Do you have any prophetic dreams, prophecies, or promises from the past, that you have shelved or forgotten?
I believe the Holy Spirit is “re-calling” some prophetic words that were given in the past.

They are not old, they have not expired; they are fresh for right now.
That prophetic word may have been fulfilled in part, but it is coming around again!

You may have thought that prophetic word or promise, was small or insignificant—and yet, that prophetic insight carries power for the present time.

“The Building Materials Have Changed”

On 19th July, Malcolm and I were climbing a hill at a local park, when I suggested a detour.
We made our way to where some objects from the original quarry site—one of which is dated 1876—are kept.

As we walked there, I explained, “I’ve had a growing conviction that a word I published two years ago, is for right now!”

We took some photos to mark the moment.
And we reflected on the word, which the Lord had spoken to me at a similar historic site, 2 1/2 years before.

That prophetic word was, “The Building Materials Have Changed” and it was published in August 2018.

In it, I wrote: “A master builder builds according to plan that he or she has been given—blueprints that are already in existence.
An architect, however, has insight into new materials and trends.
An architect has a gift of vision to create blueprints and plans that have never been seen before on earth.”

God was speaking of new building materials and a new era!
It is a word that is relevant for many of us right now.

An Unexpected Confirmation

It was Sunday morning, so we returned home and tuned into our online church service, where our senior pastor was preaching.
We listened with amazement, as Pastor Russell spoke from Hebrews 8:5 on, “Build a Life with a Heavenly Design”. [1,2]

“See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” (Heb 8:5, NKJV)

“God was giving [Moses] a blueprint…a download of revelation.
A mountain represents His Presence.
Build according to the pattern God gives you, don’t copy someone else…patterns and designs for how to build in the future.
God is a Master Builder…the Master Architect.” (Pastor Russell Evans)

We knew God had led us to encounter Him through a sign in our local environment, to bring attention to this word, with the unexpected confirmation afterwards.

Perhaps this word, “The Building Materials Have Changed” is also for you today.
You recognize that some of the framework for your life, or ministry, has been changing.

It is no longer “business as usual”.
It may even be painful, adapting and making changes.
But God is saying, “Right here, you will see expansion; you will see a miracle!”

That Prophetic Dream is Not Merely a Past Word

Joseph dreamed when he was a youth, that one day he would rule, and that members of his own family would bow down to him (Gen 37).
It was a dream from God concerning his distant future.
But eventually, the day came, when that destiny dream became a “now” moment of fulfillment (Gen 42:6).

This is the work of the Holy Spirit: you can open a container that has been around a long time, and discover fresh bread!
So, today, ask the Lord, what promise or prophetic word do I have—that was stored in the past—that is fresh for today?

Perhaps, that Scripture, dream or prophecy, is not merely a past word. It is a password—to unlock your new season.

Some Prophetic Words are Being Birthed Through Prayer

Daniel was meditating on a prophetic word brought by the prophet Jeremiah, some 70 years before.
He realized that “now” was the time for that word’s fulfillment, and he began to pray earnestly over it (Dan 9:1-3).

There are times to reflect on past prophecies and prophetic insights.
Ask, “Father, is there a prophetic word or promise from the past You are drawing my attention to?”
One may leap out at you, and you are stirred to birth that word in prayer.

As you meditate on that prophetic dream, promise or word, you sense the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

2020: A Personal Reformation

A prophetic insight may be a recent word, but it is time to revisit it, and ask your Father to further unfold its meaning.

“Words for the year” are prophetic insights that we can review throughout the year.
They can bring encouragement and comfort.
They may be a word to pray or declare, or to wage warfare over!

For example, on 31 December 2019, I published this word for 2020, “Reformation: You are Being Shaped Again”. And I believe this excerpt is a comfort to someone today:

“On a personal level, you may have felt that you, or something important to you, has been in a time of crushing (Ps 42:7).
As you contemplate [2020], know that you are in your Father’s loving hands.
You may have experienced a shaking, but now comes the reshaping.
He is saying, “Beloved! Will you embrace my reformation?
Let Me re-shape and re-form that gift, that experience and that move of the Spirit that has already been in your life.
In your family line.
In your work. Your region.
In your ministry.”
God says, “I have something fresh for you.”

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Is there a prophetic dream, or promise that you believe the Holy Spirit is bringing back to you at this time?
I’d love to hear from you, so let us know about it in the comments box here on the blog, or on our Facebook page.

[1] We’ve been unable to have regular church gatherings due to COVID-19 restrictions in our State in Australia
[2] Quotes from Ps Russell Evan’s sermon – available on the Planetshakers Podcast. Recorded 19th July 2020.

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On 30th July 2009, I tentatively began blogging.
What a miracle it has been, with the help of many special people along the way, with a shout out (of course!) to my husband Malcolm Calder, aka “The Hunk”.
I want to express my gratitude to Prophet David McCracken, Margaret and the rest of the David McCracken Ministries family, with whom I’ve now been journeying 9 1/2 years.
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64 thoughts on ““This Prophetic Word is for Right Now!””

