Leap Over These 3 Hurdles and Grow Your Prophetic Gift

Today I would like to share about an important key to developing your spiritual gifts. This is one that I still find difficult personally on some occasions. However, I know that I would not be where I am today, if I had not grown in this area.

In every area of life, feedback from others is vitally needed, to help us grow and develop our gifts and skills. As it has been said, ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions!’

This is also true concerning our spiritual gifts of prophecy and discernment.

If we do not know how to improve and sharpen our spiritual gifts—and the manner in which we use them—we will not reach our full potential.

Starting Prophetic MinistryFeedback is particularly important because:

  • We receive advice concerning things that may be ‘blind spots’ to us
  • We learn from the wisdom of others who are ahead of us on the journey
  • Our ability to communicate clearly what God has spoken to us is sharpened
  • It provides confirmation of our prophetic insight that benefits us and those we are ministering to

Through feedback, you can assess the degree to which your ministry is helpful. You can also ensure that there is no gap between what you have heard from God (regarding His heart and intention for a person and or situation) and what the person has actually perceived through your communication.

Feedback can come from

  • A person you share a prophetic insight with
  • A leader, pastor, or spiritual oversight in the situation you are ministering in
  • A mentor or fellow team member

Following are three obstacles that can stand in the way of you benefiting from honest feedback concerning your ministry or an insight you have shared:

1. Fear of Disapproval

Exercising spiritual gifts is not a place for fragile egos. We need to be strong in our sense of Father God’s approval on our lives. When we stand confident in Whose we are and who we are, we can embrace whatever assistance we need to grow. People can provide feedback without the concern that we will get hurt or react badly to what they say.

2. Past Hurts that are still Affecting you

Past hurts can affect our ability to receive feedback if our viewpoint is coloured by an earlier rejection. This is especially true if we have been hurt by someone who was a leader or authority figure in our lives. We may fear the same thing happening again, become self-protective and close up.

3. Believing Your Ability to Hear from God is Infallible.

It is a mistake to believe that we are infallible in our ability to hear from God. The Bible teaches us to weigh up prophecy. (1 Cor 14:29, 1 Thess 5:19-21) Discernment is something that we mature in. (Heb 5:14)

When we are in the process of learning and growing in our gifts, portraying an insight as being a definite word from God (without the openness to having it weighed up) can prevent honest feedback. Others will perceive that we are closed to any other viewpoint.

The Power of Spiritual Oversight

Leadership is not a ceiling on your gift. Leadership is what breaks open the ceiling over your gift.

If I had not found my way over these three hurdles, I would not be where I am today—thriving in prophetic ministry under the leadership of Prophet David McCracken, being on a fivefold ministry team and helping many others through Enliven Blog.

Today I would like to share a significant part of my journey with you—written about in ‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’. During this period of time, I had a lot of things that were hindering my ability to be teachable, dealt with by my Heavenly Father. These included hurt, misunderstanding, spiritual pride, a religious spirit and a great deal of discouragement.

If the obstacles facing you today in regards to being released in your ministry loom large, take heart from my story. Nothing is impossible for our God.

Prophetic People in a Changing Church—2nd Edition

Now with Foreword and additional chapter for pastors and senior ministry leaders by David McCracken.

Prophetic People in a Changing Church 2nd Edition

  • Have changes in church life impacted upon your personal priorities, relationships and ministry dreams?
  • Are you, or others around you, experiencing discouragement, or have you been hurt in church life?
  • Are you wondering how your prophetic or prayer gifts can be used in your current church setting?
  • Or—are you a ministry leader who would like keys to lead a prophetic community, foster unity and help prevent division?

‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’ is my personal ‘true confessions’ story of hurt, failure and restoration in prophetic and prayer ministry. This book is not only a powerful testimony—‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’ explores how you can:

  • Explore the unique challenges facing people with prophetic gifts in churches today
  • Learn how to escape the battles of the mind and heart that discouragement in church life can bring
  • Use prophetic and intercessory prayer gifts in the current church environment
  • Discover the causes of division in the church and how to avoid them—including discouragement, spiritual pride, hurts, criticism and the religious and Jezebellic spirit

‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’ contains my personal story and is the book that launched the ministry of Enliven Blog. It will provide you with keys to transformation and personal renewal in your church and ministry life.

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How to add Words of Knowledge to Prophecy (and Sharpen Your Gift)

Today I have a suggestion for those of you who are keen to grow past the beginning stage of prophecy. This tip about adding words of knowledge to prophecy will be especially helpful if you:
Add words of knowledge to prophecy

  • Have mainly given prophetic insights and words of encouragement or exhortation up until now, and would like to have a greater clarity in hearing from the Holy Spirit
  • Would like to add words of knowledge to your prophetic ministry
  • Are a leader who is looking for ways to activate others in prophetic ministry in a safe environment

How to Add Words of Knowledge to Prophecy

1. Be open to receive knowledge from the Holy Spirit concerning someone’s past or present situation.

A ‘word of knowledge’, is information given to you by the Holy Spirit about a person or situation that could not be known by natural means.

There are many ways the Holy Spirit may share an insight with you, such as through an impression, thought, feeling, physical sensation, vision or picture.

By beginning with knowledge that relates to the past or present, you can have immediate feedback as to whether you are hearing the Holy Spirit clearly (or not). This helps sharpen your prophetic gift.

2. Always seek to add encouragement, comfort, or exhortation to the knowledge, to complete the word. This is an important key.

‘But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.’ (1 Cor 14:3, NIV)

For example, you may have an insight that someone is concerned about an issue right now with family/work/health/finances. What is Father’s encouragement for them? What is He up to? If the insight relates to something from the past, how does Father see that, what is He doing in relation to that—if it is about a difficult situation, how is He redeeming that?

Step into the heart of the Father and speak from the perspective of His love for the person.

3. When delivering the prophetic insight, you can ask questions to check you are hearing from the Spirit, such as, ‘Does ___ mean anything to you?’

Be honest, if you are practicing or praying for someone you know or have journeyed a little with, about what information you know ‘in the natural.’

4. A safe environment for the prophetic gift to operate is one in which there is prophetic accountability and also, appropriate guidelines and protocols in place. [1] There are important points about how to create a safe environment for personal prophecy here.

More Important Considerations and Guidelines

  • Be wise about what you share, and how you share it. If the knowledge is sensitive, privacy may be needed. If a word of knowledge relates to an area that may be painful to the person, take a gentle approach.
  • Do not share the insight unless you can share God’s encouragement alongside it.
  • If you recognise that you carry a judgment (a negative or critical opinion) in relation to the knowledge you perceive, step back and pray. Let the Holy Spirit minister freedom to you, before you minister prophetically to the other person.
  • Having an insight of knowledge (just as with discernment) does not always mean that you must immediately share what you perceive. Take the way of wisdom and love—if you are not sure, take it to a leader/pastor first rather than the person. An important part of growing in prophetic ministry is to learn the discipline of holding back when you have an insight from God, but the timing is not right.


[1] See the articles The Power of Prophetic Accountability and Prophetic Ministry in Church Life: Why Have Guidelines?

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