Holy Spirit is Coming to Your RoomEldad and Medad were invited to Moses’ leadership meeting, but for some reason, they couldn’t make it (Num 11:26).
Where were they?
Were they in their tents…visiting family…held up in the camp somewhere, attending a crisis?
The Bible doesn’t tell us.

What we do know, is this:
The same Spirit who was moving in Moses’ meeting, fell—simultaneously—upon those who couldn’t make it to the venue.

“But two men had remained in the camp: the name of one was Eldad, and the name of the other Medad. And the Spirit rested upon them. Now they were among those listed, but who had not gone out to the tabernacle; yet they prophesied in the camp.” (Numbers 11:26, NKJV)

Today, I believe the Lord is encouraging many: the Holy Spirit is with you! God’s power is in your room!

An Unusual Pentecost Celebration

This weekend, we celebrate Pentecost Sunday.
And here in Australia, we are still under COVID-19 restrictions, unable to meet in our churches. No matter what is happening for you right now, let your heart be lifted up in expectation.

Wherever you are, the Holy Spirit is coming to you in a fresh visitation.

Touched Through an Online Church Service

It was August 2018, and Malcolm and I were at home. Due to being unwell, we were participating in our church service online.

We sat in front of our TV, as our senior pastor preached from John 11, on “Jesus the Key of Resurrection”. [1]

As Pastor Russell closed his message and the worship band returned to the stage, he began to exhort us to no longer have a “surviving mindset”.

  • He likened this, to looking at situations in our lives as though they are on life-support systems!

Suddenly, I had a flash back, to a long-forgotten vision from 16 years before.

Time was Running Out

2002. It was our first ministry appointment here in Australia.
This engagement was the reason—or so we thought at the time—that the Lord had called us here from New Zealand.

We had been Divinely led, sent and appointed.
It was the culmination of 15 years of service with this one organization.

But far from the flourishing we anticipated, the ministry in Australia was existing on borrowed funds.
We soon realized that our time was running out.

Later that year, I wrote a letter to our prayer supporters. In it, I shared a prophetic vision:

“I was standing in a hospital room, looking down at a figure on an operating table that I knew to represent [the ministry we served]. The figure was wired up to a machine that was an artificial life support system.

My husband was working hard as a “doctor”, to keep the ministry alive, while my attention was being drawn to the cord that connected it to the power supply. In my fatigue and frustration, I contemplated pulling that plug out.
But then, I saw a third Person in the room; it was the Lord! We had been so focused on the “figure” on the bed, we had failed to notice Him. At this time, Jesus stepped forward and declared, “I am the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were (Rom 4:17).”

18 months later, broken-hearted, we knew God was instructing us to resign from that ministry appointment.
It was time to start over.

God’s Power was in Our Room

Now, 16 years later, our pastor was exhorting us about seeing situations as being on “life support”.
He declared, “Jesus is coming in His resurrection power to bring life!”

God’s presence—already tangible in our living room—became stronger around me.
And then, Pastor Russell made a declaration of cutting off the life support cord.

It seemed the power of God, the Holy Spirit, rushed at me in full force.
In that moment an unseen cord was cut. I felt as though an “umbilical cord” was being severed.
The presence and power of the Holy Spirit was so strong, that I began crying and laughing simultaneously.

Afterwards, I said to Malcolm it was like a freight train hit me!

That day, we weren’t in our church gathering. We were at home, watching our service via YouTube, on the television.

I went straight to our computer and searched for “life support system” in our files. It came up with the prayer letter from 2002, describing the vision of our ministry being on a life-support system.

And one of the Scriptures I mentioned in that letter, was the very one Ps Russell had just preached on.

But that’s not all.
Just a few weeks earlier, my husband had received prayer at a conference, to have the cords of expectations and responsibility from that previous ministry cut off from him.
I had sincerely believed this didn’t apply to me.
But, God in His mercy revealed a problem, and set me free.
And we have experienced a permanent shift since then.

God’s Power is Not on Hold

If we have come to rely upon “being in the room” of a gathering for our healing, our deliverance and our impartation of the Holy Spirit, then by implication we are saying this:
“Opportunities to be where God’s power is being released are scarce right now.”

But this is not the case!
God’s power is not on hold.
The Holy Spirit is not limited to times, locations, or people.
He is visiting you in your room!

And as the wave of the Holy Spirit comes with a mighty force, he is washing away strongholds and disappointments of the past. He is coming with mighty acts of healing and deliverance.

God is coming with mercy, grace and power.

You are Chosen, Loved and Included

Remember Eldad and Medad—the elders who couldn’t make it to Moses’ meeting?
The Holy Spirit came upon them where they were, and regardless of whatever they were doing in that moment!
We read, “…they were among those listed”. [2]

You are on God’s list! You are chosen and included.
And the Holy Spirit is ministering to you in a fresh encounter.

The name Eldad means “God has loved” and Medad means “loved, affectionate”. [3]
You are His beloved!
God’s power is not on hold!
He is visiting you, wherever you are.
The Holy Spirit is coming to your room.

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[1] We are at home with Planetshakers Church, Melbourne, Australia. Our senior pastors are Russell and Sam Evans.