  1. Thank God for your blogs. “Shaking” is a confirmation. I preached on Hustle (means shaking), Trust. and Rest. God wants to shake us and not tramatize. For we are in a new environment. To arise and trust Him as He does anew thing in us. He wants us to stir up the gift to glorify Him and make room for us. We are to Rest in Him while He is transforming us to be what he called us. Canceling all plans of the enemy from stealing our joy and peace. We are in a new era to tear down the enemy’s camp! God bless you!

  2. Hi Derk ErasmusRasmus,

    ref. Rainer 9 January 2020 at 6:27 am ref. your answer 12 February 2020 at 4:30 pm

    thank you very much for your answer. I have not regularly access to internet because this access is in my girlfriend’s home. In my home I have no internet. So I found your answer just in August 2020, when I checked my emails on 06.08.2020. I had not thought about perhaps receiving an answer, because many christians are in Helen’s blog writing. So I am happy about you! I’m sorry that I can answer you so very lately. Now I must try to learn the process of uploading my answer to you in Helen’s blog. Maybe that I am not so professionally skilled in blogging. I am living in a small, peaceful village 25 kilometers from Frankfurt am Main. Having no car, visiting your son in Amberg would be a challenge. I am happy about the living christian faith there among young people.

    You cannot imagine how it is to live with the permanently memory of Auschwitz. We elder germans don’t need Satan’s accusation – we do it on our own! I am not still ashamed about worldwar II, because Jesus forgive me as German christ. But I am alarmed about neonazis in Germany, USA, Canada …. although I am not fully left, more a maskuline conservative. An elder in a free church told me that I have the task of a holy guardian to warn the body of Christ against dangers – but they don’t want to hear that …. This is the German Biedermeier, the nasty obedient, multiculti-brainwashed little Germans. I am 64, my girlfriend 54. We both are christian believers and try to keep faith and relationship to Jesus Christ. Since 37 years I am a child of God. Would I a second time surrender my live to Jesus, when I were 27 again? There’s merely nothing so frustrating and y. annoying as german christianity! It does not only relate to worldwar II and holocaust. Because the main reason is that nearly all Germans hide their cultural racism and facism behind the self accusations of worldwar II. Their fight against neonazis and aggressive racists is a big hypocrisity.

    Maybe that some young christian people in their twenties shall stand up and shall destroy some deeds of evil in Germany. We have watched, read the bible, prayed, I have recherched, and we saw: Germany needs judgement, and german christians need a little persecution to get off their comfort zone. Without that no revival shall come. It is good that some young christians in the power and idealism of their youth have encouraging experiences with the Lord. But that’s not enough, because they don’t know the historical and social roots and backgrounds of Germany. What they do, and what Jesus does for and in them, is better than nothing.

    German christians must let german facists-biedermeier culture behind them, to become free and cleansed to serve Jesus, to destroy the works of Satan in Germany. But we elder christians have to go our way with Jesus. The german SS-troops said: ‘Meine Ehre ist Treue’ – ‘My honour is faith’. Although they meant evilly Hitler, this slogan is true if used a a christian slogan. Even if I fall and fail again, even if I can only cast out a small numbers of demons from myself and from my girlfriend, and from a working collegue: keeping faith ist the factor which counts. Faith is more than revival.

    I care about Jesus. This has not to do with being a German. We are educated to not love our nation, and for many of us Germany is not our country. As a little part polish-rooted I love foreigners – but since autumn 2015 they are too many, and our economical-social system ist quaking. It is forbidden to speak about the increase of sexually abuse of women and of violence against German people (against males too) since 2016 – even in Sweden. It is not easy to avoid changing onto the side of the national-conservatives. An aggressive islam will be part of coming judgement of God.

    I pray desperately for a cleaning persecution of german christians. This will clean us from wordly living ans bring us together. Competent christian prophets(Dr. Heinrich Christian Rust and 50 prophets) said that securities in Germany beginning 2020 will break away, that times of agressive rebellion on the steets, and suffering will come. Two periods of heatwaves will bring the proud, academic all-planning-organizing germans(skillful but ugly) to there end an onto their knees, but not all.

    I avoid social media(facebook, Whatsapp etc.), because they are all spyed out by governmental (USA and Brussels). The modern christians must learn again, to meet one another, to use simple phones(not smartphones), and writing letters. If not, facebook and Whataspp will divide the body of Christ, and there will be no revival in Germany, just among young people with smartphones. I know that Godfather loves me!

    Rainer Kewitz

  3. I thank God for you Helen, for your ever timely prophetic word to me. In fact, I first came across your blog last year when I was searching for mentorship on “spiritual gift of discernment”. It was prophecied to me, but it all felt a bit distant from me. You’ve ever since been more like pointing the way to me.
    Just a few days ago I started receiving new insights into the gift and it’s now dawning on me, and I’m getting to understand it better and pray relevantly.
    Thank you for allowing God to spend you for our good. May He bless and keep you, and your ministry for generations yet unborn.

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