Sometimes singing a song of praise can be the hardest thing to do. It helps to remember that even when Jesus faced the cross, He was able to sing praises to God.

Mark records of that night,

‘When they had sang a hymn, they went out to the Mount Of Olives.’ (Mark 14:26).

Singing a song of praise is not about feeling good, and certainly not about sounding good. You don’t have to be a singer or musician to sing a praise song to God.

Here are some ideas to help you sing a prophetic song of praise to God, no matter what your circumstances are:

  • Find a recorded song of praise that gives voice to God’s prophetic word for you, and play it—over and over. Sing along to it
  • Attend a church service, and sing the praise songs with all your heart
  • Sing praises when you are alone—in the car, in your room, under your breath while you are out walking
  • When you feel tempted to worry or fear, recall the song to mind
  • Tell someone how you are responding to God in the crisis. It will be a powerful testimony to them.

Desperate times call for extraordinary measures. Sing a prophetic song of praise and watch as God moves

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