[2] Listed. The word is kathab and means listed, written, recorded, enrolled. Strong’s H3789.

[3] Eldad and Medad: See Strong’s H419, H4312

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41 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit is Coming to Your Room”

  1. Hi Helen thank you,
    This word is amazing. It confirmed what I’m praying for ; waiting for the Holy Spirit to move mightily through my family , in Jesus name Amen,

    1. I praise king Jesus for you and your ministry.
      I receive Jesus visitation to wash away strong holds and disappointments of the past and to heal and deliver me, as the Lord Jesus has used you to share your personal encounter with him about life support system may Jesus cut off every life support cord of things that are not meant to be in my life, ministry,family, marriage,finances, career, education, destiny or things whose time have passed in Jesus name and may Jesus visit me as he did Eldad and Medad in numbers 11:26 because GOD’S POWER IS NOT ON HOLD and is not limited to situations, places, people in Jesus mighty name I have prayed.
      God bless you Woman of God

    2. Iam very greatful for your ministry, its indeed a blessing to me and my family. I have faced a lot of spiritual battles in the night that would leave me depressed when I wake up in the morning, I bless God for your ministry and I always look forward to hearing from your counsel under the power of the holy spirit.

  2. Hello Helen,
    I am a newly with you. I just love your Ministry. I visit here often and leave with so much of the Lord. It seems like I am drawn towards here. Thank you for the awesome Word. So, I have started leading prayer in my church. Sometime I don’t know even what to pray. I would like you to advise me how to listen to HIS voice. Any resources from your ministry may be of help?

    1. Hi Rubeena, what a blessing to your church to have a prayer leader!
      The most important thing for a leader in a church is not only to have a listening ear to the Holy Spirit but also to be listening to and catching the heart of the church leadership. That’s where the true gold is and a great beginning place

  3. Eldad and Meldad it gives me assurance that God is working in the case of my son today sermon taught me that God power is not on hold we have a breakthrogh that my son is indeed innocent thanks to all of you for giving us comfort through the word of God .Do pray for us that this comes to be resolved soon.

  4. This weekend I am involved in an Alpha holy spirit “weekend” which in reality is only going to be Saturday morning 9.30am-12.30pm on zoom. Appreciate prayer that the people attending will make Jesus Lord of their lives and then get HIT by the H/Spirit!

    1. Wow Sue! Amen to that…a powerful anointing, each one in their own rooms but touched by the Spirit and drawn to Jesus where they are. Fresh anointing on the presenters, ministers and participators in Jesus’ Name

  5. My name is Kenneth Summerour and Gos has led me to this site a while ago and it has blessed my life in so many ways, keeping me encouraged, not discouraged. Thank sister in Christ and may God use and bless you in mighty mighty ways and more. I appreciate you and love you. So be it!

    1. Hi Kenneth, may you continue to experience the uplifting breath of the Holy Spirit!

      But those who wait on the Lord
      Shall renew their strength;
      They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
      They shall run and not be weary,
      They shall walk and not faint. (Is 40:31)

  6. Dear Helen

    Thank you for your ministry. Your articles have been such a blessing and this one speaks so much to the situation I am presently in, needing direction from the Lord on the way forward and healing for my household.

    God bless you.

    1. Hi Velma, I join my prayer and amen with yours right now for healing for your household, in Jesus’ Name <3

  7. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for this word. Where I live we are under Corona restrictions as well which means that I am even more lonesome than I am already without. As my freelance teaching job at a university allows me to work from home there is a little link to the outside, but I do not know how and if this will go on and it does not provide me with the financial means to be safe. There is so much pressure on me that I cannot sleep well. Please pray for me I need a new way and the courage and wisdom to contact some people who may know how I can go on. Jesus is always with us he promised that he is the only one I can trust! I need wisdom for my life situation which I have not got at the moment. Philipians 4: verses 6 +7 Lots of Love and Blessings

    1. Hi Conny, I’m praying for you right now, that you will have such a revelation of God’s personal love for you and your purpose, that this season will be a springboard beyond your imaginings to what He has for you <3

  8. More anointing to you ma, am so blessed by your message,I am aware God has called me and I started the work without understanding, i was still walking in the flesh, I started with evangelism and I was known by many i had a weakness which later manifested, i was in a relationship knowing that God warns against furnication i tried making my partner to understand but at point in time i found myself in it and felt guilty about it I decided to walk away from that relationship, out of anger he used what happened between i and him against me by posting it on the internet with my picture and i i was seen by everyone as a wolf in sheep clothing, i lost my boldness before people, so l went to my secret place and asked God for forgiveness and I felt revived my relationship with God is now stable I ‘ve gotten understanding concerning my walk with God now but several times the event that took place keeps on running in my mind please ma I want to know, why is it so, thanks so much.

  9. Hi Blessing, I’m praying for you – that you will know His faith to rise above this – the enemy does try to keep us stuck in the past, the existence of a battle associated with a memory does not mean you have a problem, but that you have an enemy, and that you are powerful and valuable to God – He is redeeming the past and you are rising into your future –

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